how to catch a bass

Post Tournament Bass Fishing

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First Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip 2016

Here is some footage I took at Harpers Ferry WV. This is where the Potomac River and Shenandoah River meet. I fished the Potomac side. I ended up catching 6 fish in a few hours of fishing. I caught all of my fish on different lures. I caught them on a Kompact Craw, 1/4 Strike …

Turn Down For What Fail – Bikini Girls Boat Crash Remix – Original #TDFWFail

Some videos just need a soundtrack. And a little creative editing. #TDFWfail The birth of a meme, perhaps? Your move, Internet. Video by Johnny5k & Rice4eveR Check out our new video – Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack #TDFWFail Version Please send inquiries to source

Bass Fishing Fun – Reasons For Its Popularity

Those who go bass fishing pursue the Black Bass, a species of fish. It includes Largemouth Bass, Kentucky Bass, and other species of genus Micropetrus. This fish specie comes from the southern part of the United States. This fish provided livelihood for natives residing in the coastline. During the later years, Bass fishing transformed into …