Bass Fishing Tips From Around The Country!

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This giveaway contest is over. Check out the comments to see what all the people commented as their favorite techniques to catch bass across the country! The contest is over but feel free to add your own to help people learn more about bass fishing!
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Hey Folks! It took me forever to finally get around to making this video but it’s finally here! To show my appreciation for all of you, I am giving away an assortment of jigs, plastics, and hard baits!

Basic Rules:
1.) Subscribe or be an existing subscriber (1 entry)
2.) Like the Video (1 entry)
3.) Share the video on Facebook and Tag Fishing The Pacific Northwest so I can see it (1 entry)
4.) You can share it on multiple pages (such as fishing groups, etc) and gain an additional entry per share.

Now here is where I put a twist on it. I want this video to be something that anglers across the country can reference for information on how to fish for bass in different parts of the country. I want you to list your location (Must include state, city/ area is optional) and then talk about your favorite techniques for catching bass throughout the seasons. For example, burning lipless crankbaits over grass in the fall, flipping heavy cover in the summer with beaver style baits, slowly crawling jigs around cover during pre spawn, etc. The more information you include the more educational it will be for those that want to learn. You can gain 1 entry per technique you share. However, there must be details on the technique and how you fish it. You cannot just simply list off every type of bait there is out there. I will be mindful of this as I read through the comments. If this goes as planned, this video will contain basics tips and techniques for catching bass year round in all parts of the country which can also be applied to bodies of water across the globe.

I’m sorry but for this particular giveaway, I will be limiting this to U.S. Residents only. I am planning to post this video by Friday the 11th and will let it run until the day after Christmas so stay tuned folks!


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