Fishing in a Volcano

Welcome to a new adventure into the interior of Costa Rica as we set off on a new fishing adventure! We are targeting machaca, a member of the pirahna family and guapote, also known as jaguar cichlids or rainbow bass on a river system in Costa Rica.

This is an all new adventure with our friends Mark, Aaron and Wilmer all of whom are all residents of Costa Rica as we target some exotic new species while we get to do some fishing in the rainforest.

At the end of part 3, we spot BIG tarpon up in the Sarapiqui River with plans to return on this day to target them. However, heavy overnight rains raised the river by 15-20 feet and made that impossible. We make the call to explore a new body of water that sits inside an active volcano!

Wilmer has seen BIG Guapote aka Rainbow Bass come from this secluded body of water so we set off on an adventure as we 4 wheel it down about a mile into the caldera.

Stay tuned as this adventure moves back to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the next episode! #PuraVida

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Video has become one of the most valuable learning tools in fishing, as important to learn from as watching “tape” is in any sport. The only thing that beats it is actually LIVING it.

Cameras used – GoPro Hero 6

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Sunline PEx8 50lb Braid

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