Jigging with the New Bucktail Flexi-Jigs to Catch Sea Bass, Tautog, Scup, and Bluefish

Hello folks. Today we’re very excited to share with you a brand new version of the familiar Flexi-Jig – the new Bucktail Flexi-Jig! Due to popular demand the … source

Bank Fishing with a Chatterbait (Bass Fishing Lures for Beginners)

I set out to do some early morning bank fishing. Little did I know that the Chatterbait would be the hot lure for the day. The chatterbait is an easy lure for … source

HS BASS Nation Percy Priest Lake Part 2

Follow the high school anglers as the tour stops at Percy Priest Lake in middle Tennessee. Lots of smiling faces and happy anglers! source


Jim hooks up with Grandt Rods Pro-Staffer Brian Belevendar to catch small mouth under some changing conditions. This is a very educational show on how and … source

Clown Knife Fish and Largemouth Bass in South Florida

Clowning Around – Capt Blair Wiggins goes bucket list fishing for the clown knife fish and big largemouth bass in Lake Ida, South Florida with Capt Kevin … source

How to catch bass ice fishing

Even though ice fishing is a lot of fun, catching panfish gets old after a while. Here are my four tips to catch largemouth bass during the hardwater season. source

Guntersville Flipping for Giant Bass – Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle is back on Lake Guntersville with The Bass University. In this bass fishing video class ( the full 1hr+ video is available to subscribers at … source

SNEAKING into SECRET Bass Fishing Ponds! Almost Caught Exploring Backwoods Hospital

Myself and some friends went exploring a backwoods hospital in search of some secret bass fishing ponds and were almost caught! Exploring for new bass … source

Avena Jumping In For a Bass | Stage One Lake Eufaula

You ever get a 4-pounder hung up in 55-degree water? Next time you do, just call Adrian Avena and he’ll go in and get it! Adrian Avena, the founding father of … source

BASS Nation Glenbawn dam 2017 – Bass Fishing – Dean Silvester

BASS Nation Glenbawn dam 2017 – Bass Fishing – Dean Silvester A quick version of the weigh in and a bit of insight into how i caught the big bass that … source

Smallmouth Jerkbait Tips with Bass Pro Bill Lowen

Hook Shots host Joe Cermele joins Elite Series Bass Pro Bill Lowen on Lake Erie near Buffalo, New York, to learn a few tricks for turning smallmouth bass on … source

10 LB BASS! 2020 BASS Elite Series! Personal Best! Make Or Break Event 1:4.

Untamed Tackle 2020 BASSMASTER ELITE SERIES PRO Follow along my journey as I attempt to catch trophy bass, hone my craft, entertain, and share my … source

Big Bass Catch MLF Vs BASS Controversial Commentary Plus Arkansas Bass Fishing

This video has a little bit of everything! It contains a big bass catch, some MLF/BASS commentary, and a shout to Arkansas bass circuits! This is mostly an … source

HIS BIGGEST BASS EVER!?!/Sam Rayburn/Spring Bass Fishing

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How to Fish Ned Rigs for Bass

Managing Editor Walker Smith wasn’t a big fan of light-line bass fishing before this day, but a desperate experimentation with the Ned Rig proved to be one of … source

WE WON!!! First Bass Fishing Tournament of the Year!

Hopped in the first local tournament of the year and got the W! Follow along as we break down this tough body of water. New? Subscribe and help me reach … source

High School BASS Nation Chicamauga Lake Segment 2

Follow the High School BASS Nation anglers as they compete on Chickamauga Lake! source

FISHING DOPE Lake Washington smallmouth bass fishing (華盛頓湖岸釣 50CM 小嘴鱸)


Targeting Largemouth Bass in Weeds on Crankbaits – Facts of Fishing THE SHOW

Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer explains the importance of using a soft rod when targeting largemouth … source

Catching BIG fish with Small fish (How to catch stripped bass)

In this video we caught bait to liveline for big stripped bass inMaryland. If you liked the video please leave a like and comment. Don’t forget to subscribe! I upload … source

Crankbait Tricks For Spring Bass Fishing (Everything You Need To Know)

No secrets are safe in today’s in-depth look at Spring crankbait fishing! From shallow square bills to deep diving cranks, from bright red crawdad colors to water … source