When the water gets cold, it seems to trigger a feeding frenzy. So, if anglers choose to brave the conditions, great largemouth bass (and other species) fishing often awaits! This cold water (est 45 degrees) float tube adventure takes place in a four acre Missouri Department of Conservation pond in Henry County, Missouri in November, 2017. The video has two parts. In Part One, a Cavitron buzzbait entices explosive top water action in shallow water over hydrilla. In Part Two, hungry bass clobber 3-Inch Fat Shads in and around trees and brush. These two lures are typical of the many fine products you will find at the MegaStrike website including soft plastics, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and more. Be sure to check it out:
Music by permission from Danielle Lowe. Additional music by freeplaymusic.