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Fishing Tips at Bass Pro Shops and some Funny moments with fans

We go to Bass Pro Shops to talk some Bass Fishing and we have some Funny Moments with some fishing fans. I show you how to rig up two of the best techniques to catch fish. I also show you one of my tips on how to Texas Rig your best flipping baits better and how to rig up swimbaits weedless.

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Where to Catch Bass During Late Summer/ Early Fall Transition

In preparation for fall fishing, I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite tactics during the summer to fall transition. Watch as I crush some super shallow largemouth on flats on a squarebill crankbait! Hope you enjoy!


I’m looking for specific topics for future videos. If you have any questions about bass fishing that you would like me to cover in a video, leave a comment below!

Music: Grapes – I Dunno (under CC-3.0 License)

Clouds by Joakim Karud Music provided by Audio Library

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Pulison(TM) Aquarium Fish Children Tank Square Shrimp Small Betta Tetra Fish Net (A)

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100% brand new and high quality

Top Quality Fine netting Fish Nets for Aquariums and Fish Tanks

Ideal for fresh / tropical and salt water aquariums

Practical and durable home using product

Aquarium is a good helper, cleaning poo debris, protect water quality

Ideal for catching shrimp, small fish in tank

A good tool to maintain aquarium water quality

Perfect accessories for your fish tank

Material: Plastic


Net Size(LxW): app.18cmx17cm;Length: app.99cm

Net Size(LxW): app.24.5cmx21cm;Length: app.104cm

Net Size(LxW): app.27.5cmx23cm;Length: app.105cm

Package Included:

1 x Fish netTop Quality Fine netting Fish Nets for Aquariums and Fish Tanks
Aquarium is a good helper, cleaning poo debris, protect water quality
Ideal for fresh / tropical and salt water aquariums
Ideal for catching shrimp, small fish in tank
Package Included: 1 x Fish net

BIG Jigs Catch BIG Fish!

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My dad and I head out for a rainy day at the lake bass fishing! We found that flipping and pitching bigger jigs to laydowns and trees was the ticket to catching big bass. In the morning we caught a lot of numbers on reaction baits and finesse fishing as well.

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Mexico is popular with travelers from all over the world. The visitors of Mexico go there for many reasons: sunshine, blue seas swarming with fish and coral, crystal-white beaches, mountains and volcanoes, jungles full of striking wildlife, collectible folk art and the wonderful remains of ancient cultures.

Mexico is known for its tourist destinations. Its fantastic location and year-round mild climate, gorgeous white beaches are ideal for water sports. The site of the Caribbean Ocean makes this place a desired vacationing spot for all.

History of Mexico

Mexico has reminders of its past in just about every city you visit, due to Mexico's vast history. Sometime during the last ice age nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers from Asia first crossed the Bering Strait and entered the Western Hemisphere. The various civilizations of Mesoamerica are distinguished from others elsewhere in the New World by a variety of common cultural developments including hieroglyphic writing, commerce and trade, an intensive knowledge of astronomy, a highly accurate calendar system, and fascinating religious beliefs featuring a complex pantheon, a ritualistic ball game, and human and animal sacrifices.

Cities of Mexico

Cancun has a first rate tourist road and rail network. The most famous hotel chains in the world have combined luxurious and comfort with hospitality. Cancun has fascinating Mayan remains, as well as a museum displaying pieces from this culture. It's excellent overland and air links will whisk you to some of the most impressive places in the Mayan World in both Quintana Roo and neighboring state of Yucatan.

Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost tip of Baja, was once a base for pirate ships waiting to pounce on Spanish treasure ships. It has quickly become the main point of Los Cabos: million-dollar condos have sprung up, palm trees have been transplanted, golf courses have been laid, water has been piped in from San José and everywhere is kept immaculate.

The island of Cozumel Mexico has shops with a nice selection of goods including fine jewelry stores. There are so many great reasons to visit Cozumel that once you visit once, you might just get hooked. Compared to other tropical vacation spots, Cozumel is very inexpensive. The unusually short 2-hour flight from Houston, Miami, or Dallas / Fort Worth means you can be relaxing on a lounge chair sipping a beverage by noon!

Puerto Vallarta is smaller, queter and younger than Acapulco. In its own way, it is actually every bit as commercial – sometimes more so, since here tourism is essentially the only source of income – but appearances count for much, and Puerto Vallarta, while doing all it can catch up with Acapulco, appears far less developed and retains a more Mexican feel.

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas for Mexicans, in traditional homes and rural areas, is a religious holiday. It is a celebration of the Nativity. The first thing to know about celebrating Christmas in Mexico is that most everyone takes off the last two weeks in December to spend more time with the family, visit with old friends, even make new friends.

Source by David Chandler

Get Better Bass Fishing in Muddy Water with These Tips

Walk Smith shares some great tips on how muddy water can be an advantage and also lead to bigger fish catches with the understanding of how fish move around and position in dingy water.

Tackle and Equipment:

Lew’s Tournament MB Speed Spool –
7-foot, MH Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Casting Rod –
V&M Flat Wild –
20-pound Seaguar AbrazX –
3/8-ounce VMC Tungsten Worm Weight –
VMC Sinker Stops –
4/0 Gamakatsu SuperLine Offset EWG Hook –

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Wall Decal Decor Wall Decals Quotes Fishing Poles And Hunting Gear Dreams Of Bass And Big Ole Deer – Country Wall Decal Bedroom Nursery Living Room Decor (brown, 14″h x22″w)

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The decal couldn¡¯t be easier to apply and can be used on almost any smooth surface – walls, doors, windows, and mirrors, wherever you need a touch of sentiment and style. All instructions are included and transfer tape will be preapplied for easy application.Come with transfer film, press on and peal off easily. Please note that these vinyl wall decals are removable but not reusable.BUT the transfer film is reusable
Custom Colors Available ,Please See COLOR CHART,After Purchase Please Email Us Your Color Preference, Otherwise Black color Will Be Shipped by default
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Come with transfer film, before use, please make good planning of layout design, the picture shown on the page is just a reference.

What You Need To Know About Fish Oil

Fish oil is a type of fatty acid that is derived from the tissues of oily fish. It contains omega-3 fatty acids such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). If you can’t access the fish oil, there are plenty of supplements in the market that you can take.

Benefits of fish oil

There are plenty of advantages that come with taking the oil. Some of these advantages include:

Cholesterol control: Cholesterol levels in your body are not only essential for the health of your heart, but they are also important to your entire body. Experts show that taking 3-6 grams of fish oil every day aids in promoting a healthy balance of high-density lipoproteins and low-density lipoproteins. The oil has also been found to promote healthy levels of triacylglycerol concentrations in the body.

To support healthy cholesterol levels, you should support the intake of the oil by taking diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bone support: Bone support is important to women, especially those entering the menopausal years. As you get older as a woman, there aren’t the standard progesterone and estrogen hormone levels, and this provokes the bones to begin thinning. Studies show that oil from fish promotes bone health thus you don’t lose as much calcium as you should.

To get the most from taking fish oil, you should maintain a good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Remember that taking more too much or too little of each would put your bones at even more risk.

Mood support: Do you struggle with anxiety and depression? Consumption of this oil has been attributed with increased mood and positivity in life. According to scientists, when you consume fish oil you increase serotonin levels in the body. As you know, serotonin is a “feel-good” hormone thus you feel good about yourself. To get the most from this hormone, you should take oil of fish after eating a carbohydrate-heavy meal.

Tips to consider when using fish oil

While many companies are selling the supplements both online and offline, not all are reputable. To be confident that you are buying a genuine product, buy the oil from a renowned company. In addition to buying from a reputable company, you should also ensure that you take the oil correctly.

The AHA recommends that you take up to 3 grams of fish oil every day. Taking high doses is often accompanied by side effects that include: fishy breath, fishy taste in the mouth, loose stools, nausea, and stomach upset. You also have increased the risk of bleeding.

If you want to take high doses of the supplement, you should talk to your doctor first who will come up with a plan on how you can safely take the supplements without developing the side effects. Some people have high triglyceride levels, if you are one of the people, you should speak to your doctor before you start taking the supplements.


This is what you need to know about this oil. To get the most from the supplements, buy them from a reputable company. You also should take them correctly.

Source by Shalini Madhav