Spinnerbait Fishing Tips | Pond Bass Fishing with Finatic!

Spinnerbaits have been catching bass for anglers all across the country for decades and they will continue to do so. The ideal conditions to throw a spinnerbait are muddier water with wind blowing into it. Whether you are fishing seawalls, rip rap, a laydown, or shallow grass, if the wind is blowing into it, a spinnerbait is tough to beat. When bass have baitfish cornered on one of these areas or any isolated cover, and the wind is moving them to the point, cast your spinnerbait there!

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Teaser Season 10 Ontario Small Mouth Bass and Florida Spearfishing 165T

This week on Outdoor Bound TV, we travel to Atikokan, Ontario with Prostaffer John Herrmann, where he, his father Bill and brother Rick have found hundreds of smallmouth bass on spawn beds. Then it’s off to the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida with a couple of college students who have figured out a method to fund their love of fishing and diving in a relatively unique way.


Bowfishing the River | 2019

Connor and Kale TEAR IT UP at a local River in OK On a 95 degree day. When the river is good and low you can slay the fish. This day the boys ended up with about 25 fish. A bunch of common carp, Buffalo and some spotted gar/needlenose. Bowfishing is only for pest fish that ruin game fish beds such as crappie, bass, sunfish, perch and many other species that we all love to fish. If you want to hate us please understand why we do what we do. It helps the growth of the good species in Oklahoma water we are not demented killers unless you make us out to be. Get out when its hot ladies and gentlemen no boat needed. Stick um all and pass it on!


Using Technology To Catch BIG Bass! | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to use technology, like Google Earth, 2-D and 3-D bird’s eye views from Bing Maps, and all those types of new technologies on your computer to help you catch big bass!

Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from BassResource.com! They’re loaded with fishing tips and tricks, plus useful information designed to help you catch more fish the next time you go fishing.

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Massive Megalodon! – Feed and Grow Fish Gameplay – Feed and Grow Update

Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish! Feed and Grow Fish is a fish eating simulator where you eat smaller fish to grow larger and larger. ► Join Blitz on Discord: ► Watch the Let’s Play Feed and Grow Fish:

– – – – –

Feed & Grow: Fish Gameplay Overview:

Eat or be eaten. Feed and Grow Fish is an animal survival game where fish eat, grow, and climb the food chain while avoiding being eaten.

In this video, we become a giant Megalodon Shark and swim around as king of the ocean. Being at the top of the food chain still has it’s challenges though, OTHER GREAT WHITE SHARKS!!

Today we play with the killer whale and use it to do killer whale attack! Eat the sperm whale! Killer whales are also called Orcas and they attack in orca pods.

– – – – –

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Feed and Grow Fish on Steam:

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Open Mike Eagle & Paul White – A Short About A Guy That Dies Every Night


Open Mike Eagle might not have all the answers, but few artists in hip-hop, music, or American life are asking smarter questions. In a landscape governed by ceaseless babble, flashing lights, and hollow lies, Eagle harmonizes into the void so we don’t have to.

On this descent into the digital trenches, Eagle teams up with British producer, Paul White for Hella Personal Film Festival. Released on Mello Music Group, the full collaboration finds White behind the SP-1200s, conjuring a psychedelic strain of soul-funk, booming drums, and 21st century crate-digging in tropical attics of the imagination. On the microphone, the Chicago-bred, LA-based, Eagle artfully breaks down the banalities and perils of the modern condition.

Recorded in London, Eagle’s new album continues where his 2014 masterpiece, Dark Comedy left off. It’s anxiety-riddled but whimsical, addicted to and scornful of social media, stuffed with old wrestling in-jokes and film snippets. Self-aware admissions blend into attacks on societal double standards.

Known for alchemical solo work and collaborations with Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and Mos Def, this is White’s first proper union with Eagle. The two artists bonded over the notion of diversity. The process started out with rough demos, which White ended up finishing in post-production—playing guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, percussion and pieces of wood found in a forest. Its genius ultimately comes from the pair mining a deep vein of emotional content—a discussion of the things we feel that you don’t say. A movie that hits so accurately it’s almost uncomfortable.

These are tense anthems for the vulnerable, consecrations to black people with rich internal lives, agnostic prayers for those grappling with pain. They’re emotional landmines leavened by the wry bleakness usually only found in great stand-up comedians. Eagle exists in the lineage of They Might Be Giants and Richard Pryor, Freestyle Fellowship and his longtime friend and collaborator, Hannibal Burress.

Within the first act, the plot becomes clear. See “Admitting the Endorphin,” where Eagle raps, “I chase my poison tail and get so high that voices fail.” These are the movies he’d make it he knew how to make movies. Surreal vignettes about waking up with burrito hangovers in hotels you don’t recognize, wondering if you remembered to charge your phone. Aesop Rock and Hemlock Ernst (Sam Herring of Future Islands) pop up as fellow travelers.

No one is better than Eagle at capturing the nauseous disorientation of day-to-day life. The deluge of sports highlights, unread texts and Twitter notifications. The compulsive need to check your phone at red lights and pauses in conversation. But his incisiveness extends far beyond observational humor. “Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)” examines the slights and casual bigotry of daily interaction. “A Short About a Guy That Dies Every Night” is a morbid rumination on death.

These are the returns after long dark nights of the soul. When the noises are loud, the lights are off, and the armor is pierced. Short films that loop over and over again, as soon as you close your eyes.

Released March 25, 2016

Open Mike Eagle US & Euro Tour Dates:
04-05 Los Angeles, CA – Amoeba Records In-Store Performance
04-07 San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside *^
04-13 New York, NY – Baby’s All Right #&
04-14 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie @
04-20 Los Angeles, CA – Getting Doug with High
04-22 Denver, CO – Lost Lake
04-23 Norman, OK – Norman Music Festival w/ Cloud Nothings
04-24 Los Angeles, CA – New Negroes Show (UCB Theatre)
05-11 Seattle, WA – Barboza
05-12 Bellingham, WA – The Shakedown
05-13 Portland, OR – Bunk Bar
05-14 Hood River, OR – Underground Music Station
05-22 Leeds, England – Hi-Fi Club
05-23 London, England – Birthdays
05-24 Cardiff, Wales – The Moon Club
05-25 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Poppodium Q-Factory
05-26 Wiesbaden, Germany – Schlachthof
05-27 Zurich, Switzerland – Rote Fabrik
05-28 Linz, Austria – Stadtwerkstatt
05-31 Durham, England – The Empty Shop
08-05-06 Happy Valley, OR – Pickathon

* with Count Bass D
^ with Dibia$e
# with Lushlife
& with Uncommon Nasa
@ with Has-Lo


40 Best Modern Outdoor Shower Design Ideas 2018

40 Best Modern Outdoor Shower Design Ideas 2018
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Pura Vida 3 Roosterfish in 1 Day Fishing in Costa Rica – Part 5

Welcome to the 4th installment of videos featuring our first ever trip to fish with our friend Aaron aka @PeninsulaFishing raised in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We set out in search of the coveted Roosterfish and various other gamefish along the Costa Rican Pacific coast with Captain Iti of @SpikeSportfishing.

This time we make live bait in the form of lookdown fish aka moonfish and slow troll in search of Oliver’s first ever Rooster Fish. With the first onboard and off the species checklist, we continue slow trolling live bait and hookup to a much bigger Roosterfish! More from this day on the next episode so make sure to subscribe!

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Video has become one of the most valuable learning tools in fishing, as important to learn from as watching “tape” is in any sport. The only thing that beats it is actually LIVING it.

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