Sowbelly: The Obsessive Quest for the World-Record Largemouth Bass

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In 1932, a farmer named George Washington Perry decided it was too rainy to plow and went fishing. That day, George landed the largest largemouth ever recorded—twenty-two pounds four ounces. The fish has inspired and frustrated hundreds of anglers for decades. They’ve dedicated their lives to the pursuit of “Sowbelly”—a nearly mythical fish, whose swinelike girth holds the key to their dreams.

From an L.A. cop who came within ounces of besting the record to an Alabaman who has lost his marriage and his daughter to this pursuit, Burke takes readers along for the ride in this legendary race.

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My First Largemouth Bass: Part 2

Part two of four

In the first episode, Bart had been taken by the bowfin. This time, I re-rigged with a rubber worm and tried my luck again. I learned how hard the ‘mudfish’ is to catch. And I found something I thought was gone forever…

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How to Catch and Drop-Shot for Bass in the Winter + Extra Drop-Shot Tips

Click here for a discount on PowerTeam Lures: In this video I discuss some of the secrets to catching bass in the dead of winter. Drop-shotting is a deadly tactic in the winter, and I discuss some of the keys to catching bass with it during these frigid months with a PowerTeam Lures Finicky Tickler. As you can see in the video, I have 13 rods rigged up on my deck. I went for several hours without a bite using all of those rods before I finally broke out the PowerTeam Lures Finicky Tickler on a drop-shot rod and began catching fish. I ended up catching several keepers, but only included a couple of catches in the video. And oh, my little sister made the awesome penguin beanie for me for Christmas, so I told her I’d wear it in a YouTube video sometime. Here it is! Thanks, Cozette!

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Bass fishing with minnows – Fishing the South

Hi people today I was bass fishing with minnows and caught several small baby bass. It was a good time, although I babble throughout the vid. I just found a small bait shop down the road from my house and used the minnows that I bought there. Enjoy! Check out the rest of my vids on my channel and if you liked subscribe for more


Keys To Catching Lake Lanier Bass: From the Series Keys To Catching Georgia Bass

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The articles for this series of books, Keys to Catching Georgia Bass, were written over a span of 18 years. Conditions change but bass tend to follow patterns year after year.
For example, Lake Lanier has gone through a series of years with low water then full again. Landmarks you can see when the water is very low cannot be spotted when the lake is full. But humps, points and rock piles are still there, in the same place, just underwater.
Some years the water is clear and some years stained to muddy during the same months in some creeks, but the main lake is almost always clear. The patterns and places in these articles will still work in the creeks, but you may need to adjust the color of the bait to the conditions.
New baits and tackle companies come along every year but you can always find old favorite baits or similar baits from a new company that were produced by a defunct company, or use the new ones that are similar in action.
The GPS Coordinates given for each spot will get you very close to what you want to fish. An old brush pile on the coordinates may be gone, but you can bet another one will be in the same place or very nearby.
Some spots are on more than one map for more than one month. That guarantees it is a good spot, if more than one good fisherman chose it! Some spots are good year round, over many month.
Some of the expert fishermen providing information for the articles in this book are not named for a variety of reasons.

Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Deep Bass- Spoons and Buddy Blades

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