Tips For Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing that there is out there. It is fast, exciting and exhilarating. If you have ever taken your young ones Bass fishing you will know exactly what I am talking about.

If you want to be able to catch those big lunkers and provide that excitment and fun for the family, then maybe this post will be able to help out. Here are some tips that will help you become a better Bass Fisherman.

The first tip that I can give you is lure selection. Bass usually feed upon mostly anything and everything so the type of lure you choose to use should not matter too much. If you need some suggestions or guidance, I'd recommend ether trying out Worms, Jigs, Spinnerbaits or some Crank Bait.

The second thing that I am going to tell you is about the location of these types of fish. Bass love cooler waters. In the mid summer when it is very hot out, Bass will usually search for deeper water, or a sheltered place so that they can stay cool.

If you are fishing at this time of year, look for areas with lots of rockets that offer protection and deeper waters. This is where most of the bass hang out on those really hot summer days.

In addition to deeper waters, you can also try an area with lots of plants or weeds. This is a favorite among many fish because of the fact that there is many bugs and lots to feed upon here. This means that if there is fish there there they are more then reasonably looking for something to eat. Drop your line down there and you will most likely get a bite in no time.

Just when fishing in these areas, beware of logs and snags. This is the only problem. that seems to happen in this tight areas with lots of weeds and other junk.

So hopefully now you will have a bit of a better idea on how you can go about fishing for Bass.

Source by Rob Ganion

Catching post spawn bass at Pinto lake. Central Coast Bass fishing shows.

Central coast bass fishing shows, videos where we go out and catch bass and let you know how we do it. Went to Pinto expecting spawn conditions, found them post spawn. Available now CCB custom baits. Baits that work! To download all our shows as a quality divx visit, Also check out our forum and blog. go to and click the links at the bottom of our homepage. Enjoy.


Kayak Bass Fishing Do Big Baits=Big BASS?

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Striped Bass Fishing Tackle – Finding the Best Tackle For Your Fishing Adventures

Rods at the ready! Bass fishing is a much loved event for many a fishing enthusiast and it can be observed all around the world today. Thanks to certain changes and developments in the tackle industry there have been some great innovations in the manner in which you go Bass fishing. Let's face it: When you want to catch the best fish, you need some decent tackle at your disposal to do so.

Striped bass fishing tackle is also used during other fishing events, such as largemouth bass fishing. You'll notice that participants in these games will get hold of the most efficient striped bass fishing tackle, which can enhance the pleasure factor and success ratio on these events. With the best equipment by their side, the participants are sure to have a better chance of hooking a much better quality of catch.

Purchasing Striped Bass Fishing Tackle Online

It's very convenient to choose striped bass fishing tackle online, even though the choice of tackle available can be rather daunting. Thanks to the nature of the internet, there's often so much information on any given subject that the important details can get lost in the mire. While buying in physical stores can reduce the levels of extra information, it can also limit you in terms of choice.

After the fact that you'll find more than you need to know about the tackle you're after, online you'll have a much better chance of finding the Bass Fishing tackle that best suits your needs for your favorite hobby. You can further cut through the chaff by taking some tips from the professionals online.

Learn from the Professionals

You stand a much better chance of weeding out the best of the best in Bass fishing tackle by checking out the reviews and opinions of fishers with a good deal of experience in the field. The advice of someone who has been doing this for a while can help you a great deal in your search for the best tackle, so do not be shy. Look around at what professionals are using in terms of Striped Bass Fishing Tackle, and see what works best for you.

Source by Edgar Miles

The Top 3 Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing for smallmouth bass is an incredibly enjoyable activity and is something that should be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a “fisherman”. These hearty fish are widely known as being one of the hardest fighting fish that can be found in freshwater and can be fished for with a variety of methods and techniques. Smallmouth are also found in a variety of different types of water from muddy lakes to crystal clear rivers and streams, so no matter where you live, you can more than likely find a place to go out and attempt to catch some “bronze backs”.

The first tip is the easiest one to outline, but might very well be the most effective of all the tips being listed, and has to do with the moon rise and set. This phenomenon, which doesn’t necessarily correlate with the sun rise and set, has as much to do with smallmouth bass biting as any single factor. You see, fish tend to be much more active during the hour or so window of time that brackets the moon rising or setting, than at any other time of the day. And as you can probably imagine, the more active the smallmouth are the more apt they are to bite whatever it is that you are offering them.

The second tip is to focus your efforts on area’s that contain large broken rock whenever you can. Smallmouth bass love to search for food in area’s that contain broken rocks. This is because that large broken rocks have many places for them to hide and ambush their prey as well as being a favorite place for a smallmouths’ favorite food to hide and live, the crayfish.

The final tip that I have is to utilize artificial flies whenever you can. Crayfish and bait fish imitation artificial flies are incredibly effective when used as bait for smallmouth bass, and are a bait that most smallmouth anglers neglect to use. The reason most fishermen don’t utilize artificial flies as bait for smallmouth bass is because they aren’t “fly fishermen”, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Spin fishermen can utilize this incredibly effective type of bait by using something called a casting bubble. With a casting bubble, artificial flies can be used as bait while using traditional spin fishing gear.

The bottom line is that the previously outlined tips will help anyone catch more smallmouth bass, so add one or all of them to your fishing repertoire sooner rather than later.

Source by Trevor Kugler

MadBite Digital Fish Scale for Weighing Your Big Bass

MadBite, one of the Eposeidon family of brands (along with KastKing) offers fishing scales such as the digital fish scale in this video, fishing tools, and fishing accessories for bass fishing and every other kind of fishing.

MadBite Fish Scale Various Multi-Purpose Digital Fish Scales and Mechanical Hanging Fishing Scale With or Without Tape Measure for your next bass fishing weigh in.

Key Features (Digital Scale):

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– Weigh fish, luggage, postage, or use for shopping or hunting

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Key Features (Electronic Scale with Thermometer):

– Weight: 3.6oz/ 103g, 2 AAA batteries (not included) used

– ¾ ounce – 110LB (20g – 50 KG) capacity

– Measures in OZ, KG, LB, JIN, accurate to within 5 grams

– Large easy to read digital scale readout

– A digital thermometer that measures temperature in Fahrenheit

– A high efficiency magnet mounted on the back that holds the hanging

– Weigh fish, luggage, postage, or use for shopping or hunting

MadBite Hanging Hook Fish Scale. MadBite is Madly Different!

See HUGE BASS here

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Winter Smallmouth Bass Fishing [Lake Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho]

It’s about time for a winter bass fishing video here on my channel. Here are links to all products used in the video. Give me a thumbs up if you’ve caught a winter bass!

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Florida Girl SHARK Fishing GoPro Video

Florida fishing bikini girl Darcizzle goes for SHARK, jacks, and peacock BASS in this Florida, Palm Beach, fishing video. Check out all the action, including a “how to” on what techniques and tactics were used to catch the shark.

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Random Lake CHALLENGE!? || CATCHING Bass On A Different Body Of Water!

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Zona’s AWESOME Dock Fishing Secret Tips

Bass angler and Bassmaster commentator Mark Zona (from Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show) joins The Bass University to share some awesome dock fishing secret tips. You want to learn to catch the biggest bass in your lake? Learn which docks to fish and what baits to use when fishing them. Learn secrets for techniques like skipping jigs, rigging secret tips for your swimbaits and other awesome tactics for luring big bass from under docks.

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Catching bass at Lick Creek (Dover, Tennessee) on crank baits

11 August 2016 I decided to do some evening fishing. Tried to fish some weeds to start with no luck. Figured I would move to Lick creek and try to fishing the boat ramp and docks. Wasn’t having any luck with my larger lures so I switched over to one of my favorite lures. It’s pretty small but it gets the job done. I tend to catch a lot of smaller bass and other species of fish when I use the Strike King 1.0 Square Bill Crank bait but that’s ok. Sometimes you can’t worry about the size of the bass or even if you are catching bass.
Lures Used:
Strike King KVD 1.0 Square Bill Crankbait in Chrome Sexy Shad
Rod used
St. Croix AVID 6’6″ Medium Power Fast Action (AVS66MF)
Reel used
Okuma Stratus CS-35
Line used
YO-ZURI Hybrid 6LB/Green (Great Line btw)

Go pro hero 3 silver Edition


Pond Smallmouth Bass Fishing

WATCH IN HD! Pond Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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Link to last smallmouth video here –

Found a pond in a few videos ago that had smallmouth bass in it. I was eager to go back and try my fishing luck again at catching some pond small jaws.

The first two fish of the day that I landed were caught on a 1/4 red eye shad lipless crankbait. After that I threw a jerkbait and caught the biggest fish of the night. Overall had a fun night fishing urban local ponds for bass in December.

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Silverwood Lake Largemouth Bass Fishing in Southern California

One of the more popular types of bass fishing enjoyed by anglers is that of largemouth bass fishing. Although it can be fished all year round, the best crops are made during spring, when the largemouth bass is at its largest. Indeed, at certain areas such as Silverwood Lake in Southern California, this is the average size for catches.

Due to this, if you are fishing largemouth bass at Silverwood Lake using a powerboat, it is a good idea to keep the motor running at a very low level, if running it at all. Also, by keeping the rig at a distance while casting your line, you will be able to cast amongst a far better shoal of largemouth than if you were directly above them.

Some of the best bait to use is prop bait, surface lures and crank bait, especially on calmer waters. If you are fishing for males, the crank bait and the prop bait is the better option, while for females, it would be better to use night crawlers, live bait or slip sinker rigs.

During summer, the largemouth bass tend to swim in deeper water. At this time, if you want the best catch, the month of August is the most productive. This is due to August being that end of summer, beginning of Fall period, when they really come out in force.

With the evenings starting to get darker and the waters slowly shifting to less calm demeanor, it proves an ideal time for fishing the migrating bass. By combining this with larger bait, it should provide you with a better selection of fish as well.

For these late summer trips fishing, a slight change in bait and lures will also help yield a larger catch. By using specific lures such as red tail chubs, floating rapala and the Peo series lures, attracting them that little little easier. Since the bronze back variety of the bass tends to swim around rockier pools and lakes, these are prime areas that you would do well to fish in first.

Fishing in Southern California is at its finest when you go to Silverwood Lake. It is conveniently located near San Bernardino and is the state? S highest water reservoir and is known for exemplary fishing. Silverwood Lake is surrounded by Silverwood Lake Recreation State Park through which runs the highly acclaimed Pacific Crest Trail.

Silverwood Lake provides boat rentals and picnic areas which are accessible only by boat. The boat rentals are extremely popular and generally booked solid during the summer so it is advised to make reservations for a rental boat in advance.

Source by Warren Peters

5 Tips For Early Spring Bass Fishing

In the spring bass are moving from deep water holding areas into the shallow shorelines, feeder streams, and creeks. They are looking for places to prepare for spawning, and are actively on the hunt for food. At this time of year the most plentiful food source available to the bass are worms. The worms have washed into the water by the spring rains, and the winter melt off.

Add all of these 5 tips to your bass fishing repertoire for use on your next spring bass fishing excursion.

1. Warm Water – bass spawn between 65 and 70 degrees, so bringing a temperature gauge. By measuring the temperature of the water, you can predict what type of bass you are likely to catch. Male bass move from the deep waters into the shallows when the water temperature is between 65 and 68 degrees. Female bass on the other hand, move into the falls when water temperature is around 69 to 70.

2. Target Shallow Water – at this time of year there are hungry bass cruising towards the shoreline. Spawning bass will also be available in these locations, and are vulnerable when they are on their spawning beds.

3. Bring a Compass – the water in the north or northwestern corner of any lake will usually be slightly warmer. This is due to the position of the sun in the sky at this time of year.

4. Spawning Beds – before you cast you line, survey the shoreline. Look for hard bottom areas in 3 to 6 feet deep water for bedding bass. You can spot a bass 'spawning bed by its' circular indentation that is about 2 to 4 feet in diameter.

5. Bait – you will find bass swimming in two distinct modes: spawning bass and cruising bass heading for the shallows.

  • Spawning Bass – use jigs, worms and suspended stickbaits
  • Cruising Bass – use spinnerbaits or crankbaits

Source by Gordon Casada

If You Are Fishing Lake Okeechobee, You Need To See This NOW!

“It’s A Guide’s Life” Captain Dave is a full time trophy-bass guide and captain working his company, Hooksetters Adventures, exclusively out of Roland Martin Marina in Clewiston Florida…Come and take a look inside the life of a trophy bass guide, while he navigates the waters of Lake Okeechobee, and the Life of A Guide…

Facebook Page: Hooksetter Adventures
Instagram: itsaguideslife
Twitter: Dave Schneider @HooksetterAdven


How to pick the right color plastic worm when bass fishing – Exclusive fishing tip with Scott Martin

– Exclusive fishing tip on how to simplify your color choices when fishing with a plastic worm. When bass fishing in muddy water or clear water you need to fish with different colors of worms for the best results. Keep it simple and catch more bass. For more videos please join our team by subscribing to our channel…thanks for watching. Please “like” and post “comments” on this video…We will be answering them…Thanks again for watching!