45lbs for 5 fish on the 9 Inch Swimbait – Cast to Catch

Every single fish we catch is captured “Cast to Catch”, almost always with multiple angles. Here is some RAW footage for you to gain some insight on the sequences that comprise the content here at Big Bass Dreams.

We’re taking it back to the early days of footage. Rough, very RAW, but REAL. Battery, power, low resolution shooing, SD card struggles in the early days and learning the hard way with camera setups meant some epic moments were missed. Thankfully not all of them were, including 2 of the kickers from this 5 fish limit that made for Oliver’s 2nd 40+ pound bag. All fish were layed out on the wet carpet for a quick snap of them together and released. Excited to show you guys MORE of the special stuff we have stored in the vault.

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