Dollar Tree Style Catch and Cook Fish In The Wild Largemouth Bass

In this video I catch a largemouth bass and cook dinner in the wild using things from the Dollar Tree. I show you everything you need to grill your fish on the open fire in the wilderness. We also take a trip to the Dollar Tree to purchase all of the components needed to prepare and cook the bass.

The ideas in this video will work for any type of grilling you might decide to do in the woods while fishing, hiking or camping. The great thing about the package I assembled from the Dollar Tree is it fit perfectly in my standard sized backpack.

Here are the things I purchased to make this catch and cook fish a success:

1. A two pack of aluminum pans $1

2. Seasoning $1

3. Two pack of grill grates $1

4. Lighter $1

5. Two spoon combo $1

6. Knife for filleting the fish $1

Total spent on grilling supplies was $6 plus tax…

I also purchase some chips and a drink making the total meal $8.56.

Here’s the best part of all of the items I purchased, I get to use the knife, grill grates, lighter, seasoning and spoons over and over again…

This is the freshest fish I’ve grilled in a very long time. In the video you’ll see that the large mouth bass I caught and cooked was right out of the water.

To date of all the videos I’ve made, this one ranks at the top of the list for fun adventures. The weather was perfect for having a cook out in the wilderness!


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