Is the SYDNEY FISH MARKET WORTH A VISIT? – Food Tour + Must Do's & Don'ts | Australia 2019

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The Sydney Fish Market is one of the world’s largest seafood market in terms of variety. Here, you can either buy seafood to go, or grab some sashimi or good old fish and chips, and enjoy it on the wharf overlooking the water….which in theory sounds perfect.

Address: Sydney Fish Market, Corner Pyrmont Bridge Rd &, Bank St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Open Daily from 7AM – 4PM (except Christmas)

Getting there: Take a light rail from Central Station, and get off at the ‘Fish Market” Light Rail Stop.

My younger brother, sister and I ate a lot of food during our time at the Sydney Fish Market. Our stomach ended up a lot fuller, and our wallets ended up a lot emptier, but overall – was it worth it?

Before i get into that, let me tell you what we all ended up eating:

1. Sashimi (400g)
TOTAL: AUD $40.8; USD $28.20

(i) Tuna Sashimi (150g)
AUD $15; USD $10.40

(ii) Japanese Scallop Sashimi (3 pieces)
AUD $10.50; USD $7.25

(iii) Kingfish Sashimi (130g)
AUD $8.45; USD $5.85

(vi) Salmon Sashimi (120g)
AUD $6.85; USD $4.75

2. Sea Urchin (2 of them) (sponsored by the sis)
AUD $25.08; USD $17.95

3. Seafood Barramundi Platter
with Barramundi, salt & pepper octopus, fried calamari ring, white bait, chips & salad
AUD $48.50; USD $33.50

4. Scampi Sashimi (5 pieces) (sponsored by the sis)
AUD $43.30; USD $33.50

5. Oysters (1 dozen) (sponsored by the bro)
AUD $23.99; USD $16.57

6. Sushi Doughnut (sponsored by the bro)
AUD $8; USD $5.55

Total Spent: $189.67 AUD (oh. my. gosh.)

So do i think the fish market is worth it?
Is it really one of the places you must visit when you come to Sydney, Australia?
Is it REALLY one of the places you must eat at when you are here?!

Look i think the seafood is good; but as you can tell in my video – if you’re not a fan of birds, you will not enjoy eating outdoors.

Best bet is to snag a seat inside the market, or better yet, buy it and eat it IN THE COMFORTS OF YOUR OWN HOME.

i do enjoy the fish market i just absolutely DO NOT ENJOY eating there.

I hope you liked the video though. i did laugh at myself a few things when i was editing…
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Is the SYDNEY FISH MARKET WORTH A VISIT? – Food Tour + Must Do’s & Don’ts & Sydney Fish Market Tips | Australia 2019


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How To Start Fishing Any Lake for Beginners- Tips and Techniques

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Fishing BIG JIGS for BIG BASS!! (Jig Fishing)

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