Compersion & Metamours: Wry's Polytalks with Wicked, Nova, and Argent

Originally shot in March 2016, some details presented here regarding personal relationships are a bit out of date. A lot can happen in a year! The content was only recently mixed, edited, and ready for release in April 2017.

“PolyTalks and Wry Relationships” are guided open forums in a Q&A format. We explore Consensual Non-monogamy, Mono-Amory, Polyamory, Relationship Anarchy, DADT, swingers, BDSM, casual sex, non-exclusive dating, threesomes,and anything outside the realms of traditional monogamous heteronormativity.

♥ What do these lifestyles look like?
♥ How do you practice them in the most ethical way?
♥ What are the pitfalls, pros, and cons?
♥ What are you personally struggling with right now?

Under the umbrella of Relationship Positivity, we celebrate, validate, and discuss a full spectrum of options and love styles.

Participation in the conversation is highly encouraged in this Q&A format. Wry and our special guests discuss your interests, questions, and issues.

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Bio of the host and moderator:

Wry has featured as a speaker or panelist at the following:
– As part of the Burning Man community, Wry is a co-founder and host of the FUNgeon at KinkySalonLA.
– A leader of Sex Positive LA’s monthly CRUSH socials.
– International Polyamory Conference 2015 at Berkeley
– SPLA’s Redefining Sex in the 21st Century held at UCLA
– Psychology of Close Relationships course at Harvey Mudd College
– Human Sexuality course at Chapman University
– Infinite Love Community
– Hacienda Villa of NYC
– DomCon LA
– The Stockroom
– Pleasure Chest
– Playboy-Vivid Radio
– Loving Without Boundaries Podcast
– Dr. Susan Block Show
– Dr. Leanna Wolfe’s Sex and Culture Salon
– Kink Weekly

Wry has appeared on Playboy-Vivid Radio on shows hosted by Mika Tan, SWING with Siri Pornstar, and Night Calls with Christy Canyon and Nikki Hunter. He was first special guest on the new Loving Without Boundaries Podcast hosted by Kitty Chambliss. Wry and his girlfriends appeared together on the infamous Dr. Susan Block Show, which may be the longest running sexual oriented show on the air. As part of the Burning Man community, Wry is a co-promoter of Kinky Salon LA and host of their fetish FUNgeon play area. Each month, Wry host’s CRUSH events, intended for members of Sex Positive LA to gather and socialize and for the curious to find out what SPLA is all about.

As an active participant and Dominant in the BDSM fetish community, Wry is an exhibitionist and performer throughout Los Angeles, including: Sanctuary LAX, DomCon, Lair De Sade, Bordello of Decadence, Bondage Ball, Stockroom, Bar Sinister, Batcave, RUIN, Rapture, Noize Factory, Eros, Fetish Ball, Perish’s Studio 69 and various V Society events. He can occasionally be seen on stage in San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas as well.