A Bass On Every Bait??? Ultimate Pond Fishing Challenge!

Matt challenged Tim to show up to a pond with nothing but his backpack and two rods. Inside the pack was a variety of baits that should work great on a small pond. The challenge? Catch a fish on every bait in the box in less than 2 hours… and be careful not to break off, there aren’t many backup baits!

Tackle Used In This Video…

Sweet Beaver 4.20 (Tramp Stamp Color):
Jackhammer Bladed Jig:
3.8 Keitech and 4.8 Keitech:
7” Black Powerworm:
6” Fat Roboworm (Margarita Mutilator Color):
Clausen Finesse Jig (Green Pumpkin):
Smallie Beaver (Sprayed Grass):
Rage Toad:
5” Senko (Morning Dawn Color):
White Super Fluke:
Rio Rico Topwater:
Gamakatsu Superline Widegap Hook (4/0 Size):
Tungsten Weights:
Dirty Shaky Head:
Owner Beast Hook 4/0:

Tackle Warehouse Backpack:

GoPro Camera:

Favorite Pliers:

The Best Scale:

Rod- Shimano Zodias 6’10” Medium:
Reel- Shimano Caenan:
Line- 20 lb Braid:
Leader- 10 lb mono:

Tim did a great job of working through the various baits to catch bass in the pond. He proved it could be done with different techniques and fishing styles from worm fishing to reaction fishing to getting topwater blow ups.

Great job Tim on completing the challenge with time to spare! We hope you guys enjoyed coming along on this challenge video. Its not our typical educational fishing video but we had a blast putting it together!

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