BT Sport presenter snaps at Liverpool star after Arsenal win – 'don't say that'

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 Liverpool thrashed Arsenal 5-1 on Saturday night to go 1 point clear at the top of the Premier League. Tottenham had earlier slipped off the pace with a shock 3-1 loss to Wolves – a result which was greeted with a loud cheer at Anfield. Humphrey asked Alexander-Arnold if he was aware of Liverpool’s title challengers slipping up, to which he replied: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. We heard it but it’s important for us to focus on ourselves.  “At the end of the day it’s up to us to keep focusing on ourselves and get the results that we need to keep going forward. “We know we are in good form at the minute and are a tough team to play against. We’re using that to our advantage. “During the festive period there are lots of games, being in good form is very important.” But the answer didn’t cut it with Humphrey, who hit back and told Trent Alexander-Arnold to explain what he really thought. “Very good, the press officer at Liverpool has clearly briefed you very well on how to answer our questions,” he said. “What’s it really like in that dressing room? Break away from what Matt [McCann] is asking you to tell us. “Do you talk about the title in there, Trent?” The right-back let out at wry smile before insisting ‘nah, nah’. In the BT studio was Steve McManaman who did his best to come to the Anfield star’s aid. “They are too busy talking about Christmas to talk about the title,” he joked to which Alexander-Arnold replied: “Yeah, exactly, to be fair.” But Humphrey wouldn’t have it and he pressed the England international again on what the players were talking about. But he didn’t get much change out of media-trained Alexander-Arnold, who said: “Everyone knows the objectives that we want to achieve. “We know what position we’re in in the league and it’s important to us. Maybe at the back of people’s minds there might be little things going on but no-one has discussed it as of yet because there’s 18 games to go and anything can happen. “It’s important to get what we need and it’s all down to us. “The city is excited. It’s good for fans as well as the players and the manager. “They are helping us along the way and it’s for us to go out there and put in performances so they can look at us and be happy. We do it for them. It’s down to them really.”