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Swim Jigs for spring largemouth bass

Catch big bass on YOUR lake right now with swim jigs. With flooding spring rains plus bass, bluegill & shad spawning, swim jigs are my favorite way to catch lots of largemouth bass right now. After getting pounded by spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, jigs, and plastics all spring, swim jigs are the perfect blend of power and finesse to catch ’em in the shallows. Best late prespawn through the shad/bluegill spawns, try them March through May in the South, April through June up North.



Whatsssss going guy’s had big plans out on the water to catch some big BASS and well as we all know, sometimes that don’t happen, so we decided to show you guys what we fish with on a daily basis!!!!

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A Stork’s Journey

Featuring the voice talents of Drake Bell (Superhero Movie, “Drake and Josh”), YouTube star Justine “iJustine” Ezarik and Jane Lynch (“Glee”, Wreck-It Ralph), “A Stork’s Journey” follows Richard, a sparrow orphaned at birth and raised by storks who believes that he is a stork, too! But when winter comes and the storks prepare to migrate to Africa, his stork family must reveal his true identity and leave him behind in the forest with the other sparrows since he would not survive the long journey. Determined to prove he is a stork after all, Richard ventures south on an epic adventure, accompanied by friends big and small, to unleash his true potential and be reunited with his family.


BEST Bass Fishing Bait & How To Fish It (3 Different Ways)

This is the #1 Bass Fishing bait for versatility. In this video I teach you how to fish it in 3 different ways and also how to rig the bait / the rod and reel I would throw it on. Let me know if you would like to see more how to fish videos! Also if you would like to see my second best bass fishing bait!

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Important Fishing Tip – Flipping – How to pick the right kind of grass mat for giant bass

– How to catch a big bass out of a heavy grass mat. Scott jacks a giant 10 pounder and makes Roland Martin (his father) stutter big time! Scott will describe the type of grass mat he likes to target when looking for a big bass on Lake Okeechobee. In this short fishing tip Scott will discuss his equipment and the importance of having the right setup to be successful. Thanks for watching and please become part of our team by Subscribing to our Channel. You can also follow us at

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Bruiser Baits Avenger


Fox River Smallmouth Bass

A short clip of my buddy Alex and I fishing a new area in the Fox River that we’ve never fished before. What an awesome day catching fish on all sorts of different presentations!

Piscifun Steel Feeling Reel: