How Do I Get a Popular Guy to Notice Me? Here is How to Easily Catch His Attention

When you are attracted towards a person who is very popular in your office or at the college, and if you want him to like you then the first step is to be very confident and sure of yourself. With some efforts from your side you can definitely make it like you.

Be positive – – Be sure about yourself. You can definitely make your presence felt with your attitude. A positive attitude can change your life for the better. Plan your strategy with confidence and there is no reason why you should not win.

He should know you – – Does he know you yet? If not then make sure it does as soon as possible. Pass by him a few times without chasing to look at him. Gradually, show him that you recognize him and give him a big smile. This is possible if you cross him every day at some point. Otherwise it does not make sense wasting six visits just for a smile.

Talk to him – After smiling at him a few times, if he still does not recognize you or talk to you, you can approach him directly and make conversation. It can be just a pleasantry like how are you? Or nice shirt! Or even a comment on the weather.

Show him your confidence – Be confident about everything including the power of your smile and your clothes. The way you walk and talk should reflect your level of confidence.

Look into his eyes When you come face to face with him be sure to look into his eyes without being enamored by his popularity or looks. Act normal with him. Do not treat or talk to him like he is a super hero. Take care not to mesmerized by his popularity.

Surprise him Surprise him by showing him that you are not in awe of him. Show him you can not be impressed by any man so easily. Show him that you are highly knowledgeable by talking about a few things you know he is interested in. Finding out his likes and preferences requires quite a lot of home work.

Work on your looks – If you see him everyday then you must ensure that you look good and well groomed. Take good care of health, fitness and appearance. Check every small detail before you step out for the day. Guys who are popular are very conscious about their appearance and love spending time with like-minded people.

Source by Krista Hiles

How To Cuckold My Husband? Easy Steps

You ask: How to cuckold my husband? What follows are very easy steps that have proven to work time and time again for thousands of women like yourself.


You should know that almost every man WANTS to be cuckolded. You just need to break through his male ego. Beneath the surface your husband will probably wish to submit himself to your dominance.

Begin by confronting him. Tell him that you want to cuckold him and tell him that you want him to at least TRY to go along with it (to see if he likes it… which he probably will).


Your new relationship needs new rules. Make it very clear than if he follows rules he gets rewarded; if he breaks them, he gets punished. The rules imposed should be designed to remind him of your dominance in the relationship. Start with just a few rules (so he can get used to it) and then build them up and up. Common first-time rules are as follows: he must do whatever you tell him, he cannot orgasm without permission, he cannot ask for sexual interactions with you, he must address you as Mistress or Goddess to show your dominant role.


It is your goal to get your husband to gradually relinquish his manliness. Give him a boyish or a feminine name. For example, if he is called Christian, you could rename him Chrissy or Christine. You should command him to begin wearing female clothing too. He can start by wearing female underwear. Let him know, constantly, that you no longer view him as a real man, more of a girl. His “manhood” is too small to make him a real man. Therefore, you no longer allow him to have sexual relations with you. The most you let him do is, perhaps, perform oral – as a woman would.

Sexual Abstinence

The greatest power you wield over your husband is your sexuality. When you take sexual relations away from him, he will want it all the more. To make him want it even more, you can dress sexy, work out, and act in a more sexual manner, and flirt with other men to remind your husband of your sexuality and his position in the relationship. As rewards for good behavior, you can reward your husband with treats of a sexual nature, but never allow him penetrative interactions.


It is imperative for you to be strict. Never weaken your positive by giving in to demands. Take away all of the things in life that give your husband pleasure and ONLY return some of them when he earns them. And, thus, take them away as punishments. Be strict in all your interactions. Do not be afraid to shout at him or put him over your knee for a spanking.

You asked yourself “how to cuckold my husband” and these are the most common steps to doing just that.

Source by Davina Anderson

How to Catch Someone Who Is Cheating Online

The most used method nowadays used with cheating spouse is by them cheating online. Cheating online, to many eyes, is not really cheating. In truth though, it truly is. It means to lust after another. It is almost the same thing as going out to meet someone that your spouse lusts after with the only difference is, is that they are not having any physical touch, just emotional. In this article we will review different ways to catch your spouse cheating online.

One best known device to see if your spouse is cheating online is chat rooms. Most spouses that are cheating online will go to chat rooms to meet members of the opposite sex. This is a very popular venue for cheating online, and has been used billions of times by millions of people to do so. The best way to catch your spouse cheating online is to first try to find out which chat rooms they visit. You need to know which chat room they go into, and what method they use to get there. There are many methods to joining chat rooms. You can join them through websites, messengers, or through irc clients.

Once you have figured out where they go to, and how to get there you need to find another computer that is not in your house. Most usually a friend, or acquaintance will have a computer to utilize for this. Once you have found a computer, you need to get to the chat room they go to at the same time they are known to be in it. You need to change your name so they cannot recognize it. You want to keep secret who you are so that way you can catch them cheating online.

Once you get into the chat room with a different name then proceed to flirt with your spouse. Try to get their attention. Use all the flirting methods that you know to do so. After this is implementing proceed to get them into a private conversation with you. Once in the private conversation ask them if they are married. If they say no then you, right there, have caught them cheating online. If they say yes then continue to ask them questions like “so does your husband, or wife know that you come here?” Usually a cheating spouse will deny that their spouses know. Then ask “So what brings you here? Looking for some fun on the side?” Once they have answered yes, then you have caught them cheating online.

Another way to find out if your spouse is cheating online is to look for anything peculiar in their logs, or documents. See if something strange stands out to you. Like a file with a weird name to it, or even look in the folders that seem normal to you to see if you can find anything to prove that they are cheating online. Sometimes people that are cheating online will leave a little something that they do not really think is harmful to them when it truly is.

Source by Kelly Elkouby

Texas Bass Fishing – A Western Adventure

Texas is a large state with a lot of great qualities and features. It’s hardly surprising to learn that Texas is home to plentiful and productive bass fishing opportunities. Fishing in Texas is often affectionately called big water fishing. There are many really big lakes in Texas that are also renowned for both the size and great quality of bass fish to be found there. However, since it is such a huge area, Texas bass fishing can seem overwhelming to those you don’t know where the best fishing spots are, or who don’t know how to navigate the vast Texas bass fishing waters.

If you are not familiar with Texas bass fishing waters, the first think you should do is seek the assistance of a professional guide. There is no reason to stumble around on your own when you can enlist the services of a professional guide. Many of these guides have excellent reputations for taking fishers to the best locations for catching bass fish.

Once you’ve learned more about the waters with a guide, you will then be in a better position to return on your own for more fishing. Don’t forget to tip your guides, too, as they are so helpful in starting your Texas bass fishing endeavors. A good guide who worked well with the customers should be rewarded accordingly, with a tip of perhaps one hundred dollars. Remember that you may be on vacation, but this is the guide’s life’s work.

Another way to learn more about Texas bass fishing is to ask around at local bait and tackle shops. The local anglers are great resources because they fish the waters themselves regularly. If they’ll share their secrets, local can lead you to where the best fish are to be found. You can also use a topographical map of the lake bottom to try to find fish populations. No matter which approach you choose, Texas bass fishing can be great fun and very productive. By preparing on the front end, you can have a great day on the water.

While examining the great benefits of Texas bass fishing [], remember to take special care to avoid potential risks. The Texas bass fishing waters are so large that some people have forgotten how to find their deck and have ended up spending uncomfortable nights on the boat when they got lost and/or ran out of fuel.

The weather can also be a great challenge to Texas bass fishers. Swells can develop quickly and grow to such size and strength that the lake starts feeling like an ocean. Constantly keeping track of weather reports, water and clouds can protect you from the possibility of rough water conditions and perhaps even capsizing, which is never a good thing for fishermen.

Source by Wade Robins

Bait and Switch Charter Boat Style

Have you ever seen an ad for a charter boat service that looked like a great price? Then thinking you were getting a bargain booked the charter trusting the advertisement. You arrive to find a boat that has not been well maintained and the cabin may not even have air-conditioning or other basic features you would expect on a private charter. Most of these do not even have adequate fishing finding equipment and then it gets worse. The boat does not even take you where the fish are. Due to the expense of gas they do not even take you too far out. So your trip that was a bargain ends up being four hours of what John Luke (a guy that booked such a trip) said "was pure misery". John Latham said, "The trip was a real scam". It was hot and very noisy. This was the first trip deep sea fishing trip he had ever taken his 11 year old son on. He had hoped it would be a memorable trip and he could see the joy in his son's eyes as he lands a good size fish. However this is not what happened.

A Bad Fishing Trip

On this trip; John says, "the charter barely got to what most would say is deep sea fishing". The whole time they only have a few bait types of fish. "Then my son finally hooked a Red Fish", John says. However the deck hand grabs the rod out of his hand and reeled it in. "My son almost looked disappointed because he did not feel he had actually caught the fish", John exclaims. John describes, "the trip as a scam compared to how the flyer depicted the charter". He said, "this is really best described as bait and switch".

Beware Charter Boat Scams

The bottom line is it takes a few hundred dollars of gas for a charter boat to take you out and back to where the best sites are to catch some good quality fish. Nice boats cost a lot to buy and maintain. So if you do the math yourself then when you see an ad for discount deep sea fishing; then you will realize it's a scam. Charter Boat Fishing especially with your family should be a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

Charter Fishing in Destin the Right Way!
If you want a great fishing trip in Destin; please be sure to book a reputable charter fishing company. Do not make John Latham's mistake!

Backlash Charters is one of the most trusted charter fishing boats in Destin as well as many others are the serves the Destin Community. Just make sure you book a reputable charter boat for memories of a lifetime that you will cherish.

Source by Craig Lawson

Forget the Recession, Let's Go Fishing

Here's my top 5 Western States, spring "Bait Fishing holes" for Trout.

I'm not a fancy fly fisherman; I've tried it and just can not get the knack. I like to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings while I fish. I also like to keep and eat what I catch.

I based my top spots on these factors; great fishing, great views and the ease of getting there.

So here goes;

Owyhee River.
Spring Fishing (before April), on the Owyhee River, in Southern Oregon is fantastic. This 10-mile stretch of river below the Owyhee Dam is just 30 miles from my home in Ontario, Oregon, or about 80 miles out of Boise. So here's a little local knowledge.

You may be saying, "This is a famous Fly Fishing spot"? Yes it is a favorite "Trophy Brown Trout" haunt for Fly Fishermen, but here's a little known secret, it is also open to "Bait Fishermen" and a skilled fisherman with bait can land more of these big Browns than the fly fishermen.

This river has a rustic beauty all it's own, especially in early spring when the sparkling white snow still clinging to the valleys and hillsides. The river is low and slow this time of year and you can easily see the monster Browns rising for the bugs floating on the surface. There are hundreds of these Browns in every hole. You can easily catch a huge Brown Trout here, ranging from 2 lbs to 20 lbs and Rainbows 20 inches up.

Be advised you must immediately return the huge Browns to the river, but you can keep and eat any Rainbow Trout or Bass you catch. This is why there are so many monster Browns in these holes, they never leave the river; they just get bigger and smarter.

Legal "Bait Fishing" is allowed here, but you must have a thick skin, as you will get looks from the purest (Fly Guys) as they pass. This river is very clean and free of the Lead Poisons prevalent through the Western Rivers, so you can safely eat the red meated Rainbows and the occasional Bass.

You can easily drive in and camp, right beside the river, free of charge. Be sure to pack out all you bring in and keep it clean. Just set up your chairs and do some relaxing "Bait Fishing" or you can put on your waders and chase the Browns up and down the river. Wading is simple along this shallow easily accessible river.

Bring your four-wheeler or canoe and easily traverse the long winding riverbanks. Make sure you pack a lunch and have plenty of bait, as the nearest store is 10 to 15 miles away.

Tip; try a Night Crawler and Split Shot, drifted in the current.

Horsethief Reservoir:
In late spring try Horsethief Reservoir, just 10 miles above Cascade, Idaho.

This little lake is my favorite spot, spring, summer or fall. In the springtime, (Late April) right after "Ice-Off", the trout fishing is amazing. You can limit out in a hour with catch-able Rainbows from 8 to 14 inches, with the occasional 20 incher.

But that's not all, let me tell you a true story; In the early summer my friend, Scotty, and I, went to Horsethief for a day trip, traveling out of Cascade, where I was living. We set up right near the Dam, our usual spot.

While lounging on a grassy bank, near the pristine clear blue water lake, I was looking out at the tree lined far shoreline. Suddenly, a rush of waves and a dark blur in the water at my feet started me. It took me a few minutes for me to realize that it was an Otter, rushing in to steal my stringer of fish. Sure enough the Otter had swiftly rushed in and stop my metal stringer and the five Rainbows that that morning.

After calming down, I looked out across the lake and to my amazement, not 50 yards out, was an entire family of Otters frolicking and happily munching on our mornings catch. I've always wondered, "Was it legal to catch another five fish"?

A little later on, my friend Scotty was busy chasing a wild ring necked duck away from his tackle box, the duck kept trying to steal his bait. The ringed neck duck just would not go away, he hung around all day, may have been because I tossed him tidbits every once in awhile.

We settled back down and made a few more "Bows". I had replaced my stringer, making sure to tie it tight. I then laid back and was staring up at a pair of Osprey's floating above us in the blue cloudless sky.

I was just slipping off for a nap when the water ten feet in front of us exploded, spraying both Scotty and me with water. An Osprey had dived into the lake, right in front of us, anose and flew away with a nice trout grapped tightly in its talons.

It was a special "wildlife day" that morning, and the experience was really unforgetable. Nature's at it's best is usually there every time I visit this wonderful lake. I've seen Deer, Elk, Moose and even a white Wolf at this high mountain retreat. This great fishing hole is easy to get to and sports many lakeside campgrounds. It has majestic scenery and the fishing is peaceful, quite and fruitful.

Tip; use Rainbow Power Bait, a small slip weight and a No.14 gold treble.

June Lake "Opening Day"
You'll find it in the High Sierras 50 Miles north of Bishop, CA.
"Opening Day" is the last Saturday in April. When I lived in Southern California, we never missed an opening day in the Sierras. We loved the excitement of the moment as thousands of California fisherman rushed to stake out their favorite holes.

June Lake is one of these opening day hotspots. It's another gorgeous high mountain lake with crystal clear water and forested banks. On "Opening Day" June Lake's Rainbows are huge, ranging from 12 to 30 inches. I've used 6 to 8lb lunkers from shore on opening day.

One opening weekend a group of us went up a day early to stick out our favorite spot, the park at the south end of the lake. In order to beat the crowds to this spot we slept out on the park grass next to our set up chairs. This was working out well except for the cold, April in the High Sierras brings below freezing weather at night. We were hiding down deep in our bags when the park sprinklers came on, washing us out and back to our camper to dry off and warm up. All except my son Joshua, he was sleeping in a waterproof down army mummy-bag. He slept through the entire watering and when we went back out we saw a solid sheet of ice over his entire bag, but he said he was warm inside.

That morning when the flare went off, we had our spot and began to fish. We used several lunkers of 5 to 8 pounds. We entered them into the lakes fishing derby, but the contest winner for the day was over 10 pounds.

Tip; Try a slow retrieve with a white marshmallow on a No.12 treble with split shot.

Blue Mesa Reservoir
Near Gunnison, Colorado; at the South end under the highway bridge, in May.

May is absolutely a great time to fish this lake; If you're a fisherman you'll love the spot under the bridge at the Gunnison end near the rivers inlet. I've done my limit of large Rainbows every time I've fished it in May. Occidentally a shore fisherman ties into one of the huge Lake Trout inhabiting this lake, they can go up to 50 pounds.

My son Jeremy at 7 years old, caught a 4lb Rainbow under this bridge with a child's fishing pole, he bought it in all by himself.

In May and late summer, you can drive right up to the bridge along an access road cutting off the highway, but do not try it in June. In June the rains make the road a bog, I know, it cost me $ 100 to get towed out. You still can get there in June, just park off the highway and climb down the rocky side of the bridge.

Toss out green or rainbow Power-Bait next to the bridge pylons and wait. Watch your poll they hit hard.

Eleven-Mile Canyon
You'll find this canyon 70 miles west of Colorado Springs on the Upper Platte River.

This stretch of canyon is breathtaking; the river winds eleven miles up through the canyon until it ends at the Dam at Eleven Mile Reservoir. This stretch of river is so beautiful that my wife and I have decided to have our ashes placed in these waters when we go to that fishing hole in the sky.

There is plenty of "drive in camp spots" along the river. The fish are usually smaller pan-sized Trout, but are plentiful and then there is that occasional lunker. You can also catch monster 40 "pike that roam these waters.

What I like most about fishing these waters is that on a warm spring day you can hop over to one of the mammoth rocks in the river and drift a "Colorado Orange Indicator" and meal worm along the current and watch it drift for a 100 yards or until you get a strike.

When my youngest son, Jeremy, was a tot, I would tie a rope to his life vest and then around my waist. Off we would go rock hopping and fishing all day long.

All the waters in this general area are great in the spring, but if you've never visited the Plata River in Eleven Mile Canyon you're missing something special.

So forget about this recession, go fishing.

Send your comments or maybe you can tell me about your favorite "Fishing Hole" to: My Site For Sore Eyes – Blog

Source by Robert Golden

Ice Fishing – Cold – But Fun

Ice fishing might turn out to be an extremely enjoyable activity for you if you are one of those who love the frozen lake and a tiny gap in the ice through which to peer into the deep blue. For most people who enjoy fishing, the onset of the cold wave basically means that they have to hang up their fishing hooks. But this is not the case if you are an ice fishing enthusiast. The following are some practical tips to help you out in the pursuit of this amazing activity.

As an individual, I always find this kind of fishing to be a sort of consolation prize if you are unable to fish under normal circumstances. Besides, it can also provide you ample time and opportunity to down a few drinks on your own. However, I have done quite a bit of ice fishing during my lifetime and the few useful tips that I have collected might come in handy for you too.

Be prepared–Because there is ice involved, the temperature is obviously going to be pretty low. Please make sure that you are well protected against the cold. Remember the important rule of never getting your limbs cold. Because these are the primary things you need in this activity, if your limbs start freezing over, it will become progressively harder for you to fish on the ice. Put on more than one pair of mittens and socks at a time to give you extra insulation from the freezing cold.

In fact, here you might find it useful to purchase and use some glove liners. This basically provides double protection for your fingers. And during the fishing expedition, if you need to take off your actual gloves for some tricky maneuvering with the hook, the glove liners will still keep your fingers warm.

Time it properly–Fishing on the ice requires a lot of patience. This is especially true when it is freezing cold. So, it would be more useful if you could time your trips according to the activities of the fish. Fish movements are greatly determined by the lunar cycle and the climactic pattern of a certain place. if you want to be certain that the time you fish is going to be the most active time for the fish, do study and plan according to the moon and the weather.

Proper baits–If you really want to take ice fishing seriously, then using gang hooks is a great idea. These are basically small hooks which are tied up together and display the bait as naturally as possible. In fact, for people who like synthetic baits, pre-tied gang hooks are the best bet. These actually provide twice as much bait as an ordinary hook provides, which normally attracts more and more fish towards your bait and hook. A tiny barrel swivel of either size 10 or 12 connects it to your line. The best thing about the swivel is that it almost vanishes underwater and thus appears as natural as possible.

Basically with the right timing and the right hooks, it is not at all difficult to be a pro at ice fishing. So use the aforementioned tips and you should have a fun and fulfilling ice fishing adventure.

Source by Craig Thornburrow

Seven Secrets You Need To Know Before You Fish Bay Area Houston

Those that choose to fish Bay Area Houston (BAH) absolutely love the area. For those not in the know, Bay Area Houston (BAH) is a part of Texas that encompasses the area between Houston & Galveston. Bay Area Houston thrives on its proximity to Galveston Bay & the Gulf of Mexico, boasting nearly forty miles of coastline that contribute greatly to the economic success of the region. The area also is home to NASA’s Johnston Space Center, which makes it an integral part of the U.S. space program, as well as the country’s history.

Anglers in the know understand that Bay Area Houston (BAH) has a lot going on in terms of its fishing scene, and for those interested in getting in on the action, these same anglers are willing to pull back the curtain a bit regarding what makes this area of southeast Texas so special for fishing.

Here are seven “secrets” you should know before you decide to fish Bay Area Houston:

Guided Fishing – You don’t have to go at it alone in BAH. Guided fishing tours take are available in abundance. For example, Bay Bound Guide Service is quick to note that you don’t have to be a pro angler to have fun. Captain Fred George has been a year-round fishing guide on the Galveston Bay System for over 15 years & even puts together guided trips based on a client’s preference.

You Don’t Need Your Own Boat – Maybe you’re big on fishing, but you don’t want to travel with a boat. That’s OK because companies like Clear Lake & Galveston Power Boats has you covered. Depending on your needs, they have water crafts of all sizes to take care of you.

Dress It Up or Down – Most fishermen like to tailor their trip around them, but this can get tough when you travel somewhere new. Don’t worry because companies like Frazier’s Guide Service aim to make things fun even for “newbies”. Ralph Frazier is a highly decorated & respected angler and has been a pro fishing guide for over four decades.

Brackish Water – Brackish water is a combination of salt & fresh water. It’s an interesting make-up & one that can be found in the BAH area. Clear Lake Texas Fishing Trips is a guided fishing company that understands this & helps visitors navigate this unique feature.

Educational – The various guide services are always looking to teach people about fishing, enjoying the activity, preservation of the area, as well as the technology associated with sport. The aforementioned Bay Bound Guide Service, along with Maher’s Guide Service & Bay Adventures Sportfishing, all focus on teaching the craft while having fun.

Options – Sometimes when you fish in an area, you know that you’ll be catching one or two types of fish. BAH has many options due to its unique geographic location & mixing of waters from different sources. Trout, flounder, mackerel, sheepshead, and drum are just some of the fish you will come across.

Dedicated Service – Perhaps the one secret that really isn’t a secret is that many of the guide services & water craft rental companies have either been in business at least about two decades or have owners & operators that have as much as four decades worth of experience, and all of this experience goes toward making sure everyone learns something & has fun.

It’s easy to see why those that fish Bay Area Houston (BAH) are destined to become life-long fans of the area, and that is perhaps the biggest ‘secret’ of all – you just don’t know what you’re missing until you’re here!

Source by Morris Raymond

The Lure of the Lure

I’m sure that there is not one angler out there that will not totally understand what I am going to say about one of my favorite items to go shopping for. Lures! We all know what it’s like to go into our local tackle store and become totally overwhelmed with all of the varieties of fishing tackle that is now being made available to us.

Do you remember when one aisle of lures would be enough and we were still able to catch our fish? However, we were wrong and the manufactures are now out to prove it to us. We now have choices, so many choices. I now call them my Lure de Jour. I have a different lure for each day of the year and more. Sometimes even in three or four colors.

Lures have become hot! They not only have hooks to catch our fish, but they have the hooks to drag us down each aisle. We are all in search of finding that one special, you all know what I mean… this is the one, I can feel it, I know its going to catch fish, Lure!

Since I have spent many hours in a tackle stores investigating, comparing and purchasing what Looks Hot for the season I can guarantee to you that somewhere in my tackle box now sits that secret lure. At least I hope it is and sure hope I got the right color.

If it attracts us, well it must attract the fish, Yes? Well actually No. Just because we found the colors interesting or thought the bait was just to pretty to leave behind, doesn’t mean that it’s actually going to catch anything more then the one fish that is buying it. Yes that’s you, or me.

The end result is and always will be how many fish it’s going to catch and how big. I know that I want to be coming off the lake showing the boys my shopping trips were well worth it.

We all know that we are searching to find that secret bait. We want that special lure that will guarantee that we catch the biggest fish. We want the one that will prove to everyone that we deserve the title of angler of the weekend. Aren’t we all weekend warriors in search of the ultimate prize, the bragging rights, and the right of passage?

The bait company’s have made sure that they challenge us. They have created and recreated baits for each species, water color, depth, season and any condition that they believe we may encounter. They tempt us with more each year, bigger, better, more colorful. We also know how difficult it has become to sort through the rows and rows of plastic and rubber thing a ma jigs to find that special lure that says,

“I am going to catch you a big fish”.

They have made in every color under the rainbow some form of eye catching fish design ready to be tied to the end of your fishing line. The lures are painted, metal and plastic some with holograms shimming and calling our name. “Look, I will fool that fish, I promise” or “If you just try me I know I can catch huge fish.”

I wonder many times if I may have left the Best lure still in the store.

After the weekend of using some of my new baits, I am mostly disappointed. If I had only picked up that other special hologram version in the passion purple, I just might have caught myself that trophy fish. Darn, next time.

“I’m going to catch You a Big Fish!” Ha, do you sometimes wonder if that Lure is actually saying … “I just caught myself a big fish! As you head to the cashier.

Maybe those Lure manufacturers are sitting back laughing at how many fish they caught.

All I know is I can’t wait to go back shopping again. I am sure now that I would have done so much better with the purple passion. Darn. Maybe next week.

Source by Terri MacKinnon-Cross

Fishing Vacations Destinations Advice and Guide

Fishing is a very relaxing sport and hobby for people of all ages. For those who are avid fishermen planning fishing vacations are the perfect way to be able to spend your free time enjoying this activity. There are some excellent places to go fishing for your vacation that will provide you with plenty of fish as well as some of the most beautiful landscaping you have ever seen.

If you enjoy fishing for trout then head to Montana it is a great location for fishing vacations. You can choose to fish on the shore or rent a boat for the day to take a fulfilled excursion for catching those fish. There are plenty of camp grounds, cabins, and even hotels in the areas surrounding the waters of Montana so you will be able to choose the accommodations that best suit you.

Amelia Island toward the tip of Florida is a very common location for fishing vacations. Make sure you plan this trip well in advance because because the accommodations and boats in the area tend to be booked months in advance. You will find plenty of amazing fish here because it is classified as a National Seashore Refugee. Some of the common fish found here include redfish, ladyfish, trout, and covia. It depends on the time of year when you fish at this location.

Idaho is a great vacation spot for families so why not do some fishing while you are there? Salmon and trout are quite plentiful in the many different waterways of Idaho. The best waterway to explore is the Clearwater River in Lewiston. You will have the best selection here if you plan your fishing vacations in the summer time. Another great choice in Idaho is Lake Pend Orielle if you plan a charter trip. The water is very deep and very cold so the conditions are perfect for catching Kamloop Trout.

Many people do not realize that Alaska is a great host for fishing vacations. Depending on the time of year that you travel there you can either fish in the open water or you will have to ice fish. Either way though being prepared to catch large salmon and halibut. The best destination in Alaska for fishing is called Sadie Cove and it can only be accessed by boat.

With so many great fishing locations out there to choose from there is no reason not to plan amazing fishing vacations. Choose the type of location you want to travel to as well as the type of fish you are interested in catching. Once you have those two things decided you can narrow down your fishing vacation choices.

Source by Chris Jonas

Catching More Fish

Is not this what we would all, as anglers, like to do. Catch more fish? Of course it is, and catching more fish can be more simple and easy than you might have imagined. In this article I'm going to reveal come simple tips and techniques that will help any angler in their pursuit of catching more fish.

The first thing to keep in mind is that almost every species of fish is heavily influenced my two forces of Mother Nature, and understanding this (and using this information to your advantage) is integral to catching more fish. Remember anyone can go out and chuck some bait or a lure in the water, but this most certainly doesnt mean that they'll catch fish. If you want to catch more fish, paying attention to Mother Nature is a key.

When I refer to the phrase 'Mother Nature', I'm referring specifically to the weather and moon. These two natural forces play a huge role in the behavior and feeding activity of fish. For example, fishing is always better when the moon is in certain phases. Fishing is also better after a certain type of front passes through your fishing area. Were you aware of this? Well, now you are and as you gain knowledge about the weather, moon, and fishing you will catch more fish.

How am I so sure of this? Because I've personally been using the weather and moon to my advantage for more than 20 years, and know how effective it is. For example, whenever there is a new moon, I'm on the water fishing. Fish always bite more read during the three to four days surrounding a new moon. The bottom line is that if you want to catch more fish, learn how the weather & moon affect fish and begin using this information to your advantage.

Another great tip that will help you catch more fish is to always make sure that your bait and / or lures appear as realistic as possible. This is why, if you're a bait fisherman, gang hooks should always be employed. Gang hooks are the best way to present live bait (especially worms) in a natural manner. If you're a bait fisherman, lures such at the KickTail Minnow should be employed. These lures are as realistic as can be found anywhere . Catching more fish is a ton easier when your offers are realistic.

Keep these simple tips and techniques in mind (and use them) and catching more fish will become much easier. Many times the simplest things in life are the most effective and fishing is no different. Keep it simple, study your craft, and above all spend as much time on the water as you possibly can. Keep these things in mind and catching more fish will become a cake walk.

Source by Trevor Kugler

Fishing Safety Reminders

Fishing is a relaxing hobby and even more fun to do when done with members of the family and loved ones during a short vacation or even over the weekends. It may seem not a very physical sport for most people, but similar to any other outdoor activities, fishing still requires safety. Nobody should ever compromise safety.

Primarily, before going out fishing, make sure that your outfit is just right for the activity. The weather should always be put in to account because you can never tell if the sun is going to be too hot or just right all day long. A sunny day may turn cloudy or even rainy so, it's advisable to always bring an extra something along. If it's the rainy season, always bring anything that can protect you from getting chilled.

In terms of handling your fishing equipment, extra precaution should always be observed. There have been too many accidents that happened in casting a fishing line. Either the one who casts the line gets into trouble or he gets someone in trouble. Check who or what's behind you first before casting your line with confidence in the water. Do not be too sure that there's nothing behind you (ei power line or a tree).

In placing your fishing rod on the ground, still do it carefully. Be sure you do not let someone else step on it as it is going to cause an accident. Keep an eye to where you leave your fishing equipment. In the event of removing a hook from the fish (if it becomes difficult to remove), do not force it with your bare hands. Use a hook disgorger to remove it from the fish or cut the line with scissors. A hook left with the fish will eventually loosen out.

Do not ever go fishing without a buddy or anyone who is experienced enough in fishing. You need to make sure that you have someone looking after you during the whole time you're fishing because you never know when a help of another person is going to come in handy.

Source by Shareen Aguilar