Flippin’ and Pitchin’ How To Catch Bass – 1506

Do you like to fish in tight cover? Do you like to Flip and Ptich for bass? If so you’ll like this episode of Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook that talks about everything from choosing line, hooks, baits, rods, reels and more to help you better understand how to fish shallow and deep for bass when it comes to flipping and pitching

Some of the things you will see and learn on Cabela’s Fishermans Handbook. How to bass fish, how to use soft plastics, worms, topwaters, crankbaits and more. Smallmouth bass fishing, largemouth bass fishing, spotted bass fishing. How to use GPS to find fishing locations. How to learn to use electronics for fishing. What is needed to learn to bass fish. Learning to bass fish, tying fishing knots. How to sight fish, fishing for bass, how to flip and pitch. How to choose a fishing rod and reel. What is best fishing rod to use for bass and more on just fishing.


Creek Fishing Smallmouth Bass -Topwater ?!?!

Today we went back out to our normal spot where we smallmouth bass fish and absolutely killed them on topwater. I started with the 1 dollar Bass Pro Shops popper. The hooks when you get these baits are very bad, so i changed them to laser eye hooks and it definitely made a difference. My dad was running with a white buzzbait and got some big bass on that was well. All in all it was a great evening for topwater, and we will be back here very soon. Make sure to Like Comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!
Bass Pro Shops 1$ Popper
Natural color
White quarter ounce buzzbait
ST CROIX TRIUMPH-Medium Heavy 6’6”
ST CROIX TRIUMPH-medium Light 6’6”
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Snapchat: Kyle_blazina
Periscope: @HookThemFish


BIG bass eats bass

Fishing at Snell’s Greenhouse I hooked a 8-12″ bass, while reeling him in a HUGE bass decided to eat him. First upload, so sorry for the quality. I will get better


Live Bait vs Artificial Bait Competition: Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Hello folks, this week we have a video on fishing for smallmouth bass using artificial bait and live bait. Antonio baits up with live baits and takes on Ivo and Phil who bait up using artificial bait. The competition: the first to get a smallmouth bass to bite.

We hope you enjoy this smallmouth bass video.

Until next time, good luck, and good fishin’!


Fall Jig Fishing Docks and Laydowns ~ Tips and Bass Action

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