How to Stay Motivated With All These End of the World Predictions


If you're going to make it in this life, you're going to need a few skills that are not taught in any university nor Bible school.

Inevitably, you're going to grow up, you're going to grow old.

Enjoy family life, family dinners and gatherings at Christmas.

Some things in life can and will change so quickly, your head will spin. Sometimes you get to leave certain things and people behind which you can never retrieve nor pick up again, ever. And most of the time, it hurts. Start planning at a young age; you can never go back in time. If your parents can not seem to settle down in life, opt for a boarding house and STAY PUT. Nothing denies your life more than moving around all the time. Grow with the people around you, grow into them (providing that they are the kind of people that you really want to surround yourself with) and allow them to grow into you.

NEVER give up on your dreams; the Dream Giver did not waste His time giving you that dream. If you fail at times, and you will, get up and keep moving forward. Whenever you succeed, and yes, you will do that too, do not get stuck on it, take a day or two to drink it in and start planning your next project.

Getting back to family, nothing on planet earth is more important than family. You do not have them with you forever; make it your mission to build good, wholesome memories.

When people do you wrong, forgive them, but you do not ever become their training ground for abuse. Set clear boundaries. People do not always understand the concept of boundaries; never hesitate to explain it to them in crystal clear terms.

Choose a career that will not swallow up all of your time nor take you out of your house for days on end. Also, no one with financial security will ever have sleepless nights about the future; someone or something else might keep you up. The world and the economy are changing, keep up and keep track. The World Wide Web is gaining ground like never before in the workplace. It's true what your mother said, do not trust strangers. That goes twice in the workforce. It is only on a rare occasion that other people are solely out to help you, without helping them first, no matter how the package comes. That however, should not stop you from being a world changer and really start helping out in the world. You might have heard it before; the world will never be the same again. Embrace it, do not fear it. Once again, keep moving forward.

Religion should have no place in your life, however, a living relationship with Jesus, His Father and the Holy Spirit will add meaning to your life. Your true purpose in life can only be found in Him. I'm not a 'turn or burn' preacher; there is no fear in love. A good, loving local church offers the security and the love of an extended family, along with a good, wholesome alternative to your social structure. Getting involved by serving on a board or joining the worship band is not a bad idea; just make sure that it does not rob you of family time.

When you get to the married life, take time to listen to your wife, she might just save your life / lives. They were born with a spiritual radar – never to be underestimated. Your wives are pillows of strength in your house, but treat them as fragile. And wives, your husbands will always want to provide for their families. And they hate to tell you that there is no money for whatever you want to do / buy at the time. Just something to keep in mind. Oh, here's a little secret, we (as husbands) want to win your hearts every day! That's right, everyday. The only problem is that some of us need a little help in the being romantic department and whenever we feel that we're not successful at that, we might start to panic something. Not that it should concern the wives, this is our battle.

Source by Chris Avenant

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