Crooked Creek Smallmouth Bass Fishing

My brothers and I went for a trip during the summer of 2016 to fish Crooked Creek, Arkansas. The small mouth in this creek are native to Arkansas and we enjoyed catching them. We stayed at the White River Campgrounds just up from the access we fished for a couple of nights. Due to the higher water we were limited on where we could go, despite the high water we still caught some smallies. Drop a like and subscribe.

Rod: G Loomis E6X 6’6″ Medium Fast Action Casting
Reel: Shimano Citica 201HG 7.2:1
Line: 40lb PowerPro Braid
Leader: 12lb Fluorocarbon

Jig Setup:
Jig: Bass Patrol Football Jig 1/4 oz.
Trailer: Reaction Innovation Smallie Beaver in Corndog

Dropshot setup:
Weight: 1/8oz Voss Straight Finesse Drop Shot Weight
Hook: Big Bite Finesse Worm20 Size 2
Tube: Strike King Bitsy Tube in Green Pumpkin

The big fish was caught with:
Carolina Rig Setup:
Worm: Yum Dinger 5in in Watermelon Seed
Hook: 4/0 EWG VMC Worm Hook
Weight: 1/4oz Lead Pinch Weight

ALL my baits were dipped in JJ’s Magic Dippin’ Dye Clear

GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Sony ExmorR SteadyShot HDR AS15

Editing Software: GoPro Studio

Music: Free with YouTube


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