Bass ‘n’ Guide : Lure Fishing

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An full 3D real Fishing Game.
Prepare for the fight with fish in reference to the guide’s advice!
Customize your fishing tackle and you can catch many types of fish.
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Do You Really Want to Be a Tournament Bass Fisherman? (Part 1 of 4)

Do You Really Want to Be a Tournament Bass Fisherman? (Part 1 of 4)

By Randy (Randman011) Yancey


It’s early, for me and most folks anyway, 5am on a Saturday morning! As I sit here at my dining room table, I’m feeling guilty. I’m also felling disappointed, blah and a little ‘down in the mouth’!

Yes, guilty!


You see, I’m a ‘life-long’ bass fisherman, who in the past 3-4 years, has been consumed with my love of the wonderful sport of fishing, especially bass fishing! By consumed, I mean, lately especially, as I’ve gotten older, I not only ‘do it’ but I live it, think about it, study it, speak it, watch it, and even dream about it!


I know, it sounds ridiculous, even to me as I write it!


Yet, as I sit here, having my first (and usually my last) cup of coffee of the day, I know for example that somewhere around 40 miles from my front door, between 20 and 25 of my ‘fishing’ buddies are just now taking off in their bass boats, rain gear already in use, for our bass club’s fourth official ‘points’ tournament (our club ‘skips’ January) of the 2017 season.


Our club, of which I’m one of the ‘newest’ members, this being my first year, is one of the oldest, and longest lived clubs here in southwest Missouri. Tri County Bass Club, of St. Roberts, Missouri (near Fort Leonard Wood) according to its Facebook page anyway, was founded in 1989.


Because of the club’s location near FLW, is made up of mostly D.O.D employees/contractors and/or US Army soldiers (Thank you for your service, by the way!) these guys are the best! It’s no wonder to me why the club has such ‘longevity’. These guys are task oriented, ‘get it done’ type people, the ‘best’ of the best, so to speak!


“Now, as far as explaining my feeling ‘guilty’, I should explain a little bit about myself. I’m in my early 60’s, recently ‘semi-retired’ after a 40+ year career in sales, sales management and business ownership, mostly here in the midwestern United States. After having some health problems, stemming mostly from both not handling ‘stress’ well, and spending 20 years as a ‘workaholic’, I decided that I was going to work less and spend more time doing and spending time on or with whose activities or people I most enjoyed or loved!

That probably is one of the main reasons I’m alive to write this story. When I had ‘open heart’ surgery at the young age of 43, I totally had to change some things about how I viewed life. Life, meaning money, things, people and ‘how I spent my time’, etc. That was in 1997! I made a commitment to myself, and unknown to them, my family. That commitment was that I was going to spend more time doing those activities or spending time with those people, whom meant the most to me. And less time working and chasing those things like money, bigger homes, and ‘things’ in general. It was what saved me.


Herein lies the root of my guilt!”


Back to bass fishing.


The reason I sit here feeling guilty is quite simple really. Since Monday, I have spent countless hours, and several twenty dollar bills getting ready for this Saturday’s bass club tournament. Including a ‘not so successful’ (1 post-spawn scrawny 15” keeper and 7 non-keepers) pre-fishing trip to Stockton Lake on Tuesday, I easily spent 30-40 hours focusing on the upcoming bass tournament. Including adding ‘new’ fluorocarbon line to 3 or 4 of my 11 or 12 fishing rigs, watching constant bass fishing videos and TV shows and re-tying almost ‘all’ of my fishing rigs, some more than ‘once’. Buying tie down straps for my most recent ‘project’ bass boat, $40-$50 worth of jig heads, single spins, soft plastic, and so forth. Can you relate?


{Continued next post, Part 2}


Better Bass Fishing! How To Catch The Next Big One

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Warning: Don’t Blame Us If You End Up Skipping Your Job And Start Spending More Time Bass Fishing! Always Wanted To Be An Expert Bass Fisher? Discover How You Can Fish Your Way To Glory, And Put Your Fishing Friends To Shame! Learn The Most Interesting Bass Fishing Tips That Would Make You A Pro In No Time! If You Are A Bass Fishing Enthusiast, You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Out On These Exciting Tips… Learn The Ins And Outs Of Bass Fishing… Have Fun. Feel The Thrill. And Let Your Bait Do The Talking For You! “Better Bass Fishing! How To Catch The Next Big One” is the best book for fishing enthusiasts who have been disappointed with their poor luck. This 184-page book is full of fishing tips, written with the purpose of helping you sharpen your fishing techniques. Written in a simple, flowing style, this book reveals things you never knew about bass fishing and is capable of making a professional out of a poor fisher.

How to Become a Tournament Bass Fisherman

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Many pro bass fishermen can be great bass fishermen for one day or one tournament, but Larry Nixon has been one of the nation’s top pro-bass anglers for more than 35 years. In this book, Larry tells you the qualities required to be a tournament pro. He also tells you how to get ready for a bass tournament, what he likes most about bass fishing, and what’s his toughest bass tournament ever. If you dream of becoming a tournament bass pro, or if you’re a weekend angler who just wants to catch more bass, this book is a must.

One Largemouth Bass

I accidently skipped this clip when editing my Texas fishing video. I kinda like the short format though. Maybe I will upload more 1-2 min vids like this.


Keys To Catching Lake Lanier Bass: From the Series Keys To Catching Georgia Bass

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The articles for this series of books, Keys to Catching Georgia Bass, were written over a span of 18 years. Conditions change but bass tend to follow patterns year after year.
For example, Lake Lanier has gone through a series of years with low water then full again. Landmarks you can see when the water is very low cannot be spotted when the lake is full. But humps, points and rock piles are still there, in the same place, just underwater.
Some years the water is clear and some years stained to muddy during the same months in some creeks, but the main lake is almost always clear. The patterns and places in these articles will still work in the creeks, but you may need to adjust the color of the bait to the conditions.
New baits and tackle companies come along every year but you can always find old favorite baits or similar baits from a new company that were produced by a defunct company, or use the new ones that are similar in action.
The GPS Coordinates given for each spot will get you very close to what you want to fish. An old brush pile on the coordinates may be gone, but you can bet another one will be in the same place or very nearby.
Some spots are on more than one map for more than one month. That guarantees it is a good spot, if more than one good fisherman chose it! Some spots are good year round, over many month.
Some of the expert fishermen providing information for the articles in this book are not named for a variety of reasons.

How to Fish Jerkbait Smallmouth – bass fishing

Join Kurt Mazurek of as he discusses how to fish jerkbaits for prespawn smallmouth bass during the late spring in northern Wisconsin lakes. Kurt shares fishing tips, bass tournament strategy, fish location, and even lets you behind the scenes for a couple bloopers. Kurt is an outdoor writer and author of the novel Personal Best: Fishing and Life. Excerpts of the book are available at


Bass Fishing: Secrets Of Bass Fishing – Learn The Most Effective Bass Fishing Techniques To Catch Largemouth Bass (Fishing Guide, Fishing Techniques)

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The #1 Secrets To Bass Fishing

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If you are interested in discovering everything there is to know about largemouth bass fishing, this guide is the essential resource for you to read. It will teach you the most effective techniques to catch the largemouth bass, the equipment you need and the practice of catch and release.

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Infant Baby Boy Girl Fishing Romper Jumpsuit Bodysuit Outfits Sunsuit One-pieces(0-6 months, grey)

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Size detail:
70:Length 41cm, Chest 44cm
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Material: Cotton blend,Comfortable and soft. Make your baby so cute. Great for daily wear or photograph.
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I’m going fishing with daddy
Black Round Neckline Short Sleeve jumpsuit
Make your baby so cute. Great for daily wear or photograph
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How to Analyze a Bass Hole: Think and Catch ’em!

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Think like a bass! Get in their minds by using these thoroughly researched bass-catching concepts. Increase your catch-rate and hook the trophy bass of your dreams! Start by analyzing and applying the strategies, patterns, preferred conditions (the three clines) in their environment. Get to know bass behaviors through the seasons, including which baits they love and when to use them.

Laimeng,9cm Plastic Popper Fishing Lures Bass Top water Rattles

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Material: Plastic

Length: 9cm / 3.54″

Diving Depth: top water

Hook: #6 high carbon steel treble hook

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