Minnesota Bass Fishing | I can NEVER catch Bass On A Windy DAY!

I usually can’t catch bass on a windy day, but thanks to a friendly neighbor, I tried out a new spot and got two! Missed two though!

Also, first time catching fish on a chatterbait!!!
First time for everything!

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Susquehanna River Bass Fishing

Susquehanna River Bass Fishing on the Susquehanna River Pennsylvania for smallmouth bass was awesome. We caught some big bass. The smallmouth bass fishing was on fire. This is one of my best trip in 2017 so far. The Susquehanna River runs through Harrisburg PA. The Susquehanna river is loaded with smallies. If you have ever asked yourself how to catch a smallmouth in the river this video might help. This is where I smallie fished for two days. This video is day two where I caught some awesome smallmouth. We caught over 120 smallmouth bass in two days. Please let me know in the comments below what you think about the river fishing.

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Fast Warrior Leveling – How to Level a Warrior Fast

Leveling a Warrior was for me the most exciting leveling in World of Warcraft. I leveled all the classes to level 80, but leveling a Warrior was the most fun. If you like brute melee force with high armor (plate), than this class is perfect for you. You can be excellent damage dealer, very tough tank or PvP killing machine. So who does not want to have a Warrior?

Fast Warrior Leveling – Arms, Fury or Protection?

Well, this is a good question. Because every one of these three specs is very efficient in leveling. Every build has some pros and cons. So let's take a look at each of them. So you can choose which build to follow when leveling, depending on your play-style.

Arms talent tree – a talent spec that uses a slow two handed weapon. It has a very good burst damage. The good side of this talent spec is that you gain a lot of rage (through the "Endless Rage") so you can use your skills more often. It means more damage. It also has heavy bleeding damage (damage over time) and it can reduce the healing on the enemies (with Mortal Strike). This comes very handy if it comes to world PvP fight. You are rarely being ganked from the opposition faction because this build is also very PvP capable.

Fury talent tree – This is a talent spec that uses two one or two handed weapon (later with Titan's Grip). It has powerful sustained damage. Also capable of doing high burst damage (using Bloodsurge and Bloodthirst). It is very good for leveling because this build has the best damage output. You can burn enemies down very quickly. But you must keep in mind, that this build is the weakest one regarding survivability. You are very fragile because mostly you use Berserker Stance, therefore you take more damage. So you must constantly be focused.

Protection talent tree – What can I say. You are a living fortress handling one handed weapon with a shield. The big advantage is that you have very high survivability. Leveling as Protection is very different as previous two builds. It has lower damage output but with this build you take a lot of mobs at once. So some quests you can do faster than others. Honestly I enjoyed this build the most. Also because while leveling you need to use all your skills (even those with high cooldown). And you are also going to have the most wanted while doing events. With this new dungeon finder you will get a party almost instantly.

Fast Warrior Leveling – Questing?

Yes, questioning is still considered as the best way to get experience points to level up. However, this might be very tricky. This is because many quests in the game are designed to slow you down. They reward you with very little amount of XP and take you a lot of time to complete them. So if you want fast Warrior Leveling you must avoid them.

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