How Do I Get a Popular Guy to Notice Me? Here is How to Easily Catch His Attention

When you are attracted towards a person who is very popular in your office or at the college, and if you want him to like you then the first step is to be very confident and sure of yourself. With some efforts from your side you can definitely make it like you.

Be positive – – Be sure about yourself. You can definitely make your presence felt with your attitude. A positive attitude can change your life for the better. Plan your strategy with confidence and there is no reason why you should not win.

He should know you – – Does he know you yet? If not then make sure it does as soon as possible. Pass by him a few times without chasing to look at him. Gradually, show him that you recognize him and give him a big smile. This is possible if you cross him every day at some point. Otherwise it does not make sense wasting six visits just for a smile.

Talk to him – After smiling at him a few times, if he still does not recognize you or talk to you, you can approach him directly and make conversation. It can be just a pleasantry like how are you? Or nice shirt! Or even a comment on the weather.

Show him your confidence – Be confident about everything including the power of your smile and your clothes. The way you walk and talk should reflect your level of confidence.

Look into his eyes When you come face to face with him be sure to look into his eyes without being enamored by his popularity or looks. Act normal with him. Do not treat or talk to him like he is a super hero. Take care not to mesmerized by his popularity.

Surprise him Surprise him by showing him that you are not in awe of him. Show him you can not be impressed by any man so easily. Show him that you are highly knowledgeable by talking about a few things you know he is interested in. Finding out his likes and preferences requires quite a lot of home work.

Work on your looks – If you see him everyday then you must ensure that you look good and well groomed. Take good care of health, fitness and appearance. Check every small detail before you step out for the day. Guys who are popular are very conscious about their appearance and love spending time with like-minded people.

Source by Krista Hiles

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