Holly Willoughby hit by claims she dropped the C-bomb live on This Morning by cheeky viewers – 247 N

Holly Willoughby was hit by claims from cheeky This Morning viewers that she dropped the C-bomb during Tuesday’s episode of the show.The alleged gaffe happened during a segment on prams with presenter Alice Beer, with playful viewers taking to social media saying they thought Holly, 37, had accidentally uttered an expletive live on-air.Alice, 52, was on the show to discuss high-end prams which may be an option for Prince William and Kate Middleton, who welcomed their second son on Monday, As the group looked at prams, the group went over the various pricey options ranging from £1,600 to £680.Blonde beauty Holly, who has three children, then said she was impressed with Kate’s skills when it came to steering prams.Holly admitted she wasn’t sure which pram the royal couple were using and clearly told Alice and Phil: ‘It could have been a click clunk one’.Her co-host Phil was seen cracking a wry smile after she spoke, with a few cheeky fans taking to social media to question whether she had indeed dropped an expletive.One baffled fan wrote: ‘did holly just say a click c*** one?’ Another viewer quickly responded: ‘that’s what I heard’ in the immediate aftermath.Another viewer tweeted:’How did @schofe hold it together when @hollywills drops the C bomb on live TV?! I take my hat off to you!’ However another fan jumped to Holly’s defence and wrote: ‘She didn’t, it sounded like she did but she didn’t.She said click, clunk one.’ A representative for This Morning declined to comment when approached by MailOnline.