Dr.Fish Assorted 3 Fishing Lure Crankbaits Rattlin Bait VIB Lipless Sinking 60mm 7g Chrome Smallmouth Bass Redfish With Lure Box

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5 excellent freshwater fishing hardbaits.
– The most productive color: chrome
– High quality laser painting
– Accurate diving depth
– Seductive swimming action in water
– Loaded in lure box
It is a fishing-ready lure set

Flat-side Crank | 2-3/8″|1/4oz |0—5ft
Long Lip Fry |3″ |1/5oz | 0—8 1/6ft
Lipless Fin Crank |3-1/7″ |1/3oz | Sinking
Long Lip Crank | 2-2/5″| 1/5oz |2.0—11.5 ft
Lipless VIB |2-2/5″ | 1/4oz | Sinking
BLACK-SILVER natural pattern.Seductive bright reflection in both clear and mucky water.
Long casting, sink fast and great action at different retrieve rates.
Productive at catching bass, walleye, bluegill, perch, crappie,bream…
Could use it for lake, rive…all kinds of freshwater condition, and nearshore
Rattlers inside, NBS plated treble hooks.2.4″ including hooks. 1/4 oz. Sinking. Pack of 3.

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