How to bass fish at night!

Learn how to bass fish at night with your host Nick, the Informative Fisherman.

Episode index below
:12 When I start night fishing
:54 Targeting around the moon phases
2:22 My night Texas rig setup
4:24 Common night plastics
9:11 Dark baits & why
10:37 The speed and location
10:57 Baits according to light
14:40 What to target
15:34 Bite detection by feel
17:19 Clean water is key
18:38 Moon phase apps & why
21:07 Staying in place


BASS FISHING TIPS PLASTIC WORMS: How to catch bass on plastic worms

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Plastic worms catch more bass than any other bait.

Do you use  worms for bass fishing? If you don’t, you should work on learning to fish worms. If you want to be the best bass fisherman you can be, you need to learn to fish worms. If you already use worms, learn to use the best techniques and tricks to be your best.

There are hundreds of styles of plastic worms and other plastic baits. They come in hundreds of colors and there are many ways to rig the worms and soft plastics for catching bass. How do you determine what is the best style, the best colors and the best rigs to catch the most bass?

What type of equipment do you use?

Should you use bait casting gear, or should you use spinning gear?

What colors should you use to catch bass and when?

There are so many choices of colors, which ones are the best for what type of water and weather conditions?

Which rigs should you use in different types of cover?

Sandy flats, thick weeds, flooded timber, boat docks, etc. Bass love all these places to ambush their food, what is the best way to catch them in the different types of cover?

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Bass Lures – Effective Summer Bass Fishing Lures

In this article I’m going to list some of the most effective summer bass fishing lures. I’m listing these lures in no particular order seeing as how “the best” bass lures are the ones that work best for each individual angler. Everyone has their favorite bass fishing lures; the point is that you might not have some of these effective summer bass fishing lures in your tackle box/bag. If you don’t have any of these bass lures available you probably want to add them.

When water temperatures rise above the mid eighties bass fishing can become much more difficult. Bass (especially largemouth bass) prefer water temperatures from the mid seventies to the mid eighties, and when the temperatures rise above the mid eighties bass fishing can become tough.

A great way to combat high water temperatures is to fish in the early mornings. This is when the water will be the coolest and cloudy days and rainstorms can help with the water temperatures as well. During the summertime it’s also a great idea to go fishing when there is the least amount of activity on the water. Once all the toys come out, bass fishing can become all but impossible on many lakes and reservoirs.

So what are the effective bass fishing lures that you need to know about and have access to in the summer?

  1. Top Water Baits – These baits can perform best during the mornings and evenings during the hot days of summer. There are many different varieties of top water bass lures that are effective and some of the best are frog imitations and soft stick baits. Frog imitations such as the rebel Teeny Wee Frog can be extremely effective during the summertime.
  2. Shad Imitations – During the summer months many lakes and reservoirs are full of Threadfin Shad. These bait fish are a staple food source for bass all year, but especially in the summertime. When it comes to bass lures one of the most effective is the KickTail Minnow. Of all bass fishing lures available today, this may be one of the most effective. Shad imitations are a must for any tickle box/bag.
  3. Slow Falling Plastics – Plastic worms and grubs are excellent bass lures in the summertime. After your early morning fishing and the day (and water temperatures) start to heat up bass will move to deeper cover. Throwing soft plastics at these bass can be a very effective technique. At this time of the year many times strikes come as the lure is falling, so the less weight you can use the better. Slow falling plastics can be a great option in the summer.

If any of these bass baits aren’t in your fishing repertoire I would add them. These bass lures are all effective when fishing during the dog days of summer and will help you experience more bass fishing success. Just remember there is nothing that will help you bass catching ability like spending time on the water fishing, so for God’s sake get out there!

Source by Trevor Kugler

“Kiss My Bass” Fishing Song

just for fun and goofing off! Thanks to everyone and especially Beth Ladd, my videographer and fishing buddy. Share it for a laugh with any fishermen you might think of. Here are lyrics and chords for those who have requested it.
Well the morning’s kind of damp
————————————————– A
I’m not worried bout cutting the grass

Left my truck at the boat ramp
and my boat is full of gas.

My ole boss thinks I’m sick today
he won’t have me to harass,

Cause I’m out here on the river
—————————————— D
and he can kiss my big ole bass.


D ———- A——————— D
kiss my bass, I’m going fishing
———————————– A
gonna catch a big one today

kiss my bass,
let’s all go fishing,
———————————— D
Ain’t gonna be working today .

If he saw me out here fishing
Guess I wouldn’t stand so tall
He would take my big ole bass
and he’d hang it on his wall.
But I don’t care, I’m going fishing
where the water’s cool and deep
If he sees me on the river,
I’ll be fishing up a creek.

Chorus –

well the sun is getting hot
guess I’ll fish in the shade,
there’s nobody there at my honey hole
looks like I’ve got it made.
Now I’ve caught a big one,
so forget that hourglass,
if you wait just a minute,
then we both can kiss my bass.

Поцелуй мой бас – рыбалка песня

Просто для удовольствия и уйти! Спасибо всем, и особенно Бет Лэдд, моему видеооператору и приятелю. Поделитесь этим смехом с любыми рыбаками, о которых вы могли бы подумать. Вот слова и аккорды для тех, кто его просил.
Ну утренний вид сырой
Я не волнуюсь, режу траву

Оставленный мой грузовик на рампе лодки
———————————– D
И моя лодка полна газа.

Мой босс считает, что я болен сегодня
Он не заставит меня преследовать,

Потому что я здесь, на реке
—————————————— D
И он может поцеловать мой большой оле бас.


D ———- A ——————— D
Поцелуй мой бас, я пойду рыбачить
———————————– A
Сегодня поймать большой

Поцелуй мой бас,
Давай все пойдем на рыбалку,
———————————— D
Сегодня я не буду работать.

Если бы он увидел меня здесь
Думаю, я бы не стоял так высоко
Он возьмет мой большой оле бас
И он повесил его на стене.
Но мне все равно, я пойду на рыбалку
Где вода прохладная и глубокая
Если он увидит меня на реке,
Я буду ловить рыбу.

Хор –

Хорошо солнце нагревается
Думаю, я буду ловить рыбу в тени,
Там никого нет в моей медовой дыре
Похоже, что я сделал это.
Теперь я поймал большой,
Так что забудьте, что песочные часы,
Если вы подождете минуту,
То мы оба можем поцеловать мой бас.


————————————————– A

———————————– D

——————————— A

—————————————— D


———————————– A

———————————— D


コーラス –



Bass Fishing – 3 Extremely Effective Hot Weather Bass Baits

As the summer begins to heat up in many areas, so does bass fishing. Many bass fishermen agree that there is no better time of the year to catch bass than the summertime and in this article I will outline 3 extremely effective bass baits to use during the hot summer months. When the weather gets hot the bass baits that are employed should be adjusted to match what the bass are doing, and bass tend to react differently as the weather (and subsequently the water temperatures) heat up.

Bass fishing tends to become a bit more difficult during extremely hot weather, mostly because during extremely hot weather water temperatures can become all but unbearable to bass. As the bass look to cool off, which means that late evening and especially early mornings tend to be the most productive times of the day to fish, bass tend to migrate to deeper water because deeper water means cooler water. This means that during the hottest parts of the day, look for bass to be in deeper water than during the early mornings or late evenings when bass can be found feeding in the shallows.

In any case, the following 3 bass baits should definitely be a part of any serious bass fisherman’s bass fishing arsenal, there’s no doubt about it.

  • Top Water Baits – Top water baits such as Zara Spook’s or Pop-R’s are both excellent choices when bass fishing during hot weather, as long as they are used during the early morning or late evenings when the water is completely flat. These baits should be fished around shoreline cover, as bass migrate here during the night when water temperatures cool off. The key to working these bass baits during hot weather is to work them very slowly.
  • Lipless Swim Baits – Anytime that you are bass fishing during the heat of the day lipless swim baits such as the KickTail Minnow or traditional lipless baits such as the Rat-L-Trap can be difficult to beat. Count these bass baits down to the depth that bass seem to be holding at and you are good to go. You can accomplish this task by varying the speed of your retrieve. The faster you reel your lipless swim bait in the shallower it will run and vice versa.
  • Floating Worms – Four to six inch floating worms in a variety of colors are a great bait when you speak of hot weather bass fishing. Both Texas and Carolina rigged floating worms work very well during the hot summer months and need to be a part of your tackle bag/box. As the day progresses start to look for active bass in deeper water and fish your floating worm Texas style for the best results. Earlier in the day when bass are shallower, rig your floating worm Carolina style.

The bottom line is that all of these baits are extremely effective during the hot weather months of July, August, and even early September. Have these bass baits available during these times and you will experience much more bass fishing success.

Source by Trevor Kugler

Best places to find big bass

Professional fisherman Tom Redington describes the best places to find active bass. Not all will have active fish all the time, but try a variety of these places and you’ll hook up sooner and more consistently than by just randomly wandering about.

For more great tips, visit

After making millions of casts in a lifetime, fishing pros like Tom Redington get pretty precise with their casts. While working on an article and videos for Boys’ Life last fall, the film crew set up some casting challenges for Tom, and he had a lot of fun with it.

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Bass Fishing Lures – What Works Best?

The word "lure" means to entice, tempt or attract. It is easy to understand why this term applies to an object dangling at the end of a fishing line into the depths of lake or river waters, since your very reason for being at the water is to do just that, lure the fish. The whole idea is to make the fish believe they want to eat the lure. So how exactly is that done done most effectively? Which bass fishing lures work best?

Bass are fish that possess six senses, so when choosing a lure, it is important to appeal to those senses. Bass are also very temperamental, and can be extremely discriminate in which lure will appeal from day to day. It is always a good idea to carry several types of lures with you to be prepared for the appetite of the bass on that particular day.

When it comes to lures, a large variety is available to choose from. Major types include crankbait, swimbait, topwater, worms, jerk baits and buzz bait. Each lure type has many sub-types, far too many to mention in just one article. The best advice would be to have a few favorites from each category. Generally speaking, there are a few criteria to consider when choosing bass fishing lures. The water being fished, the equipment being used and your own personal preferences will decide this question.

Crankbait and swimbait have the appearance of small baitfish in that it will wriggle through the water, then dive when retrieved. There are both shallow and deep diver varieties, and at least one of each should find their way into your tackle. The main difference between the two is the texture; crankbait are generally hard while swimbait are soft.

Topwater lures float or are "walked" across the surface of the water being fished, visibly enticing a bass to strike. These lures can be considered to be one of the more exciting lures to use, based on the dramatic out of water response by bass generally derived when used.

Worms are always a great standby lure that usually attract bass without fail. They are available in a variety of bright colors to attract bass in murky or heavily vegetated waters, but generally work best in clear waters when they have a natural appearance.

Jerk baits come in both hard and soft textures. They provide no action on their own; rather, they depend on the techniques and motives of the fisherman's handling of the rod and line.

Buzz bait is a surface lure, but differs from most in its appearance. A propeller blade churns the water during retrieve, offering even more visibility during night fishing or heavy vegetation in the water.

The general rule of thumb for bass fishing lures is to try each type in different situations until your own preference is determined. Again, keeping a few of each type of lure on hand during fishing expeditions will enable you to change techniques with the mood of the bass.

Source by Craig Petersen

Denny Brauer Structure Jig Bank Fishing

Jig Bank Fishing

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The Best Bait For Bass Fishing

The best bait for bass fishing is a good question. Especially around this time of the year. Oh yes! It’s that time of the year again, the birds are chirping, the weather is warm, and the bass are jumping. I love the spring!

Spring is the time of the year when bass are spawning, making it much easier to find them. They can be found in the shallow areas of a lake or pond. Any structure in the shallow parts is also a plus. For example around docks and fallen trees.

Now that the hardest part of catching big bass is taken care of, finding the location of them that is. But another tricky part, which is where most 90% of Anglers fail to do correctly is catch them. They can see them, but they just can’t catch them.

So how exactly do you catch bass? With bait of course…but which baits to use is another question.

The Best Baits for Bass Fishing are:

-Live Bait – Because lets face it, they can’t fool bass

1) Worms – Without a question, worms are the most popular bait to use, when fishing for bass. There is a reason for it too, Bass LOVE them and they sure are hard to resist when you are a bass in the water. Great to use because they are easily stored and use them anywhere.

2) Minnows – Another popular live bait for bass fishing. Bass love them too, but they take more effort to keep. Unlike worms, minnows must be contained in a container with and air tank. If you have a boat, then minnows are excellent choice of bait, but if you fin yourself on foot, they are not the best option.

– Artificial Lures – Bass are not that smart, but presentation is key!

1) Plastic worms – Absolutely love to use them, using them with a drop shot technique is very effective. Many choices in colors and types.

2) Spinner Baits – A great lure and a very adjustable one at that for bass fishing. Easily changeable blades and skirts. Make the perfect spinner bait for the water your fishing. They are a great trolling bait, which is an excellent way to cover the most area of water for bass.

3) Crank BaitsAction looks good to a hungry bass. Another plus is that there are a variety of different lip sizes. The lip size is what causes the crank to go deep or shallow. The large the lip, the deeper the crank bait goes. The speed is another factor that determines life like presentation and depth.

Source by Bryan Hubert

Minecraft | SHARKS INVADE BIKINI BOTTOM – (Spongebob Secure Base Challenge)

This Minecraft challenge has us under the ocean in Bikini Bottom! Each player must secure spongebobs house with the most secure base defense items in all of minecraft! They must defend their bases from the attack of the zombie Planktons!
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White Bass Fishing Fox river Oshkosh

White bass fishing has always been one of my favorite fishing here in Wisconsin. You run into endless school of them and it is just awesome. All year I fish competitively and I could not wait to come out and have some fun. Watch and enjoy as I introduce to you guys the new Rapala Rip Stop in this video.

Location: Oshkosh Wisconsin Fox River

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Thank you!!!!

Gear Used:
Shimano Stradic CI4 FA
Shimano Zodias 6’10 spinning rod MF
10lb power bro Braid Red
10 lb fluorocarbon Leader
1/8 ounce jig head
Megabass Spark Shad
Keitech Easy Shiner 3 inch
Gopro Hero 3