How to Catch Muskies Under Tough Conditions! + Post-Spawn Largemouth Bass

Musky fishing during a brutal cold front can, at times, be downright miserable! And under the toughest conditions, convincing a musky to follow or even look at your lure can seem impossible. The good news is that there is a pattern overlooked by a great majority of anglers and it is deadly under just these conditions!

Targeting muskies holding on hard-bottom, rock structure is a surefire way to stack the odds in your favor during a cold front and it will have you holding more muskies for photo-shoots when other anglers are headed back to the landing empty handed. Check out this video for a look at my technique and theory behind targeting rock structure muskies during cold fronts.

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Early June is a time of the season that I truly look forward to for chasing largemouth bass and northern pike. Fresh off the spawn largemouth bass will leave their shallow nesting areas and cruise the weed flats aggressively in search of food. Throwing a swim jig allows you to safely fish through even the thickest of cover to hook up with largemouths, pike, walleyes and any predator feeding in the weeds.

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Thumbnail by: Mike Richardson

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