Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips!

Largemouth Bass are well known for their great size and their ability to fight back when hooked by taking powerful runs and escaping by covering under weed beds or submerged logs which is where they like to hide anyway. There are many tips and tricks to learn to pull them out of these hiding places.

It is a sport to catch Black bass, events such as tournaments are organized in several states. There is an organization know the Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society, aka B.A.S.S. that promotes a lot of these tournaments. But there are also many different local clubs that have their own tournaments as well.

Here are a couple really basic bass fishing tips.

As you know, there is a lot of fishing gear related to bass fishing including rods, reels, lines, lures, electronic depth and fish-finding instruments drift boats, float tubes, and specialized bass boats. And it is the mixture of both the fishing equipment and tips which give us desired results. Largemouth Bass are a pretty unique fish and have many specific traits enabling anglers to develop and share many tips and tricks related to bass fishing.

One of the most important tips is being aware of the facts that the Black bass are so very sensitive to foreign scents and chemicals. So extreme care should be taken for handling the fishing equipment like reels, rods, baits, and also we should not wear any strong scents on our body, especialy our hands, because of our handling of the line and lures or baits like, golden shiners, plastic worms and spinners.

Another important Bass fishing tips includes knowing the habitat and the location so that you can properly use specific baits and techniques. It is a mix of both experience and strategy which can give you the best results when you are out for fishing bass.

These are just very basic tips but there are so many more tips and tricks that will help in catching more and bigger bass.

The amount of success depends on factors like habitat, density of bass in the habitat, location, time of the day and fishing skills of the fisherman. These are all very important factors that pro’s have developed their tips and tricks from.

Where Can I get More Bass Fishing Tips?

There are many resources for bass fishing tips. One of the best resources seems to be the hardest to get, and that is from your local bass anglers. They want to keep their tips a secret to keep it to their advantage.

Most of your local sporting good shops and book stores have DVD’s and /or Text books with a lot of Bass fishing tips. There are many websites that have videos, articles, forums, and eBooks available that are loaded with bass fishing tips and tricks that are very helpful.

Even if you are an experienced bass angler finding new tips and tricks will increase your ability to find and catch more and bigger bass. More and bigger catches = more fun! RIGHT?

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Kayak Bass Fishing with the FLW Champion

I got to put John Cox into a Kayak for his first time and he didn’t disappoint. That man can flat out catch the big one. This is bass fishing at it’s finest.

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COLD Winter Fishing – Bass Beatdown!!

Cold water cranking, does it get any better? Truly apologize for the lack of variety in the videos lately, with this weather this lake is really my only option to catch a fish right now.

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WTH is in this Bass? Bass Fishing Tips

Watch and learn how to use a Texas rig! Its so simple, yet so effective. A must know for all anglers.
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Iowa Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Good day for a few hours of fishing. Caught a 4, 3.5, and a few 2 pounders. Using 1/8 to 1/4 jig with a tube. Also used a texas rig with a plastic worm. Fish caught early August. Thanks for watching please comment, like, and subscribe. More Smallmouth to come.


Jig Fishing Basics – A Schooling Bass, Deep Water, Big Fish Technique

Lure: Dirty Jig
Trailer: Netbait
Rod: 7′ G. Loomis IMX
Reel: Lews Team Pro
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono

In my opinion, Dirty jigs are the best on the market. They have the best color combinations as well as a unique two tone jig head. Pair them with Netbait Paca craws or Keitech Swing Impact trailers and you have a perfect jig.

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Giant Bass Eats a Mouse. Top Water Bass Fishing with a Field Mouse.

Lure: Field Mouse
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid
Reel: Lews Team Pro
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono

I had a blast filming this video of these bass attacking the top water mouse. I wanted to see if the fish here in Alabama would eat a swimming mouse, and these big bass proved that a mouse wouldn’t stand a chance swimming across a lake.

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Double 9 pound largemouth Big Bass Dreams style with Undercover Sportsman

I flew down to Austin Texas to fish with #TeamUCS Angler Oliver NGY of Big Bass Dreams this week. It did not disappoint. Oliver is known for guiding clients into giant Largemouth Bass and that is exactly the reason I made the long journey. To have a chance at breaking my personal best of 5lbs. While I had high hopes, I never could have imagined that I would slam two 9lb Largemouth Bass in the same day. But I did.

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