Bass Fishing – Why Has It Become So Popular?

More and more people these days of all age groups and circles are starting to become aware of the attractions that bass fishing offers. Bass fishing does not exactly get the type of attention and coverage that other sports get. Rarely will you ever see any headline news about anything fishing related, whether it be television or any other type of media. It takes more than looking at bass fishing infomercials to comprehend why bass fishing is now the number one freshwater sport today in America.

Substantial Growth

In comparison to the other types of fishing, you might be surprised to learn that the popularity of bass fishing has increased by 70%. Moreover, in the last twenty five years the bass fishing business has grown by leaps and bounds, going from a million dollar to a bordering five billion dollar industry. Each year, the business still continues to grow.

These figures may cause one to wonder what all the excitement is about with bass fishing that has lead to this amount of growth in such as short period of time. The amount of media coverage is increasing, as tournaments are sometimes televised. Also, many are using it as a means for vacationing, especially with Florida being one of the hot spots. The creation of the associations such as Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) helped increase the popularity as well.

This is a sport that does not require a lot of equipment or experience to do for fun. Also, it does not need a certain amount of people to participate in, like team sports for instance. One can go out of his or her own if desired. Also, the cost of the equipment is not too expensive, opening the door for just about anyone regardless of income level to get involved.

Spending Time With Others

Fishing also allows families to get the opportunity to spend more time with one another. You can create special memories with your loved ones by sharing these joyful times together. This will certainly bring your family closer.

One of the new slogans that is making the rounds is 'Get kids hooked on fishing, not drugs'. This is actually a program for kids that helps them develop life skills. If you are a father, fishing is a great chance to spend time with your son and keep him away from any possible negative effects, such as drugs. Plus, there is nothing like being outdoors on a beautiful summer day catching fish.

Source by Jack Bollen

Fall Bass Fishing Tips with Chris Bulaw!

Fall can be one of the best fishing seasons of the year if you understand how the fish are acting. Fall means bass are feeding up on baitfish, so “match the hatch” is the name of the game. Check out which baits Chris likes to use to target bass in the fall!

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Bass Fishing – Targeting Bass on the Points

Fishing points can help you put more bass in the boat. Points will usually hold some bass on any given day through the year. Some of these spots will produce better in the spring and fall while others will produce in the summer and winter. There are definitely some things that you should know to help you catch more fish.

During the spring and fall, bass will be relocating from deeper water to shallow water. At these times of the year, you can expect to do well on the secondary points that are back in the bays or coves. Before the spawn, staging fish can be found on these secondary points. Some of the largest females are treated in these spots before they actually move onto the beds for spawning time. Some spots will hold numerous fish, making it a little bit easier for you.

During the summer and winter, secondary points will still hold some fish and even some big bass, but the main lake points are usually the best places to target the bigger bass. You can also find some nice schools of fish on the main lake points, especially if there is any type of current. In the summer, you have to factor in the thermocline. Points that drop off quickly are more productive, but the fish are going to be suspended on the thermocline. The depth will be different depending on the lake, but expect to find bass in the 15 to 25 foot range. Jigging spoons usually work well to trigger a reaction strike in this deep water.

In the winter, bass will be holding in deeper water and they may come onto the points to feed. A few warm days during the winter can trigger a feeding spree, but the fish will most likely be very deep, so try to find points that have deep water nearby.

All points are not created equal. On most lakes, there are many points to choose from. Points that have weed growth, wood, quick drop offs, boat docks or any other type of natural or manmade cover will usually hold more fish. Something as subtle as one point having larger boulders falling into the water than the other point can hold many more fish. Find out what works for you and make sure to remember what points work best during each specific season. You will be able to use this information on many different bodies of water that you fish.

For more information on bass, take a look at our bass fishing page.

Source by Kevin Sewell

This underwater drone camera swims like a fish

Meet BIKI, the underwater drone that swims like a fish.

The robofish comes equipped with an Ultra HD 4K camera and can dive up to 196 feet.

BIKI can be controlled via an app on your phone/tablet or by using its waterproof remote when you’re submerged in water with the robot.

The bionic design of BIKI won’t spook other fish, so it can also be used to document underwater sea life.

BIKI has been fully funded on Kickstarter and can be bought for around £461.


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7 Very Useful Tips For Largemouth Bass Fishing

If you're tired of catching bluegills, and you want to take your fishing to the next level, largemouth bass should be one of the fish on the top of your list. So, if you'd like to learn a thing or two about catching bigmouths, I'm sure the following tips will help.

1. Largemouth bass are easiest to catch in early spring. As the water temperature rises from 0 ° C to 7 ° C, you'll find them in shallow waters, up to 3 meters deep. As the weather warms up and the water temperature increases, especially the big ones will move to deeper water. In fact, as a general idea, surface fishing for largemouths is always less productive than mid-water or bottom fishing. And usually, the big ones tend to keep close to the bottom, in places where they can stalk them prey.

2. Bigmouths can be done on various baits, live and artificial. But since since in many places the use of live baits are forbidden, most anglers use lures. There are 3 categories of lures which do wonders in largemouth fishing: spinnerbaits, crankbaits and jigs. From the crankbaits range, the medium and deep divers are the best. For jigs Cover Craws, plastic worms and flipping jigs are great. And when it comes to spinners, the ones with Indiana and Colorado blades are best. If you're going with live baits, you can use almost everything in the book, beginning with the classic worms, up to minnows or other small fish, leeches, mole crickets, frogs etc.

3. As a general idea, if the water is murky, go with light-colored lures. Choose white, chartreuse, yellow or red colored lures. In case the water is quite clear, it's best to go with lures as closely colored as possible to the small fish the bass are feeding on.

4. In case you have not mastered a baitcasting reel yet, and you would not like to spend your first bass fishing expedition learning how to use it properly and untagling bird nests, it's best to go with a small to medium spinning reel. Make sure the reel you choose is rated for the line you're going to use, though. This is quite an important aspect, that many anglers neglect. Also, never overfill the spool.

5. When it comes to rods, you should choose yours depending on the method of fishing you will use. For example, if you're going to be actively fishing, using lures, a fast action rod, between 6'-7 'should do. You should not spend a fortune on it, get the cheapest one at your local tackle shop. As a general idea, Ugly Stiks are great to start with.

6. The best test line for largemouth should be between 10-15lb. If the water is very clear, it's a good idea to use fluorocarbon, because it's less visible and will not spook the fish. But if you do not want to spend the extra buck for fluoro, monofilament should work good enough too.

7. Although bass is not spooky fish in general, it's always a good idea to minimize the impact of the splash of the lure. To do that, always cast past your targeted spot. This way, instead of scaring the fish, the splash has a much better chance to draw attention.

Source by Nathan Gress

Let’s Go Punching for Bass

Punching for Florida strain bass out on Lake Kissimee. One of my favorite ways to fish for bass and it’s becoming the time of year where that seasonal pattern can be key to finding staging and pre spawn fish moving in. I spent the day out on the Kissimee Chain and focused on Lake Kissimee targeting hydrill and chop grass mats in lily pads with a 1.5 oz Reins Tungsten weight and baits like a Gambler Why Not and Crawdaddy. The water is high and it’s the early part of the season, thus the reason fish are spread out and and we’re seeing so many male bass in the mats. It’s probably one of the most fun ways to fish down here in Florida and the bite should only get better as the temperature cool and fish move in to spawn.

Weather: just a few clouds, highs in the mid 80’s, no wind until the end of the day when a storm rolled up. Water temps still in the low 80’s with high water levels due to heavy rain.

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Black Sea Bass Fishing Tips

The black sea bass is a bottom fish that many in New Jersey like to fish for. As far as why, there are many of them around, and can put up a good fight. Black sea bass are usually located near the coastline, reefs, piers, wrecks, and so on. What is great about New Jersey is that it has many artificial reefs for one to fish at.

In order to get to a good artificial reef it is important to realize that you are probably not the only one considering going out there. With that said, the best time to go reef fishing for black sea bass is during the week, as opposed to the weekend where there are many charters and private boats competing amongst one another. Also, getting to the particular reef first provides the best opportunity to catch large black sea bass, so in order to get there first you must consider heading out on the waters much earlier than you normally would.

There are two different ways to catch this type of fish, and that is by using bait or an artificial lure such as a jig. When it comes to bait, both squid and clam are popular options, used along a bottom rig. When it comes to jigging, a ounce jig head used with a three ounce sinker of some sort will work best around the reefs. Make sure to bring different colors to choose from as well, as you may find out that the black sea bass hits a red jig head one day and a white one the next. Generally speaking, larger black sea bass go after the jigs while smaller ones go after the live bait, so make sure to keep this in mind when heading out on the water.

During the fall, the Sea Bass really love hitting diamond jigs with a slim profile. This is because the fall is when Sand Eels are worthy and the diamond jigs perfectly mimic the local bait supply. As they say, match the hatch.

Usually, the Bass prefer a green tail on the diamond jig but that is not always the case. Make sure you have some variety of colors at least including red, black, white and green. Also, make sure you are working the entire bottom half of the water column. Often the nicest fish will come from well off the bottom. I would love to hear any additional ideas you may have.

Tight Lines.

Source by Ed Crespy

Catch Bass in Cooling Water by Fishing the Right Crankbaits

Mark Menendez loves to fish for bass with crankbaits in cold water. He starts in fall and will catch them in the winter and especially in the prespawn on cold water crankbaits. He shares some great insight here on one of his favorite techniques.

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Top Bass Fishing Tips – Part Three – Bass Fishing From Shore

Welcome to the third article in the series Top Bass Fishing Tips. In today's article we are going to look at bass fishing from shore. Before we do again if you have missed any of the previous articles in the series, do a quick search and I'm sure you find them as the goal behind this series is to you with top bass fishing tips so that you can catch more bass .

Bass fishing from shore is not a new concept. In fact I think for most of my life I would consider myself a shore fisherman. Bass fishing from shore is a great opportunity for a lot of learning and experience in learning how to catch more bass.

The key to shore fishing is, knowing where to be at the right time. Smallmouths are great for catching from shore as often their haunts will only be casts length from the shoreline. The trick in getting the key right with shore fishing is understanding structure. If you were fishing from shore in the middle of summer in a spot devoid of weeds the I could safely say that you're wasting your time trying to catch more bass that way. Now if that same shoreline was full of weeds and stumps, then I would be all over it big time. Also what is the bank structure? Does it taper off gradually; Does it have a fast slop into deeper water? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself as a shore fisherman before setting that pole in the water.

Also another great bass fishing tip from shore is for dock and pier fisherman. Bait and food tend to gather on the windward side of a pier or dock. This is the area where the wind is blowing and bringing in the food and baitfish. Fishing on the other side of the dock or pier might bring fish, but you'll have more luck fishing on the side where the wind is blowing in. Find the food and baitfish, and you can find Bass.

The next top bass fishing tips is in learning when to fish. Ask any great shore fisherman and he'll tell you prayers and early mornings are the best time for success. The reason being, these low light conditions help to conceal the bass, making him feel less vulnerable plus it also gives a bass an advantage for his own ambushes on his food source. During the middle of the day is when most fish bass included hold even tighter to structure, and without that structure is within casting range from shore, you can sure bet the bass have moved to deer haunts till the evening comes.

There you have it a couple quick bass fishing tips, that are sure to help the shore fisherman. Tomorrow we will continue in our series of top bass fishing tips and I hope you continue to follow along in this series.

Source by David Pentoch

Alabama Rig + Big Bass = Spring Bass Fishing Fun!

Come along with Matt throwing Alabama Rigs on Clearlake during the Prespawn for hungry Spring Bass!

Gear Shown In The Video…

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Alabama Rig Setup…
Rod- Dobyns 784:
Reel- Chronarch MGL:
Line- 65 lb Braid:
Leader- 20 lb Mono:

Price Point A-Rig Setup…
Rod- Exage 7’2″ Heavy:
Reel- Casitas:
Line- 65 lb Braid:
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The Alabama Rig is an amazing way to catch Springtime bass as they bulk up for the spawn. The A-rig lets you cover water quickly while picking off both big bass and small bass at once. There are very few lures that appeal to all sizes of bass like the Alabama Rig.

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Bass Fishing – What? No Bow Fishing This Trip?

We where all ready for our bass fishing trip. We loaded up the tackle box with are favorite top water jigs, spoons, shiners, real bait, power bait etc. etc. Nothing was left out for fishing adventure down the bayou to catch some nice large-mouth bass. Then the three children started to plead and beg to load up there bow fishing bows into the fishing boat the night before. What dad can say no to their own children when it comes to the great outdoors and wanting to shoot there bows to polish up on the archery skills they have learned so far. Let me set the story strait. The wife (aka the misses) of the house does not bow fish. So are day was planned for a great bass fishing adventure and everyone was suppose to fish with there rod and reels.

We loaded up the boat with the fishing poles and yes, the bow fishing gear was hidden below in the compartment so the woman of the house would not see them. I did not want to ruin her day or the kids. That way I can have my cake and eat it too while fishing. The morning started off pretty well for a family fishing trip. With are fishing boat already overloaded with gear. It gets a little smaller with five people trying to fish from a sixteen foot Jon boat. We made it to are favorite fishing hole by first light and realized the challenges ahead of us within moments. Are favorite bass fishing spot was over grown with grass and lilies. Now usually, this makes for a great combination of bass near the tree line where it's shaded but we where so overwhelmed by the over growth that it made it very difficult for the kids to cast and jig back to the boat. Almost every cast was either fouled up or caught in the grass. By late morning we had a half a dozen bass in the boat.

Now if your familiar with Louisiana and southern humidity you can understand why the kids wanted there bow fishing bows. The water is dangerous to take a quick dip to cool down in with all of the snakes and alligators in the water. They started the usual complaining and wanted to get the boat moving to cool down. With the fish not biting as well in the heat the of the day the alligator gar started to splash around. My wife was not to happy at the moment. Bass fish generally are not around when the gar fish are active. Six bass around 2 to 3lbs or was it 4 to 5lbs. Anyways we had enough for dinner and the misses was getting the urge to get moving towards the dock. Lunch was approaching plus we where so hot and miserable with the complaining kids. The misses agreed to bow fishing are way back to the dock.

The three kids lit up with grins on there faces with moms suggestion to hunt the way back. The kids wet there bow fishing lines to prevent any line miss happenings and we where on the hunt. The kids practice on a rag target all the time at the house but, it is not the same thing shooting at a moving target or even off of a moving platform. The kids landed a couple of smaller alligator gar and a few channel cat fish. Everyone was happy with there day spent outside fishing. Now when I say, "never take your bow fishing bow". What I really mean is, "have your bow fishing bows in your boat at all times". You never know when the fish stop biting and you can still land a prehistoric monster or gar. Load up your freezer with meat. Now there is not the best fish to eat but the Cajuns have a nice gar fish ball recipe to make the fish more palatable. We finished are evening with some blackened bass for supper. We cooked are meal outside with are camping stove and enjoyed are meal outdoors with a nice sunset. The fruits of are adventure never tasted so sweet.

Source by Sean S.