Surface lures for Bass fishing UK – Great Surface lure session.

Surface lures for bass fishing UK 2018 A great surface lure session.
A nice early morning session (the best time for bass fishing) using surface lures to catch UK Bass. Started out bass fishing at night but the dawn soon broke. 4 of the best surface lures caught Bass on this session including Lucky Craft Gunfish, Duo Ruf Bay Manic, Xorus Patchinko and Xorus Asturie. Hopefully you can pick up a few bass fishing tips on how I retrieve and how I fish the lures from the video.


ランカークラスのブラックバスを釣って食う Largemouth bass fishing Catch & Eat

Fishing & Cooking. Let’s cook the fish which we caught. The dish of the fish which I caught in a river. Introduce Japanese style fishing. How to make Japanese food. Japanese Cuisine. The cooking method of the fish which a Japanese tells. nyagora. The audience can choose English subtitles with this picture. I am creating a Google translation English subtitles. Therefore, the translation is not accurate. However, I think nuance and transmitted.



How to catch bass | Spearfishing 10lb bass Rob Allen carbon speargun | Crystal Vis

The speargun in this video is sold here:

Here is a 10lb Bass shot by Titus Bradley of Portland Bill in Dorset with a Rob Allen 110 carbon set up to maz power and range with the double 16mm rubbers and a double wrapped line. As far as I am aware, Crystal Vis are the only UK company that sells these max power rigs as standard.

Rob Allen guns are like the chuck Norris of spearguns.

Check out the Facebook page for more pics of spearguns and 10lb+ bass cought spearfishing.

Crystal Vis sell a whole range of spearfishing equipment. If you have questions then please post up and ask, if you liked the video then please give it a thumbs up, it really helps us out.

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Really excited to do some more snakehead fishing in the future. The way the eat a topwater is addicting!
I’m definitely going to be doing a lot more fishing in this Vibe Maverick. One of the coolest boats I’ve ever been on. I’m still really impressed in the stability and how it handled. Can’t wait to get into some more skinny water with this thing!!

Check out more on the Vibe Maverick!

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BASS MAN JIGS…[my favorite flipping jigs]

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Deeper: Catching Deep Summer Bass with Deeper Smart Sonar!

Michael from 1Rod1ReelFishing and his friend went to Loch Raven Reservoir to search for some deep summer bass. They targeted bridges and examined location with Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+. From braking a fishing rod, to jumping into the water to get that giant bass, watch the full video to see it all.

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Lake Mead – WON Bass US Open pre practice – August 2017

In this On the Water video, I am Lake Mead. I was “pre-practicing” for an upcoming tournament. I am fishing the WON Bass U.S. Open in October and wanted to get some extra time out at Lake Mead. The fishing was okay, and the wind started to blow a couple days I was out there. Overall it was a good trip and I learned a lot. Can’t wait for the tournament. Please subscribe, and check out my other videos! Thanks for the support. Feel free to comment!