HUNTING WOLF FISH – Catching WABEEN in Trinidad, Caribbean

WOLF FISH on a PADDLE BOARD – Catching “WABEEN” in Trinidad, Caribbean


After our first trip through the bush and we saw the potential to catch some big ones…Zizi and I organised another expedition…This time with some additional gear!

We trudged through the bush with paddle board, trolling motor, battery, seats, rods and tackle in hand…After a bit of a struggle, we finally made it on the water…And let me tell you…it was worth it!

We traversed the massive body of water, perhaps fishing where no one else has ever fished before…Using traditional BASS fishing tactics, such as spinner baits, chatter baits, jigs, frogs and tubes. We ended up catching quite a few decent wolf fish. The exact number, I am not sure as I lost count…The best one taking right at the end!

This was definitely one of the best adventures I have been on to date…We might be considered two mad men for attempting this, but you always have to push yourself further and try!

Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching! Fish On!

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