Lake Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Jigging for Smallmouth Bass

We’re out on the waters of Lake Ontario with Dirk and some friends. Today’s target: smallmouth bass. We rig up with 3/4oz Stingnose Jigging spoons and jig up ourselves some excellent smallmouth bass. We also talk and share some jigging tips on how to catch smallmouth bass and keep your fishing lure out of snags.

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Lake Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Jigging for Smallmouth Bass


Fishing HIDDEN Drains using Google Maps!!! (LOADED with FISH)

Instead of fishing the same old honey holes as usual I went searching on Google Maps for new JUICY spots! If you enjoyed this video let me know by SMASHING that LIKE button and dropping a COMMENT below! PEACE!

DAY – JULY 10TH 2018
WHERE – Orlando, FL

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Flipping Big Bass on Lake Falcon

PAA Pro Justin Rackley and FLW Tour Pro Tom Redington flip laydowns and stumps on Lake Falcon in South Texas for nonstop action for big bass. Using Lake Fork Trophy Lures’ Craw Tube with Dobyns Rods flipping sticks, Tom Redington and Justin Rackley, both trophy bass guides on Lake Fork, caught these fish after wrapping up filming of the “Big Bass Battle” TV show this past winter. Catch all the action on “Big Bass Battle” on NBC Sports and WFN. Thanks to Justin Rackley and his YouTube channel LakeForkGuy for putting this video together.


Top 5 Spring Largemouth Bass

This wee, in the Spot on Fishing Top 5, Tony shows us his favorite bass baits that will help you catch more and bigger bass this spring, while they’re in a prespawn period. These tips, tricks and techniques will work on your favorite body of water, from a boat or from shore.

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CRAZY BIG BASS CATCH!!! (Spring Bass Fishing)

Fun times in Texas with the warm weather settled in. Although this was filmed during a cold front and fishing was tough we still got a few bass to bite. And I never would have thought I would land that huge bass but patience won this time! Look out for new awesome videos soon because fishing is getting really good in Texas!



Who Says You Can’t Catch Big Largemouth Bass In Southwest Missouri!

Who Says You Can’t Catch Big Largemouth Bass In Southwest Missouri!

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Thanks for watching!, Randy Yancey Bass Angler

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USA BASSIN Tourney; Table Rock Fall Div Mill Creek 3+lbr

It was 66 degrees at 7 am and 7-8 mph winds! By noon 40% with gust to 25-35 mph! Still quite a few fish were caught including 4.86 and 4.47 lbs for Big Bass! 2 Limits weighed in! Jack Stack/Dave Moger 1st place with 10.79 and Allen McMillin & Rob Catlett at 10.74 in 2nd place. Here’s the short video with my catch!

Note the weather conditions changing!


The Secrets of Tournament Bass Fishing

Re-posted by Randy Yancey-Division Director, USA Bassin Tournaments, Table Rock Fall Division

The Secrets of Tournament Bass Fishing

Posted on Aug 30, 2010

By Matt Beckler

This may very well be the magic article that all tournament bass fisherman have been waiting for. The article that exposes the secrets of the upper echelon. So take a minute and lets delve into the world of the unknown. A world in which the likes of a VanDam, Evers, Reese, Brauer, and a Clunn could only know about. This mystery place is kind of like the Area 51 of bass fishing if you will.

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There must be a secret to consistently weighing in limits of fish on foreign waters right? We watch the coverage on ESPN from our couches chapping our lips from licking them in excitement and awe at the simplicity of how these fisherman easily fill their boxes with four and five pound fish. We amuse ourselves like children watching a high wire act at the circus. “How do these guys do this” we ask ourselves every weekend. So, we pay close attention to what kind of gear that they are using, how big the engine is, what the brand of sunglasses are, and how many ball bearings their bait caster has in it’s thumb grips. “That must be it!” we say to ourselves and there goes some more of our hard earned money as we ape what we see on television and read in the magazines. We have come to the conclusion that stocking stuffers and retail end cap glittery packaging has to be the secret of catching winning fish! Lets not kid ourselves, it certainly does not hinder our efforts to be surrounded with the best equipment, tackle, boats, and gear on the market. Also, it keeps our outdoor economy with viable fresh air.

Now we have a full spread of the latest NASA approved fishing reels, rods, clothes, sunglasses, and an engine that has more horses and ponies packed into one cowling than John Force’s top fuel funny car. Armed with GPS, side scanners, Japanese lures, and weights made from materials that are questionable to be found on the periodic table of elements, we are finally ready to expose their secrets. Lets go fishing.

Day one results: not too good, must be the front that passed through last month. Day two results: even worse, must be the dam people pulling water off our fishes head. Day three results: the dam people quit pulling water and the bite went away. The greatest gear from the far east has not caught the under water Boone and Crocketts so it must be something else going on. It can’t be from decisions that we have made, no way. No one wants to walk up the hill with an empty bag and have to tell their comrades that they just can’t catch fish. So we blame it on the dam people and meteorologists. By the way, the dam people are some of the nicest folks I have ever met. They mention all the time that their ears start burning around 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays. I just tell them to wear more sun block.

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So how does VanDam, Brauer, Reese, Evers, and Clunn do it on television and just what is their secret to unlimited catches of bug-eyed box fillers? I unfortunately do not have the resources to “Pull that rabbit out of the hat,” however, I can let you in on what I have observed. These guys are full time employees of the fishing industry and surround themselves with fishing and it’s nuances everyday of their lives. Information inundates their brains every minute from multiple sources in addition to the research that they pursue on their own. In short order, they are walking lineside computer processors, constantly storing and sending new information.

During a television show with Edwin Evers called “Lost Lake” he was fishing with deep crank baits on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. These baits have become so popularized by their success on Kentucky Lake and the Tennessee River Chain of Lakes by VanDam and Evers. We all have set out to enjoy this success with these lures but most of us have not been able to find the correct angle of retrieve, line size-sure match, speed of retrieve, and color that we read and watch on television. These factors don’t even take into consideration whether or not those are even bass that we see on our electronics. Wow, so many factors, just what is the secret? Readers, it is much simpler than this. Mr. Evers enlightened my approach to these baits and bass fishing as a whole with his “secret” that, surprisingly, he told on cable television. Edwin went on to say, “These baits work and they work well. Television editing will not allow you to see the amount of time that we have to put in a day to catch the fish for a thirty minute show. Stick with the bait all day and learn how to use it.” Well, this may not be exactly what he said but it is dam close. I just can’t let the dam people off the hook yet.

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The secret was let out of the clutches of the Fort Knox fishing with-holdings with that one statement by Mr. Evers. This is my synopsis on his comments: Work hard at what you do and believe in what you are doing and you will succeed. There is no secret other than spending as much time as you can on the water and doing your own research, not just relying on that of others, to better your efforts. We need to learn our tools and how they are best utilized. We must understand how all of our gear functions by itself and in relation to other gear. There is no one aspect of fishing that can better your results more than proper effort and experience. Learn from your days on the water and observe everything. Each day of fishing that we spend sets the foundation for the next day. Think of your career as a “ladder.” Every day we fish we can add a rung to it. But we better make sure that the rungs are secure and will hold us while we work on the one above it. Otherwise we will fall down and utter momma’s no-no’s at the dam people around 3:30 while walking up the hill.

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USA BASSIN Divisional Finals on Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri, June 17, 2017

USA BASSIN Divisional Finals on Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri

14 Keepers Caught!

USA Bassin Tourney,at Pomme de Terre, Randy and Alan Yancey, Fifth Place with 2 dead penalties!

Take off was at 6 am and it was raining pretty steady.

We pulled to a pocket just out of the cove where we took off from, and fished a long, shallow main lake point. No action there and as the rain had stopped, we decided to take a short boat ride to the creek arm where I’d caught 5 or 6 keepers the afternoon before.

We made our first stop on the main lake point, on the creek channel side. I had tied on the ‘only’ bait I’d caught them on the day before in a special color. (Follow the link to see what I caught 14 or 15 keeper bass on that weekend)

Third cast ‘wham’, hooked up and brought in a nice almost 3 lb largemouth. Fishing with my brother Alan, who is ‘old school’ and stubborn, he was insisting that he’d catch them on a buzzbait or a jig.
Ten minutes later after fishing a little main lake cut, we were on another windblown point right at the mouth of a long creek channel. After just a couple of casts across the point, and moving to deep end of the point, I cast in to the shallow flooded brush. Same result, nice 16.5 inch Kentucky bass.

So, 2 keepers in about 12 casts and less than 15 minutes. Alan pulled in a small keeper, as he finally took my advice and switched baits. We threw it in the box even though it was only just under 14 inches.(Pomme is now 13″ length limit on bass). So, total by 7:20, 4 keeper bass for about 5.5 pounds.


Moving to the down current side of the same point, I threw in at a 45 degree angle a few yards off the bank, and again felt the pleasing strong pull of another nice bass. Another 2.5 lbs in the live-well and the clock had just hit 7:30!

As we moved further back into the creek are, working mainly the points just outside the current flow, we ended up boating 12 keepers by 11 am and several shorts. About 1:30, with a ten minute boat drive to the ramp, we pulled up the trolling motor and headed out.

We still had 9 ‘over 15 inch’ keepers in the live well and were allowing a little time for culling before we would weigh in our best five. We had noticed that the front livewell hose had came loose during the pounding through the rollers from all the recreational traffic, and that 2 of our fish weren’t going to make it.

So, as my partner went to get the weigh in bag, I began the task of culling down to 5 fish. Alan returned with the bag, and I threw in our 3 biggest fish, including a 2.40  lb ‘dead one’!

In my rush to load the final two fish, I totally missed a 2.85 lb largemouth, back under the deep lip of the front livewell.

In total we weighed in ‘5’ fish, including 2 dead or dying ones (1/2 pound penalty per dead fish), and we ended up with 11.73 lbs after penalty. Had we not missed the bigger, live near 3 lb largemouth, then our total, including 1 penalty would have been 13.68, which would have finished 3rd. overall. As was, we ended up in 5th, and just 1 place out of the money. Oh well, we had a great day over-all catching 22 bass, including 14 keepers over 15 inches!

Can’t wait for the next USA Bassin Trail tournament, on Stockton lake in July!

Many thanks to the following sponsors for their support!

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Bass Fishing Videos Catching Largemouth Bass Nations’ Randy Yancey! Bass Fishing the Lakes of Southwest Missouri!

Surface lures for Bass fishing UK – Great Surface lure session.

Surface lures for bass fishing UK 2018 A great surface lure session.
A nice early morning session (the best time for bass fishing) using surface lures to catch UK Bass. Started out bass fishing at night but the dawn soon broke. 4 of the best surface lures caught Bass on this session including Lucky Craft Gunfish, Duo Ruf Bay Manic, Xorus Patchinko and Xorus Asturie. Hopefully you can pick up a few bass fishing tips on how I retrieve and how I fish the lures from the video.


ランカークラスのブラックバスを釣って食う Largemouth bass fishing Catch & Eat

Fishing & Cooking. Let’s cook the fish which we caught. The dish of the fish which I caught in a river. Introduce Japanese style fishing. How to make Japanese food. Japanese Cuisine. The cooking method of the fish which a Japanese tells. nyagora. The audience can choose English subtitles with this picture. I am creating a Google translation English subtitles. Therefore, the translation is not accurate. However, I think nuance and transmitted.



How to catch bass | Spearfishing 10lb bass Rob Allen carbon speargun | Crystal Vis

The speargun in this video is sold here:

Here is a 10lb Bass shot by Titus Bradley of Portland Bill in Dorset with a Rob Allen 110 carbon set up to maz power and range with the double 16mm rubbers and a double wrapped line. As far as I am aware, Crystal Vis are the only UK company that sells these max power rigs as standard.

Rob Allen guns are like the chuck Norris of spearguns.

Check out the Facebook page for more pics of spearguns and 10lb+ bass cought spearfishing.

Crystal Vis sell a whole range of spearfishing equipment. If you have questions then please post up and ask, if you liked the video then please give it a thumbs up, it really helps us out.

Cheers! 🙂



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Really excited to do some more snakehead fishing in the future. The way the eat a topwater is addicting!
I’m definitely going to be doing a lot more fishing in this Vibe Maverick. One of the coolest boats I’ve ever been on. I’m still really impressed in the stability and how it handled. Can’t wait to get into some more skinny water with this thing!!

Check out more on the Vibe Maverick!

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Deeper: Catching Deep Summer Bass with Deeper Smart Sonar!

Michael from 1Rod1ReelFishing and his friend went to Loch Raven Reservoir to search for some deep summer bass. They targeted bridges and examined location with Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+. From braking a fishing rod, to jumping into the water to get that giant bass, watch the full video to see it all.

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