BASS FISHING TIPS PLASTIC WORMS: How to catch bass on plastic worms

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Plastic worms catch more bass than any other bait.

Do you use  worms for bass fishing? If you don’t, you should work on learning to fish worms. If you want to be the best bass fisherman you can be, you need to learn to fish worms. If you already use worms, learn to use the best techniques and tricks to be your best.

There are hundreds of styles of plastic worms and other plastic baits. They come in hundreds of colors and there are many ways to rig the worms and soft plastics for catching bass. How do you determine what is the best style, the best colors and the best rigs to catch the most bass?

What type of equipment do you use?

Should you use bait casting gear, or should you use spinning gear?

What colors should you use to catch bass and when?

There are so many choices of colors, which ones are the best for what type of water and weather conditions?

Which rigs should you use in different types of cover?

Sandy flats, thick weeds, flooded timber, boat docks, etc. Bass love all these places to ambush their food, what is the best way to catch them in the different types of cover?

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Bass Fishing Motivation; Be Prepared to be Inspired!

Bass Fishing Motivation; Be Prepared to be Inspired!

A thank you to my son, Westin Yancey for never letting go of his dreams!

I am ‘speechless’ and ‘humbled’ when I listen to people like this!

Pity the human being whose ‘hair on their neck’ doesn’t stand up when you listen to these truths of life!!

Motivation is derived from the word – motive – which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. Motivation is the process of stimulating people

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