Dr.Fish Bait Wiggle Shad Soft Plastic Fishing Lure Smallmouth Bass Perch 3″ Brown (pack of 6)

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Baits succeed the high quality manufactured and stunning painting work as Dr.Fish always boast for. This tiny shad is designed with a 3″ profile, features a lifelike baitfish body with high quality made, targeting a wide range of finicky species like bass, trout, perch, trophy rock fish…Extremely realistic lifelike lure. Highly detail color painting with holographic flash inserts and 3D eyes.
Supple body with round head, wiggle paddle tail, salt and scent Impregnated.
Work great for drop shotting. Also ideal for weightless, weedless rig. Even the easiest rig will make it a bass magnets.
Length: 3″/75mm; It is the perfect meal size for bass and other general freshwater species and rock fish.
Material: High Quality Silicone.Pack of 6.

Autumn Smallmouth Bass Fishing on the Susquehanna River

Fishing in the Fall can be one of the most rewarding times of year to fish for smallmouth bass. Bass are feeding up for the Winter, and often will school up in one location.

TV show host and fishing guide Blaine Mengel demonstrates how to position your boat and use a jerkbait to land some hawg smallies in this October fishing trip.


Basics of Choosing a Niche

Before you can even start building your Internet business, you will need to choose a niche to build your business around. After all, you cannot build any kind of business if you do not know what that business will be about. So before you buy a domain name, build a website, write a sales page, or even create a product, you need to choose a niche. But there is more to choosing a niche than just picking something out of thin air.

Many marketers say that you should choose a niche that you are passionate about. However, I don’t think that is necessarily true. Just think about it for a few minutes.

What are you passionate about? How many other people are passionate about the same thing? Maybe you are passionate about gardening. Great! That would be a good niche to build your business around as there are hundreds of thousands, more likely millions of people interested in gardening. But if you are passionate about some obscure subject, how many people do you think have a passion for the same thing? Probably very few so how can you expect to make any money in that particular niche?

Think about it logically. Just being passionate about something may not be enough to build a profitable business around. In order to be successful, your chosen niche must have enough profit potential that you can actually make money in it. Otherwise, it will be just a hobby, not an actual business.

PLEASE NOTE: According to the IRS, if your business does not become profitable within a couple of years, then it is a hobby, not a business. And, the IRS does not allow tax deductions for hobbies. Choosing a profitable niche is the first step to building a profitable business instead of a hobby.

On the other hand, if you have absolutely no interest or very little interest in a niche, it will be very hard for you to work in that niche. Never choose a niche just because you think you can make a lot of money in it, especially if you do not have much interest in it.

If you choose a niche you have no interest in, you will end up making excuses for why you cannot work that day. You won’t want to spend time creating products to promote to your subscribers. Without any products, you will not make any money in that niche. Plus, you’ll have a hard time coming up with ideas to write articles about. Without articles, you have no content to send to your subscribers.

Since your subscribers joined your list because they thought you would help them solve their problems, you’ll never be able to maintain your list of subscribers if you never send them the information they want.

So you will end up starting all over again in a different niche, wasting all of the time, effort and money you spent in a niche you end up abandoning. If you have some interest in a niche, it will be much easier for you to do the many tasks associated with building a profitable online business around that niche. So, whatever niche you chose should be something you are at least interested in or something you want to learn more about.

So, you really don’t need to be passionate about the niche you choose but you do need to have some interest in it. While your ultimate goal is to make money, you will still need to choose a niche that you will enjoy working in.

In order to be successful, you can’t be a small fish in a big ocean. All small fish either get eaten or they become lost in the vast numbers of larger fish.

You will need to do some research to find a niche which you can narrow down into one or more profitable sub-niches. You need to choose a sub-niche with a high demand for the products you will be creating and which also offers a large number of products you can promote as an affiliate.

Source by Donna L Walsh

The Real Art of Selling

Selling is a process where some form of business is transacted. In the olden days, there was barter trade, where items of mutual interests were exchanged, but today, selling usually involves monetary units or value.

Not only companies undertake the process of selling; individuals too, and that’s not necessarily involving money. Sometimes, someone can ‘sell’ an idea to another, convincing the second party to take on the idea through logic or benefit expounded such as an investment on an item of worth (as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder).

Selling is an art – an art of persuasion where one convinces another of some attributes of a product on hand that will add more value to the owner if in possession. Selling becomes a transaction if the receiver of information (‘potential buyer’) accepts what he hears and takes action to make that item in his possession by parting with whatever value he thinks is worthy to have that item or is willing to agree to what the ‘seller’ wants to part with that item. The value is usually determined by both the seller and buyer.

Selling may not be confined to tangible items only as intangible items can be sold, such as ideas, advice, time or opinion.

Usually selling goes together with buying; but one can sell without the other buying. It is liken to fishing where the fish will not take the bait. Sometimes the price is not right to secure the sell and buy transaction; at other times, it is the timing which is not conducive for the sale to happen.

Selling is an important aspect of any business as the viability of a business depends largely on its sales volume. If the organization does not secure enough sales in terms of revenue to cover all its expenses as well as have sufficient cash flow, it is difficult for the business to make progress. Since selling is an art, a rightly skilled person is required to administer the sale correctly to make a transaction or ‘close the deal’; and in today’s competitive economy, it is more crucial than essential to hire the rightly skilled person to sell so that more deals can be closed. A good deal would be one that brings in a higher revenue figure that offers more substance, called ‘profits’, after deducting the expenses. The higher the profits, the better the selling was.

Is selling innate?

Not all people are able to convince another to part with their belongings or to take on something which they may not have a real need of. The art of selling can be learnt depending on the person’s determination and diligence. He can be a good or great salesman if he can learn up the product or service information to convey it to another with passion and gusto; however, much less effort is required if the sales person has an innate ability to understand and appreciate the items up for sale and is able to convince another easily to buy it off him in no time.

Source by Sanjay Soni

In Pursuit of Giant Bass

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Legendary Big Bass Angler Bill Murphy takes you In Pursuit of Giant Bass. A complete and fascinating study of the art of trophy largemouth bass fishing.Used Book in Good Condition

多摩川スモールマウスバスの釣り キャストからランディングまで Smallmouth Bass fishing in rivers

多摩川のルアー釣り スモールマウスバスのルアー釣り動画です。多摩川のスモールマウスも 鬼怒川のスモールマウス も基本は同じように釣れば釣れます。とりあえず一匹 デカバス 釣りたい時はこの釣り方で釣ってみて下さい。YouTubeブラックバス ルアー 釣り動画です。smallmouth bass fishing tips
使用 ロッドとリール
ロッド rod:Abu Garcia Fantasista FSS-67LS Smallmouth Special
カメラ camera:iON Adventure
Lure Fishing – smallmouth bass fishing in rivers アングリング
海釣り、川釣り、湖釣り、ルアー釣り、スノーケリング、スノーボード、猫好きチャンネルのKAZ SNOWです。遊びの様子を撮影した遊びチャンネルですが気に入っていただけた方はチャンネル登録お願いします


Managing Change "When Alligators Are Nipping at Your Heels"

Day to day problems of the business often prevent leaders from taking the time out to think, plan and act in order to make the kind of transformational changes that are needed in organizations. In the Heart of Change, John Kotter presents the case study “When Alligators Are Nipping at Your Heels” as an example of a leader who decided to deal with the crisis confronting him and his organization before he began to look for ways to transform the organization. Kotter quotes Nick Pearce as saying that “you have to focus on putting out the big fires and on anything that can quickly restart those fires” before you can begin working on bigger transformation (Kotter, p. 25).

However, the pace of work and change is happening so quickly in today’s work environment, a leader runs the risk of using “putting out fires” as an excuse of not finding the time, energy and focus to address the very real issues that need to be changed within an organization. The felt need to focus on the fires, in fact, can derail any effort for implementing change. “Many of the current struggles with transformation are a result of leaders not attending to the cultural, behavioral, and mindset components of transformation or not attending to them in ways that make real impact” (Anderson and Anderson, p. 16).

Managers are often compelled to deal with the business issues of the day. They feel their expertise and experience is needed to help “put out fires” in their area of expertise. Leaders however, recognize that they must focus on the business of building “burning platforms” that help people and organizations realize the need for change, that compel them to move out of their comfort zone and begin to change (Kotter, p. 27). This takes time, energy and focus. Using excuses that the organization has too many fires to put out only distracts from the real attention and encourages employees to fall back in the old way of doing things rather than focusing on the change at hand.


Anderson D. and Anderson L. (2001). Beyond change management. San Francisco: Jossey – Bass/Pfeiffer.

Kotter, J.P. & Cohen, D.S. (2002). The heart of change: Real-life stories of how people

change their organizations. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

Source by James Gehrke

Bluetooth Headphones,Mictech BT008 Wireless On-Ear Folding Hi-Fi Stereo Headset with Microphones, Noise Canceling, Lightweight Enhanced Bass ,TF Card, FM Radio for iPhone Android Laptop (Silver)

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Bluetooth V2.1
Operation distance:10M
Sensitivity:> / =95dB
distortion factor:< / =1%
sensitivity:115dB S.P.L at lkHz
impedance :32
output frequency:2*20mW
frequency response:20Hz-20KHz
Charging voltage :MICRO USB 5V
standby time:72H
talk time:5H
working time:4H
charging time:1.5H”


Support mobile phone bluetooth, SD card playing music
The volume adjustment, switch, pause/play up and down
Compatible with all external 3.5 mm
Intelligent charging ”

Package Content:

1 * Bluetooth Headphone
1 * USB cable
1 * 3.5 mm audio line
1 *User ManualHigh Fidelity Sound: Big bass headphones with rich mid range and precise high. Even turn to the high volume, the distortion is minimal. Immerse yourself in an emotional sound experience.
Fashionable Design: Sleek color and Folding design make your headphones eye-catching in the street.The design with the metal scale allows you to bend back a little and adjust the tightness
Multiple Connection: Using advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology. You can insert TF card and enjoy music in the TF card. AUX line in allows music playback from various sources even when not charged – you can use any aux line out from other device.
Built-in Microphone: Support hands free calling. Music will be automatically suspended and resumed during the calls.
Long Battery Life: The battery life is 30 hours from a single charge. And only need take about 1.5 hours to fully charge.When you are traveling or exercising , no need to worry about that it will run out of electricity.

Largemouth Bass Spawning in Hamilton Harbour

This shot was taken May 29, 2015. These bass were seen right near the boat launch at Bay front Park in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. There were two pairs of two to three pound bass which were spawning. Canadian largemouth bass are generally much smaller than those found in the southern Unites States. Spawning bass usually indicate improving water quality, because this sighting means that the water is clean enough for largemouth bass to spawn in and reproduce. These urban bass have adapted to man. These two pairs will grow bigger and produce many more smaller offspring, which in turn help the fishery produce more fish in subsequent years. The spawning bass bite the tails of the other bass. These fish are fairly aggressive.


Bass Fishing: 5 Biggest Bass of 2017

Well so far anyway! These are our 5 biggest bass for the first quarter caught on camera. Been a good year so far when you consider we’ve only been filming one day per week, with no retakes. We always show it whether we catch them or we don’t. Thanks for watching!

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Tested Bank Fishing Tips for Catching Bass

Bank fishing is an excellent way to catch lots of bass. You don’t have to mess with loading and unloading a boat, so it’s a perfect way to wet a line when time is limited. To maximize your results, Managing Editor Walker Smith shares his most trusted tips that have led to numerous trophy bass catches while fishing from shore.

Equipment Listing:
-Flambeau P50BP Portage Backpack:
-Gene Larew Punch Out Craw:
-Lew’s Custom Speed Cast Rod 7′ Med Hvy Worm:
-Lew’s Tournament MB Speed Spool Casting Reel:


Fisherman’s Heaven — Biggest Bass of My Life

Gear I Used Today..
8lber Rod —
8lber Reel —

Spinning Rod —
Spinning Reel —

Frog Rod —
Frog Reel — Shimano Core 100 MG7 (Discontinued)

–Young Plugg

What I film with…
Drone —
Camera —
Lens —
GoPro —
BIG SHINY Camera —

My Other Gear…
Computer —
Editing software —
Mic —
Camera Case —
Backpack —

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SOUNDCLOUD: Fishing The Midwest Music
INSTAGRAM: fishing_the_midwest
TWITTER: fishingthemw
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FACEBOOK: Fishing The Midwest

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Fishing Weather Tips

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Fishing Weather Tips
In this App you can see this topic.
1. About Weather Conditions for Fishing
2. Bass Fishing Tips for Cold Weather
3. How Do Bass React to Weather Conditions
4. How Does Weather Affect Fish Behavior
5. How to Catch a Pond Fish in Cold Weather
And you can see the Video and Game
keyword : Fishing Weather Tips

Stardew Valley: Episode 6 – Smallmouth Bass

I have to deliver smallmouth bass to Willy. The problem is, exactly where do I get this fish?

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Intro Song: Coyote Kisses – Six Shooter



Honana Pink Bathroom Foldable Bucket Bag Water Container Travel Camping Cosmetic Bag Organizer

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This is a portable folding outdoor tourism wash basin. It’s very convenient to carry water or any other things. A perfect accessory for hiking, camping and travel. You can fold it up and store in your bag. Dimensions: Dimensions: 65*50*45CM.This is a portable folding outdoor tourism wash basin.
It’s very convenient to carry water or any other things.
A perfect accessory for hiking, camping and travel.
You can fold it up and store in your bag.
Portable and compact, is easily held in handbag.