Vlog #15: Spring Fishing for Big Smallmouth Bass

This is my fifteenth vlog (video blog) filmed in April, 2017. It shows a fairly typical evening of springtime big smallmouth bass lure fishing. I showed bass fishing tips and techniques along the way. I ended up catching five bass, with one over master class size, while jigging a bucktail jig at a lake and flooded river.


Bass Fishing Casting Techniques

Bass Fishing Casting Techniques

Learn all of the basic and advanced casting methods that you will need when bass fishing. From flipping and pitching to skipping docks Nick will break down just how you need to do it with baitcasting gear!


How to Catch Bass on a Texas-Rig Senko

In this episode I will teach you how to Texas-Rig a Senko and how to fish it. If you like what I’m doing let me know in the comments below. Request a different bait there as well. Thanks for watching and Tight Lines.


Louisiana Bass Fishing in the Swamps | TylersReelFishing

Early this spring, Josh and I headed down to Houma, Louisiana, for the BASS Central Regional Fishing Tournament. Practice was tough, but we managed to figure out a few things, and this vlog highlights our practice. Next video will be the tournament! Stay tuned!

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Giant Bass Night Fishing with “Pro Angler” Zachary King

ATF Fishing hits the water with Zack King fishing for giant largemouth bass at night. Off shore structure fishing with spinner baits at night prove to land big bass when fished properly with fluorocarbon line and the understanding of deep structure! Kings shows how its done and gives tips on night fishing!


Catching bass in heavy slop

Extreme Angler TV season 12 episode 5- If you like fishing the heavy nasty jungles for largemouth bass then this episode is for you! Karl is punching and pitching strike king rodents into thick cover for even thicker bass.





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