Tried-out a DIY spinnerbait that I created using a Do-It kit and immediately ran into some action. However, my GoPro battery was drained from this morning’s somewhat uneventful fishing trip, so I didn’t have enough to get me through much of my evening trip. I apologize for using my somewhat-lame iPhone SE camera for the remaining video, but it was my only option at the time.



Date: 8-8-2017
Temperature: 75 degrees
Cloud Cover: sunny
Water Clarity: clear


Fishing Equipment:

Rod & Reel Setup: Pflueger President spinning combo
Line: 8 lb Trilene XL monofilament (clear)
Lure(s)/Rig: DIY Do-It spinnerbait



Primary Filming: GoPro Hero 3+ Silver and iPhone SE
Still Photos: iPhone SE


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