Catching Big Spring Bass On Little Baits

Matt and his Dad hit the water for some fun fishing but ended up catching BIG bass! Come along for the ride as they catch quality spotted bass and largemouth on finesse tackle.

Gear Shown In the Video…

Revenge Darthedz:
Coolbaits Underspin:
Keitech 2.8 and 3.3 Swimbait:
Alabama Rig:
Skinny Dipper Swimbait:
Matt Allen Swimbait Head:
Dry Creek Tube:
Tube Head:

Finesse Casting Setup…
Rod- NRX 852C JWR:
Reel- Aldabaran 50:
Line- 10 lb Braid:
Leader- 8 lb Mono:

Finesse Spinning Setup…
Rod- Dobyns 742:
Reel- Stradic CI4+ 2500:
Line- 10 lb Braided:
Leader- 8 lb Mono:

Net Used:
Camera Used:
Scale Used:

The key to success this day was locating an active, aggressive school of prespawn bass and then keep them biting by rotating baits and continuing to elicit enough bites to keep the schooling bass activated.

When targeting agressive prespawn fish in the Spring time its important to fish quickly and aggressively while the fish are actively feeding. Once they “cool off” give them a break for a few minutes then try to reactivate the school.

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