Bass Fishing: How to walk a Frog

Matt Allen of explains how to catch more bass by walking a frog instead of popping or hopping it.

Many bass fisherman simply pull a hollow body frog across slop or pads. This method of frog fishing can be effective but if you want to get explosive topwater bites, those vicious slow motion topwater strikes that will replay in your mind over and over again, you need to learn to walk a frog in open water.

This is a “how to bass fishing video” but if you stick around to the end you’re going to see some awesome topwater catches on the California Delta and Clear Lake with the frog.
Matt and Tim have both seen amazing results open water frogging and hope that you’ll put these tips and tricks to work for you so you can experience some of the best bass fishing on earth!

Products Shown in this bass fishing video…

Frog: Bully Wa 2-

Matt’s Froggin Setup…
Dobyns 736 Frog Rod:
Shimano Curado 200:
Power Pro 65 lb Braid:

Tim’s Froggin Setup…
Dobyns 736 Frog Rod:
Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Reel:
Sufix 832 Braided Line 65 lb:

Camera Used: Hero4 Black-

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GIANT Smallmouth on Big Bay De Noc – Larry Smith Outdoors TV

This week we take a fall bass fishing trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for giant smallmouth bass in Big Bay De Noc on Lake Michigan with Captain Lonney Goman of Trophy Ice Fish. Drifting sucker rigs along deep breaks produces scores of trophy smallmouth bass in an environment that offers solitude, tremendous scenery, and fish of a lifetime; especially if you’re lucky enough to have Larry Smith stop by to assist you while you’re broke down on the side of the highway……. Enjoy another informative and entertaining episode!

We film and air new episodes in the same week, 52 weeks per year! Our team of professional anglers and fishing guides will help you learn fishing tips, fishing techniques, ice fishing secrets, when & where to fish, best lures & live bait rigging.
Watch for us on Fox Sports North and Spectrum Sports.

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Bass Fishing Tips From Around The Country!

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This giveaway contest is over. Check out the comments to see what all the people commented as their favorite techniques to catch bass across the country! The contest is over but feel free to add your own to help people learn more about bass fishing!
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Hey Folks! It took me forever to finally get around to making this video but it’s finally here! To show my appreciation for all of you, I am giving away an assortment of jigs, plastics, and hard baits!

Basic Rules:
1.) Subscribe or be an existing subscriber (1 entry)
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4.) You can share it on multiple pages (such as fishing groups, etc) and gain an additional entry per share.

Now here is where I put a twist on it. I want this video to be something that anglers across the country can reference for information on how to fish for bass in different parts of the country. I want you to list your location (Must include state, city/ area is optional) and then talk about your favorite techniques for catching bass throughout the seasons. For example, burning lipless crankbaits over grass in the fall, flipping heavy cover in the summer with beaver style baits, slowly crawling jigs around cover during pre spawn, etc. The more information you include the more educational it will be for those that want to learn. You can gain 1 entry per technique you share. However, there must be details on the technique and how you fish it. You cannot just simply list off every type of bait there is out there. I will be mindful of this as I read through the comments. If this goes as planned, this video will contain basics tips and techniques for catching bass year round in all parts of the country which can also be applied to bodies of water across the globe.

I’m sorry but for this particular giveaway, I will be limiting this to U.S. Residents only. I am planning to post this video by Friday the 11th and will let it run until the day after Christmas so stay tuned folks!


Michigan River Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Fishing the Grand River in Michigan for Smallmouth bass. Although we through some jerk baits and spooks around, weightless texas rigged senkos were the big producers of the trip.

Gear used:
-Abu Garcia Orra Winch on a Guide Series Classic 7′ medium action rod and 12lb fluorocarbon.
-4 inch Gary Yamamoto senko in green pumpkin.


Lake Mead Bass Fishing

My biggest fish ever, 3 times bigger than my previous best!!! Can you see the pure joy in my face? I and I was all out of breath, huffing and puffing, I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear! I cau


Largemouth Bass from Lake Chabot !!!

Me and my buddies first time out at Lake Chabot. We unwisely rented a small trashcan with a trolling motor that goes slower than a paddle boat. Otherwise FUN! and not bad, 8 bass, one 2.5 lber between 4 noobs!


Rod: Fast Action 7′ Ugly Stick

Reel: Daiwa Revros 3500

Line: 30lb braid (J-Braid brand)

Rig: 5″ pumpkin Gary Yamamoto Senko – Texas rig on a offset J-hook

Go Pro Hero5 Black

GoPro Tripod:

Old Bossa by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


I was NOT expecting this!!! –Hunting GIANT Ozark Bass

After my first spot yielded some SOLID Ozark bass, I was NOT expecting what would happen next! Whether the fishing is tough or fire…I just freakin love the Ozarks.

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I STILL Can’t Believe It || We Caught MONSTERS || Jon Boat Bass Fishing Tournament #2

For the 20th time, it was such a sick day of fishing. We caught so many quality fish it was absurd. The bite was on fire, the fish were big, and every team out there caught em. Can’t wait for the next one!! What is YOUR biggest bag of fish? Let me know in the comments below!



BASS MAN JIGS…[my favorite flipping jigs]

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Upstate NY Bass Fishing Compilation 2017

Upstate NY Bass Fishing 2017
Bass fishing with James Juron throughout the Upstate NY Region, the Adirondacks and the surrounding areas.

Lake Champlain, Paradox lake, Round Lake, Saratoga Lake and many more…

6lb Largemouth. 5lb Largemouth. Smallmouth.

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My name is Ricky and bass fishing is my passion. Join me as I travel around the great state of Florida in pursuit of giant largemouth bass. I also enjoy being in the outdoors as much as possible so don’t be surprised when a random fishing or hunting trip video pops up on this channel. Florida offers vast hunting and fishing opportunities and I intend to take full advantage of everything my home state has to offer. I am just a guy who enjoys his life every single day, whether I am out on the boat fishing or in the woods hunting with friends I bring the camera a long so I can hopefully add some entertainment for my Youtube subscribers enjoyment. I Vlog, I fish, I hunt.. this is my life and I hope you enjoy watching my videos.

Please watch: “Fishing for BIG BASS in THICK grass with SPINNERBAITS (vlog)”



Deadly SLEEPER Megabass Jerkbaits and When They Shine

The enthusiast bass world has come to regard the Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jerkbait ( as a category-leading tournament bait, but Edwin Evers gives us an informative look at two other lesser known, but often equally effective jerkbaits that excel when conditions are right.

The Megabass X-80 Trick Darter ( and Ito Shiner ( are taller than the Vision 110 and have an excellent shad profile from the side. The most immediate observation of the X-80 is its wider lateral movement with little effort. Edwin reaches for it in warm water smallmouth situations when an extremely erratic action coupled with a deeper running depth triggers vicious strikes. He also uses it to target largemouth along grass edges and deeper flats, especially when bass are feeding on smaller baitfish.

The Ito Shiner is the X-80’s bigger cousin – it has the same taller profile but in a bigger overall package with more lateral movement than the Vision 110. Its big body is paired with three stout hooks making it an excellent option when you’re targeting big bass or when larger baitfish are on the menu. Edwin relies on it during the warm water period for aggressively feeding smallmouth, but it’s also a staple for largemouth in cold muddy water due to its bigger presence and water displacement.

-Megabass X-80 TD Trick Darter Jerkbait:
-Megabass Ito Shiner Jerkbait:

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