“Ghost Rod” the winner of the Bounty Hunter Fishing Competition winner sponsored by MNZ

“Ghost Rod” the winner of the Bounty Hunter Fishing Competition winner sponsored by MNZ.
Congratulations to the creators of “Ghost Rod — fishermen wearing lifejackets while fishing LEGEND ” who win $3000 for a “very creative and funny” on-the-water take off of “Ghost Chips”. The Bounty Hunter Fishing Tournament video competition, held in Coromandel, was sponsored by Maritime New Zealand.

“We know guys think they’re bulletproof. But by wearing lifejackets, avoiding alcohol, taking 2 forms of communication and checking the marine weather — you’re more likely to get home with yourself and your fish in one piece,” says MNZ Education and Communications Manager Pania Shingleton.

MNZ thanks all 7 crews who entered and challenges other fishers to load a good video to our site of people wearing lifejackets while having fun “catching big fish”. MNZ is also proud to sponsor TV3’s Big Angry Fish show and jointly promote boat safety and lifejackets.

Also check out the Bounty Hunter website at The entries were of pretty good standard and judged on quality/creativity, wearing lifejackets, best/biggest fish, demonstrating boat safety, and views and “likes” on YouTube.

Disclaimer: The views presented in these competition entries are those of the contest submitters and do not necessarily reflect those of Maritime New Zealand. Any mention of commercial enterprises, organisations, or other publications does not mean Maritime New Zealand endorses them.

If you’ve got any boat safety or lifejacket footage (prefer HD) that we could use on this site contact John at info@nzvideoproduction.com.