National Bass 2014 Penne d'Agennais GN Carnassiers


Speed and erratic behavior Make Smallmouth Bass commit

Increased speed and erratic behavior techniques for calling fish out of deep water. Join Dan Sura and James Lindner as they examine an extreme tactic for … source

I Caught My BIGGEST Bass In 2020 (Huge Fish!)

I caught my biggest bass of the year and it was massive! This huge trophy largemouth bass w is amazing! KICKINTHEIRBASSTV: … source

Catching Bass on a Spinnerbait – Kayak Fishing

I was able to get out for a few hours early this am and do a little bass fishing. My objective was to try and catch as many fish that I could with a spinnerbait in a … source

Finesse Jigs Catch Big Bass

Professional bass fisherman and cohost of Sweetwater explains exactly what you need to know to catch big bass on a finesse Jig. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, … source

How to Fish Spoons for Bass on Floating Docks

The dilemma with docks and especially deep floating docks is how do you get underneath them? Professional angler James Watson is a huge fan of spoons. source


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2014 Ohio BASS Nation Youth Announcement

Todd Thompson, Ohio Bass Nation Youth Director, announces the 2014 format for the youth program. source

Finesse Fishing Smallmouthbass- 3" Reins bubbling shakers

Bassmaster Elite Pro Paul Mueller discusses fishing the 3″ reins bubbling shaker worm on a zappu cocho tungsen jighead. source

Friday Fishing: 5lb Largemouth Bass!

For More Information On What Was Shown In This Video Visit: My Instagram: source

How NOT to Drive a Boat!!! (IDIOT)

We found the magic spot until this guy came along. Don’t be like this guy. SUBSCRIBE ▻ Simplify Pre-Spawn Fish with the SLAUNCH … source

Soldiers Take Me Fishing In HIGHLY CLASSIFIED Fishing Spot

Today’s video is VERY special to me and thats because I got to go out with my friends YakPak and FishingWithNorm, AND two soldiers who serve in the U.S. … source

❄ COLD Water Winter Jerkbait Bass Fishing Tips ❄

Bass fishing in the winter?!? Not everyone puts away their tackle and heads out to the woods in the winter. Some anglers just switch tactics, like fishing a great … source

Pro Tip for Finding Bass On Any Lake | Bass Fishing Beginner Guide

Are you having trouble finding bass on your fishery? In this video, I share more advice from Rick Clunn about how to divide a lake into sections to find bass faster … source

Mo B A S S State tournament recap

Short video of my weekend fishing the Missouri B.A.S.S. Nation state tournament on Lake of the Ozarks. source

Lake St. Clair Small Mouth Bass Fishing

Awesome small mouth bass fishing on Lake St. Clair in Ontario, Canada. Using goby coloured tubes and targeting heavy weed beds, we put the smack down on … source

Multi Species Fishing: Largemouth bass, Sunfish, and Striped Bass in NJ and Philly

I started the day fishing at Grenloch Lake, then moved to Blackwood Lake after a couple of hours. My friends and I managed to catch a few largemouth bass and … source

Shore Fishing – Bass Fishing with Live Prawns and a Bubble Float

Bass (Sea Bass) Fishing with Live Prawns and a Bubble Float. Float Fishing for Bass in Cornwall with live prawns and a bubble float in shallow water is my … source

Catching Big Bass at Lake Delavan, WI

The Crew headed up to Lake Delavan on the hustle for some fat girls on August 04, 2013. Chip, J.Ro, rayQ, Chris Kohnke, R.Dubya, JayPee, Mike Jarvis were in … source

Ike In The Shop : Tight Lining for Bass

Learn a really cool rigging method for catching suspended bass. Tight lining (or moping) is a great technique for when you see fish suspended in the water … source

Crazy MINI BASS BOAT Bass Fishing Tournament!!! (ft. KTBTV, Fishing with Norm, A-dub Fishing)

“Kicking Their Bass TV” and “Fletcher the Fisherman” take on “Fishing with Norm” and “A-dub Fishing” in an EPIC mini bass boat bass fishing tournament! source