Why soft plastics & jigs in green will always catch bass. Biology bites by Central Coast Bass.

Central coast bass biology bites, videos shorts where we use our background in fisheries to help you better understand a basses world. Green will always be a trigger for bass to feed and theres a good reason. To download all our videos as a quality divx visit centralcoastbass.com Also check out our forum and blog, go to centralcoastbass.com and click the links at the bottom of our home page. Enjoy.


Bass Fishing – Money Saving Tips

Making the switch to braided line for my bass fishing could be costly but here are some tips that I use to save me money in the long run.

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Favorite Softbait Shapes for Trophy Smallmouth Bass

Al and Troy Lindner show their favorite softbait shapes and sizes for big trophy smallmouth bass that works anywhere in the country.
From our 2012 Angling Edge show 5 segment 2.
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PEACOCK BASS fishing the residential canals in Miami Florida

Ultimate Urban Experience – Capt Blair Wiggins heads to South Florida to fish for peacock bass in the residential canals with Capt Alan Zaremba.

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How To Extract Otoliths from a Largemouth Bass

In this video, an FWC biologist demonstrates how to extract otoliths from a Florida largemouth bass. Otoliths, commonly known as “earstones,” are hard, calcium carbonate structures located directly behind the brain of bony fishes. Biologists use otoliths to determine how old an individual fish is. These bones have rings very much like a tree trunk, and every year environmental triggers cause a new ring to form. There are several things researchers can gather from this information, and our web article goes into more detail about otoliths and their importance to research:


How To Fish a Buzzbait: Lucky Tackle Box Tips

Learn How to Fish a Buzzbait in this Lucky Tackle Box tips video.

We’re going to be targeting those shallow water active bass in the early morning and late evening.

We’ll be showing you how to get the most out of Buzzbait fishing with the Buddha Bait Co. Snooze Alarm Buzzbait.

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Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques- Rip Rap

The rip rap technique is effective for both largemouth and smallmouth bass.
This technique is best used in rocky areas, with spinnerbaits.

I did not create this video, The video was created by the folks at www.bassmaster.com