Heavy Metal Landscapes – The Life and Work of an Artist-Farmer

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In this half-hour-documentary, shot in full HD, the engaging, down to earth Annabel Nowlan relates the story of her journey from running an out-back farm to becoming one of Australia’s most celebrated artists.

Putting skills she learned as a farmer to good use, Annabel works in copper and aluminium, etching, riveting, welding and corroding the metal. The materials are hard and tough to manipulate, yet the works are soft, tender, thought provoking with historical insights and a wry sense of humour. She now lives in Melbourne and her work, informed by her life on the land, is sought after by major galleries and art lovers around the country. She is passionate about this history of the land, ecology and Aboriginal culture.

Galleries now clamber to show her unique work, which is sold to eager collectors around the country.