4 Different Kinds Of Baits You Can Use When Doing Bass Fishing

Are you a bass fishing enthusiast? If so, then you will know that there are a lot of different techniques that you can use to catch a lot of fish. And one of these technique is the use of the proper bait. With a good bait, you can really cause a lot of ruckus and catch a lot of fish if you know what you are doing.

When going bass fishing, there are a ton of baits that you can use to make it easier for you to catch fish. It is the intent of this article to share with you these baits and how you can use them to catch more fish. Here's the first bait that we will take a look at for you to catch the kind of fish that you desire.

1) Buzz baits

This is a top choice for a lot of bass fishers. These kind of baits act something like a spinner bait. These kind of bait entice the fish by creating a rippling effect on the water and it causes the fish to see what it is that is causing the rippling along the water. Baits like this will catch the fish dead in their tracks and will land you a good sized fish. Here's another bait that you can use to catch more bass.

2) Crank bait

Crank bait is made out of a different amount of materials. These are usually wood or plastic, and it includes a diving lip on the front of it. This diving lip causes the bait to emulate the movements of diving, wobbling and swimming of an ordinary target – which causes the bass to strike quickly and swiftly. The more bigger the diving lip, the deer it can go into the water, thereby increasing your chances of catching more fish. Here's another kind of bait that you can use.

3) Carolina rig

This kind of bait is excellent for catching bass. This is kind of a spin-off of the "Texas rig" bait, and is good for using with soft bait. This a bait that is good for beginners and with a lot of practice and can really be an effective means to catch more fish. Here's another kind of bait you can use.

4) Jig baits

This is preferred by a lot of bass fishers. This kind of bait can take the shape of plastic skirts and a lot of fishers combine with crawfish, plastic worm, or even a frog. With that being said, it's still an excellent way to catch more fish.

All of these baits can be used to catch more bass wherever you live.

Be sure to start using them today so that you can catch more fish.

Source by Adrian Hargray

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