Bass Fishing Minnesota: How and where to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass in Minnesota

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There are tons of articles written about fishing impoundment lakes, most of them are in the Southern U.S. There are few books written for fishermen who fish in Northern lakes. Bass fishing is not as popular on Northern lakes, more fishermen go for Walleyes, Pike, and panfish. Bass fishing is getting more popular every year though because bass are more of a sport fish and not so much for eating. There are many things about catching bass that are the same no matter where you fish for them, but there are some that are different on natural lakes. In Northern natural lakes, we don’t have creek channels in most lakes, nor do we have old roadbeds and underwater cliffs or flooded forests. Most northern natural lakes are a leftover from glaciers. The lakes have sloping bottoms that follow the shoreline. Most of the lakes also don’t have the same in lake structure as southern Impoundments. Most natural lakes are less than 50 feet deep, and most of the fish attracting structure will be in 20 feet or less. One of the huge advantages to this is you can eliminate most of the lake from fishing before you even get there because the fish will not be in the deep flat bottom areas.

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