A Bass Anglers Best Friend, His Dog

Launching the bass boat at 5:30 am, lunch packed, crisp morning with clear skies. A day planned to head up to the chain lakes in beautiful Northern Idaho. Time to unwind, try your luck at catching the 8 lb. bass that has been calling your name since the beginning of the season. What could be better? Possibly a dog to join you in your quest. A dog to sit next to you, keeping you company. A dog along for ride. Every mans dream. No unneeded talk, a silent companion who would also enjoy any needless banter. Just enjoying the moment of complete beauty. Only needing to take an occasional moment on shore to tend to natures needs.

The talk was years ago how having our dog accompaniment our son on these endless outings would give my husband and I piece of mind. Our youngest son became interested in fishing at an early age. By the time our dog, Klink, joined our family, my son had been fishing for 3 years.

His love of fishing soon manifested itself when he had spent untold hours fishing from every dock available on our lake. My husband would take our youngest out in our boat and they would fish the entire day. Our dog would stay with me on shore while the guys mastered their skills on the water.

It soon became familiar to us that the dreams we had of having the dog security was not going to be a reality. For some strange reason, our dog found that any slightest movement of the fishing pole, was a quest to conquer. It may have been that she is a border collie and their instinct is to herd. Possibly along in her herding instinct, it was instilled in her to retrieve.

No chance of having the dog in the same vicinity as my son when he focused on fishing. The few times that the dog and I would venture on the dock would end up with the dog jumping in the water in search of the lure that had just been hurled out. The verbal commands were of no use when her mind was set to retrieve whatever had just landed in the water. Not only would she try and retrieve the lure, she also would proceed to look in the live well and completely submerge her head in the water, searching for the fish that had already been done.

Here I sit years later. My dog ​​is near deaf and can not hear a thunderstorm. What had at one time sent her running for cover, is of no fear to her now. But, my son picks up a fishing pole and with his back turned into the sleeping dog, takes a small cast into the field and our dog acts like she has been shot .. Eyes open, ears perked up, ready to spring.

My son still fishes and enjoys the solitude of the boat. Our thoughts of years ago has not materialized. Instead of taking the dog with him on his outings, he now invites my husband, his girlfriend, his brother or myself.

I do envy those bass anglers who have been blessed with a dog who enjoys the art of bass fishing. May they relish in the fact that their dogs have the self control to sit and watch. Blessed be the companion of the bass angler. Whomever they may be.

Source by Kevin R. Schmidt

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