Clarke Co. Bass Fishing

On this segment of Mississippi Outdoors TV, we went bass fishing in Clarke County. Producer: Rusty Bush Videographer: Rusty Bush Editor: Larry Uelmen source

Ohio River Bass Fishing

Fun trip to the Ohio River for my birthday. Catching a big smallie sure is a great present! As always please like and subscribe! source

Compatible Tank mates for Betta Fish (Collab)

Today we look at what fish are compatible for betta fish to live with. Not all Bettas will accept tank mates but many will. These fish are my top 5 fish to live with betta fish. Platies, Cory, Harlequin Rasboras, Otocinclus and clown plecos. These fish have all lived peacefully with many of my betta […]

Como se livrar do torcicolo?

O torcicolo é uma contração involuntária dos músculos do pescoço. O médico Dr. Alfredo Salim Helito explica sobre o sintoma e possíveis causas. source

Concrete Nightstand with a Live Edge Walnut Drawer

This nightstand consists of an outer concrete shell that was formed with legos and a wood drawer that is faced with a piece of live edge walnut. This is the project that I am most proud of aesthetically. I don’t often use hardwoods in my projects since it is expensive but this piece of live […]

Spotted Bass getting Hyphy in Norcal – Alabama Rig Beatdown

We out here still feelin’ ourselves…Having a good time with our friends Matt T. (Boston) and Jason S. (Kentucky) fishing the Hog Farmer Bait Co Harvester Alabama Rig, rigged with Warbaits Leadheads and the Megabass 4 and 5 inch spark shads. This is just a fun edit showcasing 3 friends having a good time on […]



Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Report Bass Champs Practice

Toledo Bend tournament practice, getting ready for the Bass Champs next weekend. Bass fishing on Toledo February 2020, lake is still a couple of feet low, water in the 50’s, fishing still pretty tough overall. I am a long-term tournament angler, won a few Angler of the Year titles including the Cowboy BFL, and a […]

Matsya Avatar Story of Lord Vishnu


Catch Fish From Flooded Paths After a Big Storm

In this video I target an extremely flooded river / creek in search of predatory fish like pike, perch, chub, holding in the slack waters. Paths, drains and bridges were the target areas. Some nice fish caught. Hope you guys enjoy. source

Catching PIGS and PIGS!!! Bulshoek South-Africa(Bass Fishing)

Caught a ton of fish but nothing in the giant category but still it was a lot of fun. Big shout out for the next sponsors who make these videos a possibility: -Fishman Tackle Distributors -KirMit Kickboats -Bassmob Clothing -Secret Tackle Box Filming gear used: huawei p30 pro gopro hero 4 silver gopro hero 5 […]

[Bass Fishing 루어에디션#58]일반인 스키핑 교정하기! 백 스키핑과 피칭 액션 (LUNKER MEGABASS staff)

[런커 메가배스 김성남 스태프와 함께하는 배스 루어 낚시] 장비문의와 기타 낚시 문의는 [런커몰]과 [루어에디션]에 하시면 친절히 안내해드립니다 런커몰 에서 확인하세요 런커몰 주소 – 경기도 용인시 기흥구 신정로 270-68(주)런커 상담시간 평일 : 10:30 ~21:00 (점심시간 12:00~13:00) 주말(공휴일) : 10:30~18:00 루어에디션 – 김성남의 루어낚시 전문점 문의전화 070-8929-7308 / 경남 김해시 번화1로124번길 6 #배스#런커#런커몰#메가배스#김성남#루어에디션#bass#lure#fishing#낚시#MEGABASS source

Wah!Banana O'Clock – Fish AMA

Is Fish back? Filmed by: Jason @jasonkokotan Edited by: Jaron @Jaron_boey Starring: Fish @maxzzie We’re on Facebook! Twitter/Instagram @wahbananasg source

Ron Paul Mania In New Hampshire

Ron Paul mania has arrived, and is here to stay. The very media that continues to insist that Ron Paul cannot win and has no chance whatsoever is now creating havoc on the trail as they jockey among each other trying to get close to him. source

DIY Sideboard Cabinet | How to Build

Detailed blog post with plans available – SUBSCRIBE – Tools Used: Kreg Jig – Shelf pin drilling jig – Face clamp – Parallel clamps – How to get perfect inset drawer fronts VIDEO – Turning your own drawer pulls – Making custom cabinet door knobs – I’d love your support on Patreon! __ SUBSCRIBE to […]

The Fish of 10000 casts – musky fishing fails

Every single fish we catch is captured “Cast to Catch”, almost always with multiple angles. Or in this case, almost captured. Here is some RAW footage for you to gain some insight on the sequences that comprise the content here at Big Bass Dreams. Here we’re fishing with Louie who traveled to Wisconsin to fish […]

Ice fishing in Omaha Nebraska (Small pond big bass)

Jake (West O angling) and i were able to get out on the hard water on Saturday and it was a blast! We got on a good multi species bite and tore it up! Thanks for watching! A new video will be up later this week so stay tuned! Don’t forget about the SLX DC […]

Biggest Bass ever caught on the NEW Color!

GIANT FISH in THICK GRASS on Lake Okeechobee..Flipping the color puts a DONK in the boat. Team SMC Sponsors and shoutouts ⬇️ Follow LunkersTV – Favorite Rods – 🔥 Team SMC Hats and Shirts – – Check out the New DONK,DONK,DONK Shirt💥 Thanks for all the support! TeamSMC👊🏼 🔥 Follow me on FishBrain – 🔥 […]

Kid Rock – All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

The Official Music Video for Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” off his album ROCK N ROLL JESUS Go behind-the-scenes of “All Summer Long” here: Watch the best Kid Rock videos on YouTube here: Official website: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe: source

Pooping on a Bass Boat…

Knowing when to move to a new area or change baits is just a feeling much like having to go boo boo. Something inside of you just starts says you have to go or change. I hope this analogy helps you understand when to change areas or baits while fishing. 🛑Tickets to SUF School 🛑The […]

Catching Big Bass on Lake Hartwell