Catching More Fish

Is not this what we would all, as anglers, like to do. Catch more fish? Of course it is, and catching more fish can be more simple and easy than you might have imagined. In this article I'm going to reveal come simple tips and techniques that will help any angler in their pursuit of catching more fish.

The first thing to keep in mind is that almost every species of fish is heavily influenced my two forces of Mother Nature, and understanding this (and using this information to your advantage) is integral to catching more fish. Remember anyone can go out and chuck some bait or a lure in the water, but this most certainly doesnt mean that they'll catch fish. If you want to catch more fish, paying attention to Mother Nature is a key.

When I refer to the phrase 'Mother Nature', I'm referring specifically to the weather and moon. These two natural forces play a huge role in the behavior and feeding activity of fish. For example, fishing is always better when the moon is in certain phases. Fishing is also better after a certain type of front passes through your fishing area. Were you aware of this? Well, now you are and as you gain knowledge about the weather, moon, and fishing you will catch more fish.

How am I so sure of this? Because I've personally been using the weather and moon to my advantage for more than 20 years, and know how effective it is. For example, whenever there is a new moon, I'm on the water fishing. Fish always bite more read during the three to four days surrounding a new moon. The bottom line is that if you want to catch more fish, learn how the weather & moon affect fish and begin using this information to your advantage.

Another great tip that will help you catch more fish is to always make sure that your bait and / or lures appear as realistic as possible. This is why, if you're a bait fisherman, gang hooks should always be employed. Gang hooks are the best way to present live bait (especially worms) in a natural manner. If you're a bait fisherman, lures such at the KickTail Minnow should be employed. These lures are as realistic as can be found anywhere . Catching more fish is a ton easier when your offers are realistic.

Keep these simple tips and techniques in mind (and use them) and catching more fish will become much easier. Many times the simplest things in life are the most effective and fishing is no different. Keep it simple, study your craft, and above all spend as much time on the water as you possibly can. Keep these things in mind and catching more fish will become a cake walk.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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