Month: July 2017

Butler Chain FL Bass Fishing

Courtesy Bass Anglers team tournament trail on the Butler Chain of Lakes in Windemere Florida on 1/21/12. First place was 25 lbs. My partner and I had 13.38 lbs which landed us in eight place out of more than 40 teams. Follow me on Twitter : @rickydeboliac Follow me on Instagram: @rickydeboliac source

Amazing UNDERWATER Bass Fishing Footage of Tim CATCHING a BIG SPOTTED BASS!

Let’s head underwater to watch as Tim fishes for a BIG Spotted Bass with a variety of baits and talks us through what is happening! Want to learn how to catch these big bass? Watching bass behavior underwater is the fastest way to become a better fisherman. Time on the water has always been the …

Smallmouth Bass Fishing for Everyone: How to Catch the Hardest Fighting Fish That Swims

buy now $16.99 Discover all the secrets of smallmouth bass fishing! Catching a smallmouth bass—especially a big one—can be a daunting pursuit for the unprepared. Successful smallmouth bass fishing depends on a variety of factors, including weather, habitat, time of year, type of tackle, and the tactics you decide to use on any given day. …