How to Fish a Buzzbait – Susquehanna River Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Blaine Mengel, fishing guide and host of Backwoods Angler TV, and Chris Gorsuch fish for smallmouth bass on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, and give tips and techniques on buzzbait fishing for smallies.
Buzzbait fishing early morning is a classic pattern, and Blaine explains how to fish a buzzbait so you’ll catch more fish.

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Fishing for Bass with Finesse Texas Rig Plastic Worms

Today I am bass fishing with finesse texas rig plastic worms. Using a 1/0 worm hook, a 1/16th oz weight, and a 4 inch plastic worm, I am finally able to catch a couple of bass. The weather is still warm here in Middle Tennessee and bass fishing from the bank is tough. Soon I will change to a jerkbait, or a crankbait, to imitate shad but for now I will stick to small soft plastics. When the bass are deep and it seems like there are no fish around, you could try fishing a finesse texas rig with a small plastic worm.

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Randy Yancey Catches Big Bass at USA BASSIN regional tourney at Lake of the Ozarks

Bass Fishing Videos Catching Largemouth Bass Nations’ Randy Yancey! Bass Fishing the Lakes of Southwest Missouri!
USA BASSIN Regional Final at Lake of the Ozark.
Tough bite, hot weather, high skies and only one keeper!
But It was a hawg.!! Watch as I film with my new chest cam. Never give up was the only reason I was able to catch this near 6 lb Largemouth out of a tree. Boated the bass as my net floats away!


Big Swimbait Smallmouth | Megabass Magdraft 6″

It was Friday evening at the boat ramp when I met Nicholas Chen, by Saturday- we were slamming Big Swimbait Smallmouth Bass on the river. Sometimes you just have to network and share your tactics.

Cast it out. Wind it back.

That’s the short answer to how to fish a soft-plastic swimbait for early-season smallmouths, and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, that might turn out to be all you need to know. More often than not, though, you’ll want to know more about stuff like times, places and swimming paces and about the huge variety of swimbaits on the market.

One thing you can know is that swimbaits are outstanding smallmouth lures, and at times they will out-produce anything else you could tie on our line. Therefore, if you’ve not yet delved into the swimbait world, it would be worthwhile to invest some time playing with different baits and rigging options.


The Megabass MAGDRAFT features a soft plastic body designed for a thumping tail action that travels through the body, giving the head a subtle side-to-side shimmy that sends vibrations all the way to the angler’s hands. MAGDRAFT is also equipped with the patented MAG-HOLD SYSTEM, which secures the treble hook alongside the belly via an internal magnet. hiding the unnatural profile of the underbelly treble hook from wary predators.

Megabass MAGDRAFT also features two side fins designed to prevent unnatural rolling action, and act as miniature weed-guards to protect the treble hook in its magnetized position. This guides the realistic swimming action of MAGDRAFT, and allows for productive retrieves in key grass areas. Furthermore, with a robust wire-through construction firmly joining line eye to hook, the increased hook-up ratio of MAGDRAFT will also translate into a higher landing percentage.

The MAGHOLD System (PAT.P) is designed to minimize the visual presence of large hooks through the magnetic force of built-in Neodymium Magnets, keeping them aligned against the body for a more natural profile, smoother action, and surer hooksets.
In the quest for ever-larger bites, many swimbait anglers attempt custom modifications to maximize the realism of both profile and action. For this reason, Megabass designed the MAGHOLD system, which delivers the higher hooking-percentage of trebles without resorting to burying the hook, all while hiding the unnatural shape of hooks from view.

Video Done by Westin Yancey


Logic – (Bounce) Big Bass Dreams Music Video #FishingWillNeverBeTheSame

Fishing is DOPE (awesome, epic, fantastic, etc). Just having fun with a little edit of some of our adventures across the country in search of Big Bass Dreams!

The journey for us started in the streets of La Puente, California. A little hood, a little grimy but like the tough fisheries surrounding it (like Puddingstone) it molded us into who we are today. Never did we think we would EVER fish and explore any of the places outside of the Los Angeles area. Just goes to show anything is possible if you #AimHighDREAMBig AND put in the WORK to make things happen. Wishing everybody out there, “…Peace, Love and Positivity” – Logic

We never forget how we started, where we came from, or the countless amazing people who have made up such fond memories for our team. Thank you guys and we hope you enjoy the video!

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Music by – Logic (Bounce) Check out his music – lyrical flow and delivery, intelligence and positivity! Holding hip hop accountable like we should all be doing in the fishing realm! #BigBassDreams