California Bass Fishing: The Colorado River

*Bass Catching begins 7:50
Well guys, I’ve been in Southern California for about 3 weeks now and this was the second time I’ve gone fishing. The first time I went to Perris Lake without much luck, and unfortunately, most of the lakes around me (most are 1.5-2 hours away) ban the use of sit on top kayaks (and the crazy thing is, sit ins ARE allowed!). Apparently (according to them) sit on tops allow easy access to the water for it to be handled or touched which would possibly result in contamination as well as that they are self bailing. Yes, sit in kayaks as well as motor boats including bass boats and pontoons are allowed on these waters. Makes sense, it would be very challenging for individuals in those types of vessels to be in contact with the water LOL. Okay, rant over.
Anyways, without many other options for bass fishing in the desert, the next best place based on my research would be the Colorado River. By no means a closer option (about 100 miles away from me) but I can actually fish there without worrying about getting in trouble. In the end I was glad I made the trip. I learned a lot about the river and I think I may have found my “1-day-a-week-fishing-spot”.
This videos a little longer than normal as I decided to document most of my day but hope you guys enjoy!

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Catching The Prehistoric “DRAGON FISH”

Part 2 for ya fish ass! Sorry for the tease at the end, THIS video contains the action you’ve been waiting for. Peric and I encounter our first EVER native Amazonian peacock bass along with a special surprise at the end!

Song: Triton (soundcloud)

List of Fish caught in this video..
-Speckled Peacock bass
-Butterfly Peacock bass
-(almost) Pink dolphin
–Young Plugg

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3 GOONS Pick My Fishing Lures (HUGE MISTAKE!!!)

I’m in WalMart and I’m letting 3 GOONS pick my fishing lures, but can I complete this bass fishing challenge???
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Baitman Live Episode 22: Bass Fishing with Big Worms! Rigging and Styles

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BIG BASS! Deer Me! (Belly Boat)

Aug 2008. No crappie.
However, lots of bass participated in chasing spinner baits and jig/critter craw. Saw lots of deer on the drive out.

It was getting near dark when I left and quite a few of the large herd of deer in the conservation area/park were out and about. Many people go down there around 7 p.m. just to see all the deer; it is quite the sight.


Urban Creek Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Central Ohio urban creek fishing! Let’s go fishing for smallmouth bass in a local stream! As always we’ll teach you how to catch more fish. Tune in to find out what bait we’re using to turn on the spring smallie bite!

Conditions: 79 degrees, light wind, partly cloudy, very clear water.

First bass: 2:36
Second bass: 4:05
Cool darter: 6:04
Third bass: 6:27
Final bass: 7:17

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